Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 9-15

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June 21–July 22

With Venus sauntering into your thinking-and-talking corner this week, you’ll see the glass as half full and can easily express your positive feelings. You’re in a flirty mood, and thanks to Venus’s hookup with unpredictable Uranus in your network sector, there’s a chance of romantic sparks with a platonic pal, a friend of a friend or someone you meet through social media/technology. You’re also up for impromptu fun with your squad and ready to throw caution to the wind so you can enjoy life. A Venus-Saturn conference late in the week suggests singles might meet someone with LTR potential while coupled Crabs could have a productive convo with their partners. As Jupiter powers forward, you’ll feel more hopeful about progress in your love life or on a creative project and more enthused about making time for pleasure. The sun is going toe to toe with Pluto, intensifying your one-on-one encounters, and you might get defensive if you feel like someone’s trying to control you. Do stand up to a bully, but don’t get pulled into a power struggle. The solar eclipse in Cancer gives you the perfect excuse to focus on yourself and set your intentions for the coming year. You’re due for a change, and although someone may oppose your personal choices, you need to trust your vision and keep growing into the person you were meant to be.



July 23–August 22

When Venus leaves Leo, she heads into your worth house next, increasing your desire for nice things and helping you attract what you need. She’s on the same page with Uranus in your ambition angle, so tapping into your creative talents can make a difference in your career — and conversely, taking on a new responsibility can boost your bank balance. A Venus-Saturn summit a few days later encourages you to maintain a solid work ethic and tackle the tasks you’re given, even the thankless ones. Your efforts and humility really will pay off. As Jupiter resumes forward motion, your underlying mood will improve and you’ll feel more supported. If a family or domestic issue has been in limbo these last few months, it has a chance to move toward resolution now. The sun’s faceoff with Pluto pits your need for R and R against the necessity of getting tons done. Don’t feel pressured to take on one more thing. Balance work and rest to avoid burnout. The solar eclipse at the end of your chart nudges you to begin a new spiritual practice, start a dream journal or finally put an end to something in order to make a fresh start. This lunation wants you to resist the compulsion to control and instead, surrender to what the universe has in store for you. Let go and let God, as they say!



August 23–September 22

Lovely Venus pirouettes into Virgo this week — so if you’ve been taking turns being a social butterfly and a recluse, your occasional craving for solitude is bound to wane as the appeal of seeing people grows exponentially. You’ll feel outgoing and attractive, and others will pick up on your positive vibes and want to be in your orbit. Venus’s chemistry with Uranus generates an up-for-anything mood, and the end result could be an unscripted adventure that lifts your spirits. Seize opportunities for fun that come your way; anything that broadens your mind will be extra gratifying. A meetup between Venus and Saturn suggests love, creative endeavors and personal pleasure may take a serious turn at week’s end. You could become more committed to what you already have going or go after what your heart’s desire with more determination. A sun-Pluto standoff can indicate friction between pursuing your passions and gelling with a group. Drama could get stirred up if someone’s trying to dominate you (or the other way around). Jupiter’s direct turn encourages you to keep communication above-board and respectful. A solar eclipse in your network sector promotes new friendships, group affiliations and social media profiles, so reach out and connect! Look for supportive people you can learn from and peers who share a goal, ideal or interest of yours. With this moon, collaboration is the name of the game.



September 23–October 22

After Venus slips into the last house of your chart, you’ll need more time to yourself and perhaps more private time with someone close to you. Take a step back from the world and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. When Venus makes music with Uranus, a deep dive into your psyche can turn up liberating insights, while behind-closed-doors intimacy can unleash surprising feelings. To reap the full benefits of this transit, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable. Get out of your default mode of relating — or processing your feelings — and try a different way. Have no fear because your ruling planet is also in sync with Saturn, providing a grounding influence. Whether you need support, commitment or closure, it’s within your grasp. If you have to take care of a family member, you’ll find that you possess the strength and patience now. Since the sun and Pluto are playing tug of war across the peak and base of your chart, balancing your public and private lives will be a challenge, and problems at home or turbulent emotions can make it harder for you to go out and shine. But a solar eclipse makes it clear that you’re meant to do just that, so set some new goals, embark on a fresh chapter in your career or set off in a different direction in your life.


October 23–November 21

It’s full steam ahead, courtesy of Jupiter wrapping up its four-month retrograde in Scorpio this week. Your sense of optimism about creating a bigger and better life for yourself should return as the planet of growth gets up to speed. Although you might feel overstimulated at first, knowing you only have until November 8 will help you get your groove back. If you’ve reshuffled hopes and dreams since March, clarify your mission and target top-priority plans. Keep learning about yourself and pushing the boundaries of your potential. With Venus waltzing into your network zone, you’ll start to feel more sociable, and her link with Uranus implies you can easily meet new people by putting yourself out there. Connect with your various circles on social media, plan a GNO and say yes to other large gatherings. A casual acquaintance or an online match could turn into a prospective partner, or you might make an unlikely friend. Venus’s harmony with Saturn suggests you’ll enjoy banding together with others to improve your community, while the sun’s opposition with your ruling planet warns that a difference of opinion could get tense. Don’t show all your cards or focus on winning this battle. The solar eclipse prompts you to take a leap of faith and set your sights on a fresh adventure like a trip or new course of study. Onward and upward!



November 22–December 21

You’ll have no trouble turning on the charm with authority figures who can help you climb the ladder after Venus crosses your ambition angle and polishes your public image. You can make such a favorable impression, so step into the spotlight, especially if you have creative work to show off. Venus is clicking with Uranus, reinforcing the idea that learning new skills and assuming new duties will be to your advantage. You might gain more freedom to do the kind of work you want to do now. Venus is also in cahoots with Saturn, so it would definitely behoove you to stick to a budget and gradually build up your resources. This transit also encourages you to do some self-promotion, as it could land you a steady gig. Jupiter gets back into gear this week, so you’ll begin to feel more supported by the universe and ready to trust that it will all work out. If you’ve been seeking closure, exploring spirituality or doing something in service to others, that quest will get back on track soon enough. Feeling unsure of yourself or worrying about getting what you need will complicate closeness when the sun goes head to head with Pluto. A solar eclipse nudges you to seek out an outside resource like a grant or loan, pay off debt or make a psychological shift that paves the way to satisfying intimacy.



December 22–January 19

The allure of difference grows once Venus dashes into your exploration corner this week, daring you to color outside the lines. Be more adventurous in who you date or what you do with your mate. Expose yourself to unfamiliar cultures, places, people and arts. Since Venus is meshing with devil-may-care Uranus, you could embark on a new romance, discover a new pleasure or hit upon a fresh way of expressing your creativity. You never know who or what will attract you under this influence, and that’s half the fun. Venus is also syncing with Saturn in Capricorn, so these pleasant new experiences are likely to lighten you up and help you feel more connected to the world. Saturn can have a sobering, isolating effect, and this transit will offset it nicely. Meet it halfway by stepping outside yourself and enjoying the unknown. The sun is opposing Pluto in Cap, and if you want to avoid conflict, you should probably loosen your grip. You feel better calling the shots, but there’s a good chance you’ll come on too strong if you insist on being the one in control. A solar eclipse in your one-on-one angle alludes to the possibility of a new partnership (or a new level of commitment in an existing one), and it’s a great time to start thinking about how you can make your relationships more balanced and healthy.



January 20–February 18

Jupiter will be powering on this week, infusing you with fresh ambition and making you more optimistic about your career track. Be careful not to come on like gangbusters around higher-ups, though — Jupiter tends to overdo things! With Venus segueing into your depth-and-merging zone, your craving for closeness will surge and a particular relationship could get more intense. Singles might want to spend some time alone processing strong feelings or book one-on-one time with your VIPs. Venus’s vibe with your ruler tells you what you’ll get from doing so: freeing insights into your past and the way you’re wired or a new level of emotional intimacy. Let down your guard and you may be surprised by all the feels. A summit between Venus and Saturn encourages you to delve into emotions you’ve pushed down inside you so you can resolve them. You need to go through them in order to come out on the other side. Lingering, hidden fears, regrets, doubts and sorrows can be dealt with now by shining a warm, loving light on them. A sun-Pluto standoff reinforces the theme of dealing with what’s in your subconscious to promote overall wellness and productivity. The solar eclipse is your best excuse all year to get organized, learn a skill, start a job search, begin a new diet or fitness program, initiate a positive habit and streamline your schedule.



February 19–March 20

With Venus dancing across your one-on-one angle this week, companionship becomes a higher priority and you’ll find it easy to get along with people. Your agreeable mood facilitates happy compromises. A romantic or biz partnership should hum along harmoniously, and when Venus meets up with Uranus in your thinking-and-talking corner, new faces might cross your path, so stay on the alert if you’re looking for love. An impromptu convo could bring you closer to someone, and you might suddenly change your mind about a person, seeing them in a fresh light. Venus is also creating a buzz with Saturn in your group sector, which suggests you could make a new friend or professional contact. You might partner on a philanthropic endeavor, perhaps with a team of like-minded people. The sun is facing off against Pluto, however, so you could be torn between marching to your own beat and caving to peer pressure. You might need to ignore haters (or block trolls!) and focus on just doing your thing. The solar eclipse greenlights fresh romance, creativity, fun and personal passions in the months to come, but you can expect some pushback, given Pluto’s opposition to the eclipse. It may just serve to strengthen your resolve. Jupiter is turning direct after a four-month retrograde, filling you with renewed faith in your vision, so keep moving forward into the future you’ve dreamed of.



March 21–April 19

When Venus enters your efficiency corner this week, you might deal with practical matters in a relationship and try to make the process fun. You could also decide to work on the relationship itself and see if you can solve any problems you’re having together. This transit encourages creative work and doing favors for people you care about and it also makes it easier to simply enjoy your everyday life, appreciating the details you might normally find mundane. A Venus-Uranus collaboration signifies that much of the above can give your self-confidence a boost, and some of it — such as creative work — might even have a positive effect on your finances. Try using your resources in an innovative way if you get stuck somehow. Venus’s encounter with Saturn in your ambition angle confirms that you’re on track, and you may notice significant success this week. Keep plugging away with a positive attitude and remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The sun and Pluto are facing off across the base and peak of your chart, which could spell tension with authority figures. You could also be torn between resting on your laurels for a minute or pushing yourself to make progress. The solar eclipse points to an imminent change in your family or your living situation, and it may inspire a reno, relocation, decorating spree or new self-care practice.



April 20–May 20

Soon after Venus sets up shop in your fulfillment house, you’ll want to get out more and have some fun. It’s time to enjoy life, express what’s in your heart, indulge in romance, show off your creativity, let your inner child out to play and generally revel in being yourself. Venus is jibing with Uranus in Taurus, so the pursuit of happiness will have a liberating effect on you. Sample new pleasures, put a different side of yourself out there for others to see, take a chance on love and seek entertainment that not only amuses and interests you but thrills you. Break out of well-worn patterns and chase after a totally novel desire. Venus’s vibe with Saturn implies that in doing so, you can shape your vision of the future, learn and grow. The planets want you to take risks, and Saturn ensures you won’t go too far out on a limb. With Jupiter finishing up its retrograde, your faith in other people revives and relationship progress seems possible. A sun-Pluto opposition could bring on a heated debate, so stay off the soapbox and resist the urge to score intellectual points. The solar eclipse reminds you that approaching life like a curious student keeps you ever young and engaged. New info, increased busyness and community involvement are favored, and you might switch up your habitual way of thinking and communicating.



May 21–June 20

You’re all about the pleasures of home and family after Venus dips down to the bottom of your chart this week, increasing the appeal of nesting. Whether the domestic goddess in you comes out to cook, bake, bartend, host, decorate, etc. or you decide to become intimately acquainted with your couch and your streaming queue, staying in will seem quite tempting. Relax, indulge in self-care, have people over, catch up on your sleep, hang with your fam and enjoy your downtime. Venus is in sync with Uranus in your spirit corner, and you might be surprised by how at peace you feel. This is an excellent transit for releasing emotional baggage and home clutter, so let it go! When Venus gels with Saturn, you could cozy up to someone you’re serious about in the privacy of your home, meet each other’s families or gain a strong sense of self-love while sifting through feelings and memories. Jupiter’s direct turn could make you busier at work, but you’ll also start to feel more efficient and able to tackle what’s on your plate. The sun and Pluto are sparring, upping the chances that you’re identifying strongly with your own needs and struggling to master give-and-take. The solar eclipse motivates you to craft a budget or financial goal, get a fresh stream of income going and set new priorities based on your core values.


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Thank you for this week’s horoscope. Glad to read that success is in the stars for me this week! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Absolutely love it! x

4 years ago

Fantastic information in an entertaining way!

2 years ago

Did I miss the August horoscopes?