Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 6-12

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July 23–August 22

Both the sun and Mercury are in Leo and they’re squaring off with Jupiter this week. There might be tension on the home front as a result, especially if you’re hoping for support and not getting it. Do you really need the parental stamp of approval? Or a roommate’s backing? Probably not; your inner confidence is enough! With Venus twirling into your thinking-and-talking corner and cozying up to Mars in your relationship angle, you’re feeling flirty and maybe even a little bold. You might make a new love connection or have a breakthrough convo with your bae. But your ruling planet has to contend with Saturn a couple of days later, so your workload may cramp your style and you might be all business, even in your relationships. Try not to get too bogged down by practical concerns! Uranus is doing a U-turn at the top of your chart, giving you a chance to regroup in the next several months if career commotion has kept you on your toes lately. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about what you want to do with your life, and in that case, this phase lets you mull over options rather than leap into action. A solar eclipse in Leo, on the other hand, is sure to propel you forward, as it represents your annual fresh start. Your sign is hosting five eclipses between February 2017 and January 2019, and this is the fourth one. Think about how you present yourself to the world — but more than half the planets are retrograde at the moment, so don’t make any dramatic changes just yet. Play with the idea of an image makeover, giving some thought to your hair, makeup, clothing, body language and communication style. What do you want to happen this year? Set your intentions now!


August 23–September 22

Venus exits Virgo this week and segues into your worth house for a monthlong stay, increasing your appetite for nice things and helping you draw in what you need. Money has a way of flowing through your fingers and falling into your lap during this period. It’s easy come, easy go. Venus’s chemistry with Mars in your productivity corner highlights your ability to work hard so you can earn your way, while her clash with Saturn in your joy sector can curtail pleasure and compel you to pick and choose. The sun and your ruling planet, Mercury, are hiding out at the end of your chart, and they’re both pestering Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, giving you an impulse to blurt something out or get your hopes up based on iffy intel. Try to rein it in and resist getting ahead of yourself. You stand to learn something if you keep mum and listen. Plus, you’ll probably have a chance to revisit what’s on your mind in a few weeks. Uranus is going off the grid for five months in your exploration corner, slowing the flood of revelations and allowing you to sort through them. If you’re envisioning big changes involving travel, education or an entrepreneurial venture, this next phase is perfect for narrowing down the possibilities and contemplating which path forward is right for you. When a solar eclipse rocks your subliminal zone, the universe may be trying to wake up your soul. Consider this your invitation to begin a spiritual practice; start honoring your intuition more; crack open a fresh dream journal; find a new outlet for your imagination; and let go of your need to deconstruct everything — and have faith that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



September 23–October 22

Your ruler, Venus, dances into Libra this week and is going to hang around until September 9. People will be drawn to you like moths to a flame, and you won’t even have to work at it. Your warmth and charisma will make you a magnet for admirers, and Venus’s link with her cosmic mate, Mars, proves love and lust make an intoxicating brew. This combo helps you strike a yin-yang balance between going after what you want and attracting it (or him/her!) to you. A promising date with a new match or a memorable night with your sweetie are in the stars. Although you may have fans lining up for you like a summer blockbuster, Venus’s disagreement with Saturn means domestic difficulties, the weight of the past or a blue mood could pull you under. Deal with any not-so-nice feelings that are getting in your way, but don’t let not-so-nice people drag you down. Thanks to the sun and Mercury positioning themselves in your network zone, you’re up for socializing and will get energy from being around large groups. Both of those planets are going up against Jupiter in your worth house at the moment, so you might be so aware of what you need from people that your expectations have a negative impact on group relations. On the flip side, you might go overboard by generously trying to ingratiate yourself to others or overspend trying to keep up with the Joneses. Mercury is retrograde, warning you to think everything through more thoroughly. The solar eclipse nudges you to keep expanding your circle and meeting new people who share your objectives, ideals and interests. You might opt to join an organization, get a humanitarian endeavor off the group, take on a high-profile role in a group or do a bit of professional networking.


October 23–November 21

As a result of the sun and Mercury activating your ambition angle, you’re determined to achieve your goals. But those planets are provoking Jupiter in Scorpio this week, which might lure you to cross a line, especially if you yearn to be free from authority. Your aspirations are quite high, and as long as you recognize that you don’t have all the answers, there’s nothing wrong with thinking big. If you’re driven to take on more than you can handle, you may scale back later. With Venus slipping into your spirit corner for a monthlong retreat, you’ll start to feel less sociable and more interested in spending private time by yourself or with someone you care about. Venus’s rendezvous with Mars in your foundation angle can allude to behind-closed-doors intimacy or productive introspection. So cozy up to whomever you desire or zoom in on feelings you’ve been avoiding and make peace with them! When Venus tussles with Saturn a couple of days later, you may hit a mental block and spend more time trying to get your emotions squared away when it would be preferable to release them and heal. But if you’ve been seeing what you want to see in someone, this pairing can help you take a cold hard look at reality. As Uranus begins to backpedal across your interpersonal angle, a rollercoaster relationship could stabilize somewhat or you might face fewer curveballs thrown by other individuals — which should make your interactions less nerve-wracking. If you’ve been swept up in a whirlwind courtship, it’s likely to seem less frenzied for the rest of the year. The solar eclipse at the peak of your chart encourages you to keep setting your sights on bigger and better goals. You look to be heading into a new chapter in your career or setting off in a different direction in your life. Onward and upward!



November 22–December 21

Jupiter is fending off the sun and Mercury this week, and those skirmishes might cause you to get carried away with your trademark enthusiasm. Maybe you’ll jump on the bandwagon quickly when you come across something you want to believe in or you’ll get on your soapbox to preach to others. Don’t buy into anything that sounds too good to be true and don’t oversell your own POV. Mercury is still off the grid, so nobody’s judgment is on point at the moment. Uranus is slowing down to pivot retrograde as well, so your everyday life should calm down a bit for the rest of the year, giving you an opportunity to evaluate stressors that are making you feel frazzled. If you’ve taken on new responsibilities or experienced changes in your health, now’s the time to fall back on routines that steady you, like a daily morning run. Venus will be traipsing across your network zone from August 6 to September 9, so group gatherings will be your sweet spot. Spend time with plenty of people — RSVP yes to parties and other big events, do some professional networking, plan a few GNOs and consider joining an organization. You’re in a friendly, easygoing mood, particularly since Venus is linking arms with Mars now, inspiring you to meet people and go places. Remember Mars is part of the retrograde ruckus plaguing us all, so you might be more prone to re-meeting people and revisiting places. When Venus bumps into Saturn, insecurity, low funds or rigid values may prevent you from enjoying time with your squad, and it will probably take a little work to get past this. The solar eclipse invites you to broaden your horizons, so you might book a major trip, adopt a personal philosophy that guides you, explore foreign cultures and views, set off on an adventure or begin a new course of study.



December 22–January 19

After Venus ascends to the high point of your chart, you won’t have much trouble turning on the charm with people in positions of power and creating favorable circumstances in your career. You’re able to promote yourself with ease and polish your public image, and you may also do notably creative work that earns you notice. Getting along well with colleagues will also make a good impression, and you should give props to others who are helping you to shine. Venus’s mashup with Mars suggests you could score a raise or open up a fresh stream of income. But because Venus is out of sync with your ruler, Saturn, you’re apt to get in your own way if your natural restraint offsets your amiability. Be aware of how you’re coming across and try not to wall yourself off. The sun and Mercury are revving up your depth-and-merging zone, persuading you to get close, share of yourself and dive deep into something you’re passionate about. But their spats with Jupiter in your network sector might lure you to overshare with too many people, perhaps divulging what you were supposed to keep in the vault. Or you could be torn between intense focus and the freedom to experiment. Uranus is joining the long list of planets that are traveling retrograde, and as a result, any recent upheaval connected with your love life, creativity, children, hobbies or individuality is likely to subside. If you’ve been all over the place trying to date, enjoy life, stand out and express what’s inside you, now you have a chance to slow down and ponder all that’s new in your life, where your heart lies and what makes you happy. A solar eclipse points to a new sexual relationship, passion project or psychological growth in the works, plus an outside resource like a grant or loan could be on the way.



January 20–February 18

Uranus, your ruler, is doing a U-turn in your foundation angle this week, joining the large pack of planets that are already in backspin mode. For the five months that follow, your underlying anxiety should ease and if changes have been sending shockwaves through your family or home, things should settle down a bit so you have a chance to recenter yourself. If you jumped into something too fast involving your living situation — like a redecorating spree — now’s the time to press pause and rethink it. Recent mood swings should start to even out, and you should examine what’s knocking you off-balance and what you need to change in order to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Venus’s arrival in your exploration corner ups the appeal of difference, and you’ll find it gratifying to cast a wider net and interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. Exposing yourself to unfamiliar cultures and arts will also give you plenty of pleasure. A Venus-Mars confab could spark an attraction to a stranger or inspire a romantic getaway, and any shared adventure is likely to be fun. But Venus’s discord with Saturn a couple of days later indicates that there may be some regret, doubt, guilt or melancholy in the back of your head that will keep you from pursuing someone or something new. Don’t ignore your feelings, but do take a reasonable risk. The sun and Mercury are picking fights with Jupiter, hinting that a partnership will fuel your ambition. An imbalance of power can lead one of you to become bossy, though, so maintain a tone of mutual respect. The solar eclipse in your one-on-one angle hints that a serious relationship might be just around the corner, or you could take the leap and commit to someone you’re already involved with!



February 19–March 20

After Venus shows up in your sharing-and-depth zone this week, your craving for closeness will grow and you may find a heartache is starting to heal. This is an intense month for love, as you’d rather dive deep with someone you’re invested in than keep it casual and play the field. Venus’s vibe with Mars in your subliminal corner has private passion written all over it, but don’t feel like you’re missing out if you’re alone. This is also a great transit for emotional transformation, so work on accepting your whole self and confronting anything that’s troubling you. When Venus hits a wall with Saturn a couple of days later, your squad may not approve of your latest love or you could experience peer pressure that forces you to choose sides. As Uranus turns retrograde in your thinking-and-talking corner, your revved-up brain and everyday life will thankfully slow down, and you won’t have as much nervous energy. If you’ve been on edge trying to take in unexpected info and adjust to a different reality, this is your chance to review what you’ve learned and mull over your take on new developments. The sun and Mercury in your efficiency corner are still keeping you busy and focused, but their awkward encounters with Neptune in Pisces may throw you, as it’s hard to find a middle ground between critical and dreamy. The sun and Merc are also at odds with Jupiter, guaranteeing that you’ll get distracted at some point and need an escape from the daily grind. You may be convinced you know the exact, right way of doing something, but resist lecturing. A solar eclipse prompts you to get a self-improvement campaign off the ground. You might alter your diet or exercise regimen, learn a skill, launch a job search, initiate a positive daily habit or get onto a better schedule in the coming months.



March 21–April 19

You’re ultra-focused on relationships after Venus sashays across your interpersonal angle and sets up shop there for the next month. It’s easy to get along with people now, and your craving for companionship will counterbalance your natural autonomy. You can maintain smooth relations with everyone from a significant other to best friend, and one-on-one time holds more appeal than large gatherings. Venus’s vibe with Mars in your group zone may prove to be an exception, as this combo blends partnership and camaraderie seamlessly, encouraging you to include your s.o. in a night out with your squad or combine your love life and social circles in some other way. When Venus contends with Saturn a couple of days later, your rapport with someone might not be as pleasant as you’d like, particularly if you don’t see eye to eye on goals or aren’t headed in the same direction. The sun and Mercury are firing you up to enjoy life and express yourself, and their spats with Jupiter in your sharing-and-depth house this week imply you’re hoping for a positive reception. Your joie de vivre can bring out the best in a relationship now, and if you’re flying solo you might gain great insight into your psyche and feel good about who you are. Be true to yourself — and also be willing to accept another person’s whole self. As Uranus begins to backtrack in your worth house, ups and downs in your confidence or finances should level out a bit, giving you an opportunity to figure out the best way forward. A solar eclipse is rocking your joy sector, pushing you to become a more well-rounded individual. A creative endeavor, romance, hobby or other avenue to personal fulfillment could well be on the horizon, and the planets want you to chase after the love and happiness you deserve.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, sails through your work-and-wellness corner from August 6 to September 9, inspiring you to show your body some love. Consider your connection with your body and ask yourself if you’re treating it with proper respect. What is the nature of your relationship with the vehicle that carries you through life? Are you giving it healthy fuel? Using it enough without pushing it too hard? Keeping it in great shape so it will last a long time and continue to perform well? This transit also favors working on problems in a relationship, dealing with practical matters with your partner or helping out someone you’re fond of. Venus is meshing with Mars, so creative work can facilitate progress in your career and maintaining positive relations with colleagues can help you achieve a goal. But Venus’s run-in with Saturn suggests you could suffer from a lack of faith at some point this week and might need to decide what someone or something really means to you. With Uranus going retrograde for the next five months, your anxiety should lessen as the pace of change slows. Those of you born in the first few days of Taurus have been grappling with the fear of change the most during these last couple of months. Uranus is showing you an area where you’ve grown dissatisfied, and for the rest of 2018, you can weigh options for the path you’ll take next year. The sun and Mercury are quarreling with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, so your affinity for security can lead you to push for more from someone. Are you ready to raise the stakes? A solar eclipse shakes the base of your chart, prompting you to start a new self-care practice and make it part of your regular routine. A change in your living situation could also be in the works.



May 21–June 20

With Uranus reversing course at the end of your chart this week, the next five months will offer a breather from revelations that may have rocked your subconscious. You may have gotten a peek into what needs to end or felt an urge to liberate yourself from an enmeshed relationship or self-defeating pattern. Lightning bolts in the back of your head, messages in dreams and sneaking suspicions can be jarring, and now you’ll have time to process. Psychotherapy or a spiritual practice may prove highly beneficial for you during this lengthy transit. With Venus coasting into your fulfillment house, though, part of you just wants to get out and live life to the fullest. August 6–September 9 is a period for expressing your feelings and personality, loving and being loved, showing off your creative streak and enjoying life’s pleasures. Venus is gelling with Mars, and their pairing might bring noteworthy fun or romance. But a Venus-Saturn battle a couple of days later signals that commitment feels heavy for you easy breezy Twins. The sun and your ruler, Mercury, are hanging out in your thinking-and-talking corner, the house in your chart that rules Gemini matters. Since they’re needling Jupiter in your productivity corner, you might bite off more than you can chew and get overwhelmed with all you’ve taken on, so try not to get ahead of yourself. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are definitely pluses, but remember you don’t have to say yes to everything that comes your way. A solar eclipse persuades you to keep feeding your curiosity and stimulating your intellect through reading, writing and studying. You might get big news soon that shifts your mindset. Or a new development that involves your community or a sibling could be around the corner.



June 21–July 22

With Venus dipping down to your foundation angle this week and hibernating there until September 9, the pleasures of home and family become ever more apparent. This is the part of the chart that governs all things Cancer, so Venus is giving you the green light to go full Crab. Spend time with your fam; beautify your space; relish comforts like good food; get close to someone in the privacy of your home; play hostess to houseguests or partygoers; nurture yourself and people you care for; catch up on your zzzs; cook up a feast or bake delectable treats; or just get intimately acquainted with your couch and your streaming queue! A Venus-Mars hookup hints at sexual and/or emotional intimacy, but a Venus-Saturn dustup may indicate that you’re not ready to commit, or perhaps personal obligations will keep you from relaxing at Chez Cancer. You’re extra sensitive to criticism under this influence, so don’t hang out with haters. Speaking of which, as Uranus does an about-face in your network zone and continues to backtrack for a full five months, fluctuations in the company you keep are bound to slacken off, providing you with an opportunity to assess. Your friendships, group affiliations and ties to various peers are up for review, and now’s the time to ask yourself who you want on your team going forward. The sun and Mercury are scuffling with Jupiter in your joy sector, luring you to identify strongly with your belongings and desires, possibly to the point of taking a risk to get what you feel you need. You have high hopes for how much happiness this person or thing will give you, but with Mercury still retrograde, you could misjudge the payoff. A solar eclipse in your worth house signifies a new source of income, a fresh financial strategy and a redefinition of personal priorities and values.


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So happy to read that my relationships will be good this week! Just what I needed to hear! ❤️

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