Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of September 24-30

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September 23–October 22

Since the sun is in Libra, this week’s full moon will occur in your opposite sign of Aries, which places your close relationships in the spotlight. A particular one could be put to the test, nudging you to consider either moving to the next level of commitment or going your separate ways. If other people seem extra moody now, respect their feelings without ignoring your own. Your natural diplomacy can help you identify an equitable compromise. The sun is at odds with Saturn, so a family or domestic problem might be sapping your strength, or it might seem like a parent or roommate isn’t on your side. Try to understand why you may be feeling insecure. With Pluto doing an about-face at the bottom of your chart, you’re grappling with some difficult emotions — and maybe memories — that are causing the ground beneath you to shift. There is a way forward, but here’s the catch: The path leads through these challenging feelings, not around them. You’ll get a major energy boost from a sun-Mars party and may suddenly have no qualms about going for broke to advance your interests. You can make a big impression and secure what you want by taking decisive action. Physical activities like sports would offer a good outlet for your competitive streak.


October 23 – November 21

This week’s full moon lands in your efficiency corner, drawing your attention to the quality of your daily life. Sometimes it takes a crisis to force you to see a problem; your health and work are potential areas for trouble now that can point to what’s untenable. This lunation is the perfect excuse to kick a bad habit to the curb, drop a time suck from your schedule, quit a job or declutter your workspace. Keep in mind full moons represent endings, not beginnings. A project could also come to fruition, or coworkers might need your help and understanding. The sun’s skirmish with Saturn can cause you to beat yourself up over past mistakes, as you’re quite aware of your patterns now. Strive to understand yourself without putting a negative spin on it. Yes, changes need to occur, but try to view personal growth as a positive. A sun-Mars collaboration inspires you up to heal and move on with your life, and you might get busy around the house or doing work behind the scenes. As your ruling planet, Pluto, gets back into gear after backspinning for the past five months, you could get out of an obsessive loop in your head and start thinking along new lines. You should feel strong enough soon to speak about weighty matters or feel ready to make an important decision.



November 22–December 21

The universe wants you to get out and enjoy life! When a full moon lights up your pleasure sector, that’s a sure signal it’s time to play. This moon brings a strong need to be yourself and maybe even show off a little, but it also compels you to share the spotlight. Your urge to express yourself might spur you to complete a creative project or to wear your heart on your sleeve. A romance is likely to reach a turning point now, causing it to heat up or cool down. The sun in your network house is arguing with Saturn, so if your confidence is on the wane, it may be difficult to find your place in a group. You also may not be able to keep up with others if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Resist focusing on what you don’t have, and don’t assume you need something you’re lacking in order to participate. The sun’s harmony with Mars encourages you to step up and contribute your ideas to a collaborative effort, and your powers of persuasion are formidable. As Pluto resumes forward motion after his five-month retrograde period, you’ll begin to feel more in control of finances, and your self-esteem should start to revive if you’ve been down on yourself lately.



December 22–January 19

If you’ve been focused intently on achieving your goals out in the world, this week’s full moon at the base of your chart may draw your attention to matters closer to home. You might need to deal with a situation involving a parent or roomie, or a mood swing could lead you to retreat to your space and relish alone time. This lunation prompts you to get better at balancing work and life, and you may want to catch up on sleep or self-care now. The sun is hovering at the high point of your chart, fueling your ambition, but its clash with your ruler, Saturn, puts you at risk of getting in your own way. It’s possible that part of you is ready to prove yourself on a bigger stage and part of you feels like a work in progress. It’s fine to proceed more strategically, but don’t knock yourself down a peg. Fortunately, the sun is gelling with Mars in your worth house, encouraging you to put your talents to good use. If you hope to become self-sufficient, you can’t hide your light. Pluto is turning direct in Capricorn, where he’s been backtracking since April. If you’ve been internalizing everything and doing some serious soul-searching, you’ll start to become more motivated to make things happen and institute changes that are good for you.



January 20–February 18

Big news might arrive with a full moon in your cognition-and-communication zone, or you could experience information overload and feel pulled in a hundred directions. If life seems sped up, don’t feel obligated to take everything on at once. Your emotions and words are intertwined, and you may be moved to share all those feels with people who will lend a sympathetic ear. A development involving your sibling or community might come to a head and require your attention. The sun in your exploration corner is squaring off with Saturn, so although you’re eager to broaden your horizons, lingering doubts, regrets, guilt or melancholy could cramp your style. You may need to wrap up old business before breaking fresh ground, but don’t let the weight of the past clip your wings. The sun’s chemistry with Mars inspires you to take a risk in order to learn and grow. You’re not meant to play it safe and stay in your comfort zone when these two fiery planets hook up, especially since bold Mars is traipsing through Aquarius, lending you his bravado. Pluto is doing a 180 at the end of your chart, setting off tremors in your subconscious. Work on letting go of toxic patterns; forgiving others and yourself; facing troubling feelings; processing losses; and recognizing who undermines you and how you undermine yourself.



February 19–March 20

Keep close tabs on your spending because a full moon could tempt you to blow your budget on a whim this week. It’s so hard to distinguish between want and need when the emo planet is in the mix, and retail therapy might soothe you temporarily. Income could flow more freely as well, so if you’ve been waiting for late checks, the wait should be over. Although you’ve very conscious of your material needs, you could be called on to share now. The sun is going up against stern Saturn, suggesting that even though you’re inclined to invest wholeheartedly in a particular person or endeavor, FOMO can make you hesitate to go all in. Or peer pressure might put a strain on a close relationship; for instance, your squad might not approve of your commitment to someone. Luckily, the sun joins forces with Mars a couple of days later, reinforcing the idea that delving deeply into your psyche, a personal issue, a close bond or a passion project will be totally worth it. Loyalty, concentration and emotional honesty are bound to pay off. As Pluto goes direct, you could begin to get a challenging friendship or collaboration back on track. The team of people in your life has been slowly — sometimes painfully — evolving, and you’re learning which connections to fight for and which you’ve outgrown.



March 21-April 19

Since Aries hosts the full moon this week, you have permission to be a little extra. As long as you don’t infringe on anyone’s rights, go ahead and put your own needs first and make them clear to others. You won’t be able to hide your feelings and shouldn’t try. But do avoid a meltdown; if you feel one coming on, spend time by yourself or blow off steam with physical activity. This lunation offers your annual excuse to drop something (or someone) that’s not good for you, so if you notice what (or whom!) is pushing you over the edge, ask yourself if it’s time to let go. The sun and Saturn are quarreling, hinting that your efforts to partner could reach an impasse, and it may be difficult to get onto the same page. You might be prepared to compromise but fear the prospect of deferring to another person. Since the sun and Mars are meshing, taking action alongside others will keep you moving forward. Don’t get too preoccupied with the game plan; just jump in and embrace team spirit. Pluto’s U-turn in your ambition angle may trigger rumblings in your career or life direction. Align yourself with the gradual evolution of your goals and respect the fact that options are closing off and opening up as part of a divine plan for finding your true purpose.



April 20–May 20

A full moon in your soul corner can bring the contents of your subconscious bubbling to the surface early in the week, so pay close attention to your intuitive inklings and your dreams (including your daydreams!) You need alone time to rest and reflect, as this lunation lures you to turn inward and nourish your spirit and psyche. A secret could come to light, or you might finally feel able to let go of an emotionally charged issue from the past. The sun in your efficiency corner runs into trouble with Saturn, hampering your productivity. You have the impetus to accomplish a lot but could run out of steam if you start to doubt the point of it all. Stay humble and don’t get discouraged if someone senior to you thinks you have more to learn. A couple of days later, the sun and Mars team up, motivating you to get back on your grind. You’ll probably fare best working by yourself, but you should also be able to work within a system if circumstances call for it. Pluto is wrapping up his five-month retrograde phase in your outlook zone, so the big picture will start to fall back into place soon enough. Go in search of powerful learning experiences and leave a crisis of faith behind you!



May 21–June 20

When a full moon lands in your humanity house this week, you might have to be there for a friend in need, and socializing may hold even more appeal than usual. There could be drama in your squad, or you might reach the end of the road with an organization. This lunation can bring an end to a friendship or cut your ties to a group if you no longer serve each other’s growth. But you could just as easily surround yourself with plenty of people and have a memorably fun night. The sun and Saturn are going at it in your pleasure and depth houses, which might put pressure on a romantic relationship or cause you to feel judged by someone close to you. You’re in no mood to hide who you are, but focusing on getting a specific reaction from another individual can inhibit your self-expression. Thankfully, Mars steps in to assist the sun, emboldening you to go for broke and chase after experiences that challenge you. This is your cue to do you, in the name of personal growth. Pluto is powering forward after a months-long retrograde spell, bringing matters involving trust, sharing, intimacy, merging and investing into sharper focus. A collaboration, loan, contract or close connection should soon come out of limbo and start to progress, albeit with necessary changes.



June 21–July 22

This week’s full moon illuminates your ambition angle, which might produce drama with an authority figure like your boss, requiring you to walk on eggshells. But it could just as easily bring a goal to fruition or close a particular chapter in your career. Your life direction may take a turn, eventually putting you on a new course if you’ve gone as far as you can with the one you’re on now. You might be pushed onto center stage, calling for you to perform at your best. There’s also a chance of a public emotional display, so be ready for your closeup. If you’ve been reclusive lately, something may force you back out into the world now. The sun is battling Saturn in your relationship zone, so it’s also possible that personal obligations will compel you to forsake the comforts of home. Someone can trigger your insecurity under this influence, and you might want to avoid harsh critics as a result. With the sun and Mars collaborating, even if relationships seem daunting, you can find a way to make them work if you’re willing to get real. Tune into your emotions and hash out complex matters with a special someone — or face your own demons in an effort to heal and change. Pluto’s about-face can regenerate a bond and empower you to shift your relationship dynamics in general.



July 23–August 22

An urge to take a leap of faith and have adventures could hit when a full moon rocks your exploration house, pushing you to break out of your routine and take more chances. A course of study, a legal matter or a publishing venture could reach completion, or you might finally take a big trip. This lunation brings a shift in your perspective, so it’s the best one of the year for dropping a personal belief that’s been limiting your growth. When the sun challenges Saturn, your rush of ideas could run into a wall if you can’t figure out details. You’re fired up to learn, reach out to people and express yourself, but criticism (including self-criticism) can hold you back — as can a heavy workload. The best strategy is to try to narrow your focus a bit so you don’t scatter your energy. Fortunately, your ruler hooks up with Mars a couple of days later, paving the way for you to meet new faces, partner up and bravely resolve any differences you may have. Be proactive about connecting with others, and your spirits should stay on an upswing. Now that Pluto is pivoting forward, you’ll start to feel more in control and will soon have a firmer grasp on the best way to improve your quality of life and your wellbeing.



August 23–September 22

You’re called to master the fine art of give and take when this week’s full moon lights up your sharing-and-depth house, upsetting a delicate balance. You might need to blend your needs and values with those of another person and offer emotional or financial support. A sexual relationship could blow up, either leaping to the next level or coming to an end. You might pay off debt or finally get a loan or grant you’ve been waiting for. Or maybe it’s time to release something (or someone) that’s prevented you from turning a psychological corner so you can heal and change. The sun’s spat with Saturn can point to low self-confidence that keeps you from expressing your true self, or you might be worried that you don’t have the resources to attain the fulfillment you seek. But luckily, the sun and Mars are linking up, encouraging you to tap into all your unique talents and assets and put your nose to the grindstone so you can achieve what you’re aiming for. With Pluto finally plowing ahead after five months of backpedaling, your feelings rise to the surface and drama could crop up in your love life. Take a breath instead of reacting. Your routes to romance, creativity and happiness are undergoing a course correction, and you’ll start to feel better about your prospects shortly.


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3 years ago

Great, thanks! ;)

Bad bob
3 years ago

Where is my money I am virgo

3 years ago

Looks like an interesting week for us Cancerians.

Put my needs first – got that! Looking forward to the coming week! Thanks for the horoscope ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Awesome horoscope, interestingly enough, it was right on what’s going on in my life right now.