Start Making Scents: Q&A With Our 1809 Fragrance Developer

Our FP Beauty + Wellness Product Developer, Christine, took to Instagram to answer your pressing questions about our new fragrance line, the 1809 Collection. Find the transcript here!

Is the 1809 Collection vegan?  


How long does the fragrance last? Is it oil- or alcohol-based? 

The natural blends will last a few hours. We wanted to package them in a travel-friendly vessel so you could reapply as desired throughout the day or night. I also love spraying my shirt, jacket or scarf for an added boost. They are in an organic Brazilian sugar cane alcohol base. 

Do you sell them in stores? 

They will be in select Free People stores starting next week, and all stores the beginning of December.

What’s unique about the 1809 Collection?  

It is 100% all natural — there are no synthetic notes. They are truly clean and pure!

Where does the name 1809 come from?  

For our first fragrance, we wanted to honor and celebrate our roots — 1809 is a nod to FP’s very first office on 1809 Walnut St. in Philadelphia.

Are they tested on animals?  


Are these everyday fragrances? 

Yes, they are the perfect everyday fragrance — clean, fresh and subtle, never overbearing. 

For someone who like flowery or less strong smells, which one is the best?  

Surf! I think you’ll love the ylang ylang & jasmine notes — it’s a beautiful soft floral with a sparkle of citrus.

I love musky/floral scents. Which one would you recommend?  

I recommend Zen. It’s woodsy, earthy grounding notes are warm and sensual with the perfect amount of freshness.  You could also layer Surf on top for an added boost of floral.   

Which one is your favorite?  

Tough question! I truly love them all. But if I had to choose, it would be Camp. It’s so refreshing and unique. It transports me to a magical forest. I layer it with Zen during the day, and I love spraying my pillow with it at night. 

+ Learn more about 1809 here.



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I love that the fragrances are vegan! We need more brands like this!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog