The November Catalog: Meet Our Best Friends!

The true stars of our most recent photo shoot — and our wet-nosed best friends who accompany us to work every day. Introducing our dogs, the furry ambassadors of the November collection!

This is Sam: she loves to be outside as long as she’s in a backpack. 

Dr. Thunder — or Doc, for short — is a therapy dog and bunny enthusiast. When she’s not busy bringing smiles to sick patients, she enjoys swimming, napping and playing with tennis balls. 

George likes cats more than dogs and he loves to chew on ice. 

Say hello to Emerson — also known as Brutus because he uses his head to barrel through closed doors. Don’t let the tough nickname fool you — he’s actually terrified of thunderstorms. 

Buddha always comes to the office with Mom. He loves belly rubs from her co-workers but hates the stapler and runs away any time it is used. 

This is Aston. He sleeps like a cockroach, with all four legs in the air. And he follows Mom everywhere, even into the shower. 

Meet Ruby. She’s a lovebug who wants to be held all day long. 


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Ah, so adorable and precious! I love them all! ❤️❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Such a cute post! :)

5 years ago

How adorable! Loved this! <3

5 years ago

God they’re cute!

Although I think it could be cool for FP to include cats too, it would nice to mix things up a bit and include feline owners – they’re just as cute, and a clean housepet too <3

robyn hicks
5 years ago

Great to feature dogs but a bit hypocritical to continue to sell leather and wool. Cows and sheep are no different in their desire to live and be loved.

5 years ago

is the mixed plaid shirt sold out already?!