You’re Not The Only One with A Secret Obsession for TSA-Friendly Beauty Products

Because tiny products are your most attainable luxury of the holiday season…

Why is on-the-go packaging so strangely alluring? Even seasoned editors who could have every limited-edition XXL luxury product on the market secretly rejoice when gifted a collection of TSA-friendly miniatures. It’s as if a feeling of “well, this I can use…” washes over even the choosiest beauty hoarders of the bunch.

There’s a sweetness to the adorable snuggle-right-into-your-palm sizing — and perhaps that’s the point: the smaller the product, the more likely it’ll be popped into a carry-on, tucked into a gym bag, or stashed in a coat pocket within easy reach. And of course teeny products are key when avoiding yet another airport bag check line at 5am — providing a logical excuse to indulge.

Below, the diminutive stars of the show:

Rahua Jet Setter Kit

Giving real meaning to a cool logo, Rahua supports the rainforest and its indigenous cultures by purchasing ingredients directly from tribespeople who use ancient methods to cultivate its healing hair oils.

Kopari Face The Day Kit

The coconut rose toner alone would be enough to make this collection worthwhile — keeping a portable face mist within reach at all times is Rule 1 for savvy travelers.

One Step Oil Cleansing Stick

Aside from its novelty alone, a solid cleanser (like this one that starts as a mango seed butter-infused balm that turns milky with water) means there’s no chance of opening a bag and finding an oil spill.

Pai Skincare Anywhere Essentials

This Instant Calm range is a dream for hyper-sensitive skin thanks to certified organic ingredients that soothe inflammation — and discreetly. No hint of overtly medical, over-the-counter drugstore packaging here.

Youth To The People Mini Duo

The cold-pressed superfoods packed into these teensy glass containers mean anti-oxidant-rich skincare worthy of a green juice, but perfect for environmentally stressed-out (like, straight off a flight) complexions.


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I’ve never tried cleansing sticks before! I think I might give them a go when my cleanser runs out!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Hmmm I’m seeing Rahua everywhere these days … including our local apothecary – probably worth a try

I like that they support tribespeople with ancient healing methods; definitely will need to read up on them again

Discover gifts as unique as your fingerprints :)

5 years ago

To read this article, to saw this image, I eagerly wanted to buy these precious products for my beauty practice. Thanks.