Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 31-January 6

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December 22–January 19

The sun’s annual conjunction with Saturn occurs in Capricorn on New Year’s Day, starting off 2019 on a serious note. You’re likely to be tired and a touch lonely, but getting organized and tackling essential tasks will give you the sense of capability you need now. A feeling of isolation may not be pleasant, but alone time can help you pull your thoughts together and decide what you want to focus on this year. A Mercury-Uranus summit will make it easier to gain insight into yourself and figure out how best to liberate yourself from the past and build your way forward. Plus Uranus will complete his retrograde phase days later, making you more aware of unresolved emotions, instability in your family or home life and the need to break free from old patterns. Another bonus: Mercury’s arrival in your sign lends added objectivity regarding personal matters and the ability to express yourself with energy. And best of all, a solar eclipse lands in Cap for the first time since Christmas Day 2000, offering a massive fresh start! You’re changing and growing on a very deep level, and although it’s sometimes painful, the process is making you stronger. Here’s another push from the universe to keep moving in the right direction, becoming the person you were meant to be.



January 20–February 18

As the sun and Saturn coalesce at the end of your chart on New Year’s Day, it’s natural to turn inward and reflect on the past in preparation for the new beginning that your birthday season will bring in a few weeks. You’re bound to need plenty of rest and might feel a bit blue because of the somber tone Saturn sets. Fortunately, Mercury in your group zone meshes with your ruler, Uranus, a couple of days later, encouraging you to come out of your shell and speak freely with friends. Uranus does a U-turn later in the week, which could trigger anxiety or impatience when the thoughts swirling around in the back of your head pick up speed. But you’re almost sure to gain fresh perspective if you share what’s on your mind and welcome input. After Mercury ducks into your subliminal corner, you’ll become more circumspect for a few weeks and may want plenty of quiet time to mull things over. A solar eclipse is also activating that corner, alluding to a new chapter in your spiritual life, and you may start to do some serious soul searching. If an ending is overdue, this eclipse prompts you to begin to bring something to a close.



February 19–March 20

By the end of New Year’s Day, you probably won’t be in a very social mood, thanks to the sun’s rendezvous with restrictive Saturn. It can be challenging to relate to people and feel connected under this influence, and you might have a keen sense of your own separateness. But you can bridge the gap by answering the call of duty and contributing your efforts to a group endeavor or being the reliable one in your squad. The sun is also vibing with Neptune in Pisces, helping you get onto others’ frequency and show you care. With Mercury in your ambition angle, you’re devoting some attention to your own goals, and Merc’s chemistry with Uranus encourages you to think about your resources (like money and talents) in unconventional ways. You’ve learned to ride out the unavoidable ups and downs of finances, assets and confidence, and now that Uranus is powering forward, you may need to call on those lessons if money concerns and personal insecurity resurface. After Mercury shows up in your network house and a solar eclipse lands there, you might make new friends and professional contacts, join a different group, get an altruistic endeavor off the ground or add something significant to your bucket list.



March 21–April 19

Late on New Year’s Day, the sun and Saturn come together at the peak of your chart, which may cause you to zero in on what you want to accomplish and how you hope to do it. Whether you’re focused on your career path or overall life direction, your sense now is that progress will be slow. You’ll feel better about your odds of success if you spend your energy judiciously, chipping away at a goal. Even taking baby steps or pondering your long-term plan will offer satisfaction. Mercury’s harmony with Uranus in Aries enables you to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and see your new life in your mind’s eye. Travel, learning and talking to a wide range of people can all be enlightening. Due to Uranus’s direct turn later in the week, you’ll probably be tempted to jump into action, but things don’t have to happen as fast as it seems like they should. Ride the wave of excitement without making yourself anxious. Mercury and a solar eclipse are both activating your ambition angle, continuing the emphasis on charting your course and making your mark in the world. A change in your public image, professional status, responsibilities or life path may be in the works, and it’s a great time to set new goals.



April 20–May 20

A sun-Saturn meetup in your expansion corner on New Year’s Day may prompt you to take a long hard look at the future and maybe even contemplate vast issues like the meaning of life. If you were on the brink of branching out and exploring unfamiliar territory, you’re liable to rein yourself in now and formulate a more strategic approach. What do you need to learn in order to manifest your vision? What steps will make a leap of faith more successful? Mercury in your depth zone is in sync with Uranus, allowing you to probe your psyche and hit upon revelations that can free you. You might confide a secret to someone you trust under this influence. And with Uranus pivoting forward days later, its five-month retrograde phase in your subliminal sector comes to an end. This change in direction can trigger an urge to do something subversive and possibly self-sabotaging. Even stable Bulls can be tempted to rock the boat when the planet of rebellion is acting up! Plus this week’s solar eclipse will push you to forego the status quo and launch an entrepreneurial venture, embark on a new course of study, take a big trip or broaden your horizons in some other way that gets your juices flowing.



May 21–June 20

Don’t press too hard to get what you feel you need from someone when the sun and Saturn meet up early in the week. The more worried you are about dependence, the more controlling you’ll become. If you take holding up your end of the bargain seriously, you’ll see mutual trust paying off. This pairing can also help you see an emotional reality and handle complex issues with a cool head. Your ruler’s link with Uranus suggests communication will bridge differences, and it can coax you to interact with people who are radically different from you, trying to look at the world through their eyes. Professional networking and brainstorming with your squad also get a green light. Uranus is wrapping up its five-month retrograde period, and you could get rather impatient with people’s quirks and shortcomings. If you have an impulse to cut ties with a group or break up with a friend, your instincts may be right, but you don’t need to act on them right this second. Mercury’s move into your depth-and-sharing sector is followed by a solar eclipse there, nudging you to pay off a debt; seek a loan or grant; or recover from a loss, wound or crisis. A new chapter of emotional growth or a new level of intimacy may be just around the corner.



June 21–July 22

When the sun and Saturn cross paths in your interpersonal angle late on New Year’s Day, you may need to fulfill a personal obligation, or someone might put you to the test, requiring you to rise to the challenge. Relationships can be especially hard now, especially if you feel like you’re under another person’s thumb. This could be an opportunity to redefine your role in an important relationship — or with others in general. Since Mercury in your efficiency corner is clicking with Uranus in your achievement angle, you’re also able to focus on goals and conceive a detailed plan for progress. If you have a genius idea to pitch, higher-ups should be ready to listen! Uranus is doing a 180 later in the week, bringing his months-long retrograde to a close. Now you’ll be ever more eager to make headway in your career or switch directions and set off on a fresh path. Change is in the air, but don’t make any crazy moves just yet. With Mercury and a solar eclipse landing in your interpersonal angle, you could start a serious relationship or commit to someone you’re already seeing. Another kind of partnership may also be in the pipeline, or you might go public with something you’ve been working on.



July 23–August 22

Duty calls late on New Year’s Day when the sun runs into Saturn in your productivity corner, reminding you that you haven’t gotten through your to-do-list. You won’t have the energy to take on a mountain of work, so home in on key tasks that absolutely have to get done. If it seems like you’re the only one getting down to business, rest assured many of us are focused on what we need to do and don’t stress yourself out. Fortunately, Mercury is lagging behind in your joy sector and syncing with Uranus soon after, opening up creative pathways in your brain. You’re eager for something new and different and might be inspired to travel, voice your beliefs or study an unexpected subject just for fun. As Uranus powers forward in your exploration zone, it may seem like reality isn’t quite what you thought it was and you should hurry to adopt a totally new and improved outlook. But waking up can be jarring — don’t rush to judgment. You weren’t wrong about everything! The solar eclipse in your productivity corner invites you to improve your health through a different diet or fitness routine; get on a new schedule; initiate a positive habit; launch a job search, learn a skill; adopt a pet; or get better at time management.



August 23–September 22

The sun-Saturn summit late on New Year’s Day occurs in your joy house, which could bring festivities to a halt and get you thinking about what you want and what plans you can make so you’ll be more satisfied with your life. You feel compelled to get your act together, but not in reference to weighty matters like money or career. You’re not feeling totally fulfilled and can plot how to fix that problem now, whether it be a more systematic approach to dating or putting more fun stuff on the calendar. Your ruling planet is on the same page with Uranus in your depth-and-sharing sector, which should help you gain insight into your private feelings and maybe confide in another person. With Uranus resuming forward motion after traveling retrograde since August, you might become a bit anxious over getting what you need from someone, but the urgency isn’t as real as it feels. Mercury enables you to think about what’s going on in a relationship—or in your psyche—and develop a better understanding of the changes that are happening. Merc and a solar eclipse both hit your joy house next, turning your attention back to personal gratification and hinting that a new romance, creative venture or other source of pleasure could be in the pipeline!



September 23–October 22

A sun-Saturn meetup on the first night of the year could nudge you to clean up around the house or attend to other domestic duties. When this season rolls around, you realize how much you need a solid home base. Getting your space in order can help you calm your mind and gather your thoughts. A parent might put you through the wringer now, testing your fortitude, or you might feel held back by family, the past, tradition or emotional baggage. Luckily, Mercury is gelling with Uranus in your interpersonal angle, so even if you feel momentarily lonesome or gloomy early in the week, you’ll get back in gear and have interesting convos. You might meet some new faces or come up with innovative ideas by chatting one-on-one. Make a point of talking to people with a range of views, lifestyles and backgrounds. Since Uranus is doing an about-face after backtracking for the past five months, other individuals are bound to throw you some curveballs, and you might lose patience. Try to stay out of reaction mode, and use reason and language to deal with whatever comes up. A solar eclipse coaxes you to start a new self-care practice and alludes to a coming change in your living situation or your family.


October 23–November 21

You could become preoccupied with solemn thoughts and get into a negative mindset late on New Year’s Day when the sun collides with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner. You’re likely to get quiet as you ponder plans for 2019 and think about all you have to do. It’s easy to get discouraged and you won’t have oodles of energy, but making yourself useful in your community or allowing a sibling to lean on you will be gratifying. Mercury’s connection with Uranus nudges you to take stock of your belongings, financial assets, income, material needs, natural talents and self-worth and invent new ways to improve your quality of life. Do you need to adjust your schedule? Work out more? Learn new skills? Change jobs? Rearrange your workspace? Take on new duties? Whatever fixes need to be made, do your best to suss them out. As Uranus gets back into gear, an everyday source of stress like a job situation or health issue may crop up, and you probably won’t feel like you have control over the circumstances. You’re excited to make progress but still need to be flexible enough to accommodate the reality you’re faced with. A solar eclipse encourages you to learn, communicate, travel and make decisions—and it suggests that new information and increased busyness is on the way.



November 22–December 21

You may not feel like your cup runneth over when the sun and Saturn get together in your resources house on New Year’s Day, making you more aware of what you need and lack. But this can be an excellent transit for getting to work taking inventory of and organizing your possessions; creating a budget that reflects your real priorities; and carefully planning how you’ll improve your financial prospects. Mercury in Sagittarius is clicking with Uranus, giving you an opportunity to see the potential for positive change. You can dream up clever ideas, play with words and concepts, relish interesting interactions, express anything that’s on your mind and generally amuse yourself—this pairing is sure to keep boredom at bay! Creative writing, singular speech and inventive brainstorming are all favored. With Uranus pivoting direct, romantic sparks could fly, and you may have a sense of urgency about chasing after pleasure and expressing your individuality. Use your head when it comes to taking a rash risk. Mercury and a solar eclipse are both activating your worth zone late in the week, reminding you to stay focused on what you have going for you. This is the year’s best lunation for setting financial goals, and a new source of income may open up soon.

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I sense a change coming ahead! Just in time for the new year, too!

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Indeed, this is very helpful.

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