New Brand Obsession: Something Supplements

The ingredients are as simple and straight-forward as the packaging — thank you!

Sometimes wellness products can be frustratingly vague — it’s hard to know exactly what’s inside the formula or how it will change your life. That’s not the case with Biocol, an expert maker of plant-based remedies that clearly spell out — right in the name — the exact intent of each supplement. There’s Something for Immunity, Something for a Cactus Throat, Something for Bloated Tums. You get the idea, right? Check the ingredient list and you’ll find entirely chemical-free formulas full of plants extracts, everything from vitamin-C-rich artichoke to stomach-settling fennel to energizing yerba mate. It’s all refreshingly easy to digest (literally) and understand, which is “something” we can really get behind.

Also great: The brand’s European pharmacy-like feel, which is not surprising given that Biocol is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and started off as a natural pharmacy in the 1970s. Launched by husband and wife team Gualdim and Natalia Redol, Biocol was the go-to supplier of trace element supplements, which aimed to help offset the effects of modern pollution, stress, UV rays and more. To get the backstory on the brand, which is still family-run, and how their supplements can fix what ails us, we chatted with current co-founder Christine Pausewang.


What was the inspiration behind creating Biocol in the ‘70s?

“A friend of Gualdim and Natalia was a doctor in Portugal, one of very few who worked with natural products instead of pharmaceutical products. He was struggling to find natural products in Portugal and that’s when Gualdim and Natalia started importing homeopathic products from Switzerland. They very soon built a client base of doctors and naturopaths who were prescribing their products. As the company grew, they started thinking of their own range — of trace elements [which is] something that did not exist in Portugal. Their range included magnesium, lithium, manganese, selenium, and so on.”

When did the “new” Biocol launch, and what was the mission?

“It changed with [co-founder] Chris [Balivet] and me coming into the business three years ago. At first we were looking at all the products that Biocol was creating and producing. We quickly realized that we needed all of them, but going to pharmacies to buy the products — and buying products we do not understand (the wording, the names) or even the design — just did not make sense for us. So we created products that would speak to us, in a design and tone of voice we understand, sold in stores we buy from. The ‘old’ Biocol still exists and we still manufacture all our products with them.”

Your “Something” range directly addresses a lot of common health issues. Tell us why Something for Bloated Tums has been so popular.

“Bloating can have many causes, ranging from more serious problems such as IBS to eating the wrong foods. Something for Bloated Tums is an all-in-one solution for the occasional gastrointestinal discomfort, especially due to modern lifestyles: overeating, hard to digest foods, traveling. The product does not just target one problem, it was developed as a one-stop solution for many problems: indigestion, gases, bloating, constipation or general discomfort in your stomach. This is achieved by combining different herbs, fiber, probiotics and charcoal, all of which work well together to solve different problems within the digestive system.”

What can decrease your immunity? And how can Something for Immunity help?

“A weakened immune system is a weakness in the body’s natural ability to defend itself against threats. This can have many causes, from a virus, to lack of sleep, malnutrition, stress. With Something for Immunity, we created a product that works with your body and not against it, like many pharmaceutical products in the market. This means Something for Immunity does not cover up symptoms, but supports the body’s own defense system to work better. We call it food for your immune system.

I personally take something for immunity always after flights (traveling really is an immunity killer), when I am sick, and during cold months as a monthly support.”

Why is Something for a Cactus Throat especially soothing?

“Most commonly a sore throat is related to infections and viruses. A part of the lymphatic tissue, part of the immune system, is actually located [in your throat], to fight off invaders, which are entering through your mouth.

Something for a Cactus Throat has two actions: it fights infections and entering bacteria through propolis (a natural antibiotic) and Icelandic moss. It also soothes and calms with the help of lemon essential oils and peppermint essential oils, which are both not only anti-microbial and anti-viral but also put a layer on the walls of your throat to relieve soreness and discomfort in your throat.”

How do you know it’s time for Something for a Detox Week?

“Our body is now home to over 700 chemical toxins. Even though we are made to cope with toxins, our modern lifestyle might overwhelm our body’s capabilities. If our detoxifying organs are overworked, we start storing toxins and the liver might get clogged and “co-working” organs might also not perform. This could result in fatigue, constipation, skin problems, gas and bloating, problems losing weight, brain fog. This product eliminates accumulated lipids in the liver and supports the functioning of surrounding organs.

Personally, I always use it after Christmas and very often also after I have been traveling and feel like I have not had a good diet and maybe too many drinks! Also, it doesn’t only focus on one organ (the liver) like a lot of products — it actually focuses on all organs that are part of the elimination pathways of the body: the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, digestive system. It’s a holistic product.”

What’s the next “Something” you’re working on?

“We have so many ideas, we could launch a product every week. There are so many problems out there that need a fix. We can not tell you yet, but there will be many exciting products coming up in the next years.”

What other wellness habits do swear by for staying healthy?

“It really all goes back to your lifestyle: diet, sleep, sports. Of course, we are not perfect; we sometimes drink too much, work too much, and eat too much cheese! But for that we have our Something pharmacy at home. It’s all about the balance and enjoying life as well.”


+ Here to shop and discover the Something range.


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Love the straight-forward packaging! So bold and so cute!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sounds great! x

Interesting information about Biocol. Thanks for sharing.