Quickie Wellness: Cuccio

Danielle Cuccio’s Cooling and Cleansing Active Wipes are perfect for that split-second refresh before/during/after your workout. Quickie Wellness at your service!

In the early stages of her career as an esthetician, Danielle Cuccio quickly realized true beauty came from the inside out: through exercise, yoga, breathing, meditation, hydration, energy-yielding foods, and positivity combined. There was a glow in her yoga clients’ faces that no facial could ever provide, and that’s how Cuccio Somatology came to be. “They looked radiant, glowing and just so much happier.” Add her personalized blends of essential oils, and the Cuccio collection allows you to create “beauty rituals that help you find calm, center, which beauty then naturally follows.”

Looking at your active wipes, specifically, what separates them from other active wipes on the market? What’s your favorite thing about them?
Our Active Wipes contain an ingredient that is very rare and rarely used in the beauty market. It’s called Mastiha — made on one side of an island in the entire world in Chios, Greece. It takes up to 5 years to grow and is a miracle healing ingredient. It’s widely used in oral care, to heal scars and cleanse the skin. We also use Witch Hazel, a natural cleaning agent. There are no parabens in our products unlike many cleaning wipes. Our wipes are made as naturally as possible, and always without artificial fragrance. And you can’t forget eucalyptus… read all about it below. :)
What purpose does eucalyptus serve?
We use 100% Eucalyptus Oil, which is a 2-in-1 — a cleansing agent and withmajor aromatherapy benefits.
Can you tell us at least 3 ways you use your active wipes, including one unexpected use?
1. Post-workout is the best time to use our workout wipes.  
2. Midday to freshen up if you’re going straight to dinner after work.
3. We also have fitness cleaning/mat wipes!  You wouldn’t think about how DIRTY your yoga mat gets! People walk barefoot in yoga studios — I won’t go into the details, but it’s not pretty! :)
Best go-to advice for keeping your mind/body/spirit active:
Take time for self-care!  Self-care can be as simple as staying home on a Saturday morning to take a bath or to just read the newspaper. It’s about slowwwwing down in a world that is not so slow. Our minds are constantly working on overload, and we need to give them a break. When we do this, we can feel ALIVE and give our energy out to the world, while most importantly, FEELING GREAT.
+ Find more Cuccio Somatology here.
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Wipes are such a great part of a skincare routine for those days when you need something quick. What a nice product, thank you for the recommendation!

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