Your Weekly Horoscope from Tracy Allen, Week of March 25-31

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March 21–April 19

With Venus exiting your social sector and slipping into the last house in your chart this week for a monthlong retreat, there will definitely be days when you won’t feel like being around a lot of people. Pass up plans and give yourself permission to spend more time alone — or hole up with someone you’re close to. You may be in the mood to take care of a loved one and might make a sweet sacrifice, putting their desires before your own. When Mercury edges forward in that house, subtle inklings from the past few weeks will start to gel, and you may come to some conclusion. It still seems like the truth isn’t out in the open, but the fog is clearing, and soon you’ll feel more keyed in. Your ruler, Mars, charges into your thinking-and-talking corner at week’s end, sending your mind racing and speeding up the tempo of your everyday life. In the next six weeks, you’ll be full of ideas and eager to pitch them to people. Take advantage of your assertive attitude without becoming argumentative. Challenging mental tasks and community activism will help you combat restlessness.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet dances into your humanity house for a four-week visit, making you more interested in seeing your squad than charming higher-ups. You’ll feel on in group settings and will have the most fun when you’re around a lot of people. It’s pretty easy to get along with everyone during this transit, as you’ll be giving off a friendly, carefree vibe. And Venus’s harmony with Uranus in Taurus this week suggests others will find you interesting and exciting, and you’ll seek out those who keep you stimulated. It’s a great time for spontaneous socializing, and if you meet someone new, your connection is likely to be thrilling — but it may or may not stand the test of time. After Mercury turns direct, group communication gets better, and you can reach an understanding if anyone got the wrong end of the stick this month. With Mars leaving Taurus and segueing into your worth zone, you’ll be motivated to tackle your finances and possessions, make money and buy what you want. Impulse buys could be a problem in the next six weeks, so stick to a budget if you’re worried about getting carried away.



May 21–June 20

Venus climbs to the peak of your chart this week, coaxing you to polish your public image and turn on the charm with your superiors in an effort to make a favorable impression. You’re capable of doing creative work and getting along well with your colleagues — both of which will also make you look good. This is a good month to grab coffee with a potential mentor, attend industry functions and schedule lunch with your boss. A Venus-Uranus link implies you might get an intuitive hit that helps you figure out the pecking order or read a social situation at work. Good news: Your ruler is finishing its retrograde phase, facilitating communication with authority figures and clarifying your goals. Soon you won’t have trouble clearing up career-related confusion and promoting your accomplishments. More good news: Go-getter Mars shows up in Gemini for a six-week tour, firing you up to make tons of headway on your agenda and further your own interests. You’re inclined to stick up for yourself now but might bulldoze people if you’re trying to get them to work with you. Operate independently if possible, so you can focus on your own efforts.



June 21–July 22

You’ll start to see the appeal of difference after Venus sashays into your expansion sector, luring you to explore unfamiliar pleasures. New people, places and cultural experiences will inspire you and open your eyes to a wider range of possibilities. You might date someone very different from you or someone you’d normally overlook, and a long-distance romance or vacation fling could also be in the cards. Have some fun getting out of your comfort zone and broadening your horizons in the month to come. With Mercury doing a 180 in that part of your chart, travel won’t entail as many delays and detours as it did this month, and you’ll also find education to be more straightforward. The big picture should begin to fall back into place, and you won’t feel like you’re missing the point. Mars ducks into your release corner later in the week, encouraging you to work behind the scenes without expecting a lot of recognition. You might slip into an old pattern of behavior and inadvertently shoot yourself in the foot, so pay attention to your hidden motives for undermining yourself and face up to anything that’s bothering you.



July 23–August 22

Once Venus plunges into your depth sector this week, you’ll start craving intense one-on-one connection, and more lighthearted relating won’t hit the spot. Your close bonds take center stage in the coming month, and a sexual relationship can feel profoundly emotional under this influence. You’re looking for loyalty, trust, integrity and commitment from the individuals you care about most. And you shouldn’t have much trouble getting support from a loved one or money from an outside resource (think loan, grant or tax refund). After Mercury does an about-face in that sector, communication in an intimate relationship becomes simpler — and again, money matters should start to sort themselves out. If you or someone else broke a confidence this month, it’s time to repair the damage. With Mars zipping into your humanity house for a six-week tour, you’ll achieve more by teaming up with others than going it alone and should seek out opportunities to collaborate. Join forces with people who share your interests, goals or ideals. And consider getting involved in a philanthropic endeavor — actions that benefit others will be particularly fruitful. Physical activities with a group will also be more fun!



August 23–September 22

Enticing Venus crosses your interpersonal angle this week, putting you in the mood to hang with your favorite individuals. One-on-one time is more appealing than squad time during this transit, so put plenty of it on the books. If you’re in a serious relationship, prioritize getting together with your significant other, as this period can bring you closer. You’re feeling agreeable and won’t have a problem compromising with others to get on the same page. Plus a Venus-Uranus hookup might signal an impromptu getaway, so keep a bag packed! Mercury’s direct turn will help you mend fences if you had a misunderstanding this month, and it doesn’t hurt to be the first to extend the olive branch. You should be able to smooth over any rough patches and resolve your differences in the days ahead. After Mars ascends to your aspiration angle, you’ll be geared up to chase after your goals and will work hard to achieve anything you set out to do. Mars doesn’t like to answer to anybody, so if you can work for yourself rather than under a boss now, that would be ideal. Tread carefully around higher-ups when your ambition’s in overdrive.



September 23–October 22

After your ruler enters your productivity corner this week, you’ll feel more in sync with coworkers and able to enjoy getting things done. Or maybe you’ll feel like hitting happy hour with your colleagues after clocking out or will spend more time than usual chatting in the office. You also might opt to beautify your workspace to keep your spirits up while tackling everyday business. A Venus-Uranus confab can help you figure out what change will help you get along with someone better. And after Mercury resumes forward motion, scheduling snafus, delayed work projects, crossed wires on the job and overlooked details will soon become a thing of the past. If you’ve been researching something, you can start to analyze your findings and make a determination. With Mars surging into your expansion corner, wanderlust could kick in and lead to your next big adventure. Your enthusiasm fuels you to broaden your horizons, and if you can’t get away in the next six weeks, try to get out of your routine whenever possible and pursue learning experiences. You’re ready to take a risk and fight for what you believe in, so you might become more actively involved in a cause.


October 23–November 21

Lovely Venus arrives in your fulfillment house this week, encouraging you to enjoy life and wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re in the mood for romance, fun and creativity and able to express warm feelings like affection and generosity freely. In the coming month, a big part of you just wants to play and do what makes you feel good. A Venus-Uranus tête-à-tête hints at a pleasant, unexpected encounter—probably with someone new and possibly with a romantic twist. You could also form an artistic partnership under this influence. With Mercury getting back into gear in that house, if you’ve been suffering from a creative block, it should lift shortly. You’ll also have better judgment when it comes to what makes you happy. Mars is moving into your depth zone and will be camped out there for the following six weeks, revving up your libido and producing powerful interactions. You may have a conflict over sharing or grapple with difficult emotions and go through a period of personal transformation. Or you’ll channel a lot of energy into a passion project or intensive endeavor and become thoroughly immersed in it. Direct your drive toward something you feel strongly about!



November 22–December 21

When Venus dips down to your foundation angle and prepares to nest there for a month, that’s your cue to start enjoying the pleasures of home and family. You might host a party at your place, do a bit of decorating, get into cooking or baking, hang with your housemates or spend quality time with your couch — catching up on your favorite shows or your zzz’s. Comfort and calm will hold more appeal than the social scene, so no regrets when you send your regrets! With Mercury pivoting forward, you may still feel a little nostalgic, but you won’t have as much trouble putting your feelings into words. If crossed wires caused problems on the home front, sort things out and get back on better footing. And if you’ve been introspective lately, insights into yourself or your past will start to make more sense. After Mars crosses your one-on-one angle, try snagging a partner for your activities (when you do get out of the house!) because two is better than one between now and mid-May. Get grievances into the open in your relationships and work through them together. You might also enlist an exercise buddy to boost your motivation.



December 22–January 19

Amiable Venus arrives in your cognition-and-communication house this week, bringing pleasant thoughts and interactions and helping you see the beauty in your environment. You’ll be in a cheerful mood this month and will find it fairly easy to tell people how you feel. This can also be a flirty influence, helping you to draw in your crush and engage in witty banter. You might get inspired to spruce up your neighborhood, and finding other like-minded folks will make it fun. Mercury is straightening up its act in that same house, clearing up garbled messages. It shouldn’t be such a big ordeal to make yourself understood now and to get around town (your commute was probably a bigger headache than usual this month). Once Mars barges into your efficiency corner for a six-week visit, you’ll get to work on your to-do list, job responsibilities and daily duties. You can tackle tasks with vigor during this period and need to stay humble enough to answer to a boss and help out others who need you. Try not to be too perfectionistic or critical. If you have energy to burn, blow off steam with challenging workouts.



January 20–February 18

Your taste for nice things and pretty possessions may grow after Venus leaves Aquarius and sets up shop in your value zone this week. Although you’ll be tempted to spend money rather freely in the month to come, you’ll also have a knack for drawing in what you need. You want what you want now, and hopefully the law of attraction will help you cover the cost. Since you’re craving stability in your relationships under this influence, you’d rather spend time with down-to-earth types than fickle, unreliable people. Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde period in the same zone—a welcome development that will improve your financial judgment and iron out the kinks in money matters. If you’ve held off on negotiating your pay or asking for a raise, you finally have a green light to talk. With hot-blooded Mars zipping into your joy sector for the next six weeks, you also have the go-ahead to be more proactive in chasing after what (or whom) your heart desires. You’ll tend to do as you please and will feel playful and bold. A competitive spirit might steer you toward games, sports or gambling.



February 19–March 20

Venus will be gracing your sign for the next month, allowing you to feel your most charming, attractive and gracious. You’ll have a warm, friendly vibe that draws people to you like moths to a flame, so try not to spend time with anyone you don’t want to be around! This transit can attract new admirers or remind your mate how fabulous you are. With Mercury inching ahead in Pisces this week, you’ll no longer feel like your words are being misconstrued. If you’ve been reflecting on personal matters and perhaps weighing a decision, your thoughts should start to come together in the days ahead. If people read you wrong in the last few weeks, you’ll have a much easier time representing yourself clearly. As Mars descends to the base of your chart for a six-week visit, you’ll probably get busy around the house and may engage in more family activities. A domestic project like renovation or repairs could take up a lot of your time, and you may find yourself arguing—particularly with parents or housemates — without understanding the reason. If you’re feeling prickly and defensive, tune into your emotions without lashing out.


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Sounds like I have an eventful week ahead! Thanks for the horoscope!

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