Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 13-19

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April 20–May 20

The Taurus sun’s chemistry with Pluto early in the week can give you the courage to go out on a limb and may bring an opportunity for a powerful experience that changes you: a sure recipe for personal growth! Next, your ruling planet, Venus, sashays into your sign, so you’ll be oozing charm and looking your best in the next few weeks. That same day, Mars charges into your communication house, emboldening you to speak up and advocate for yourself. This planetary combo makes you incredibly appealing — but no pushover. Use that spoonful of sugar and dash of salt to win people over. You might sell an idea of yours or gain a new suitor. The next several weeks are likely to be a social whirlwind. Mercury is also in your sign and clicking and clashing with four other planets this week. You can grasp the big picture, hatch important plans, learn a ton and feel totally in sync with friends. But you may struggle to get on the same page with one person you’re close to. Don’t hold out for mutual understanding or assume too much. Focus on all the communication that is working. A Venus-Uranus confab in Taurus might trigger an urge for independence or a change that causes you to shake up a relationship or go in search of new faces to keep life interesting. Yes, it’s good to rock the boat once in a while, but don’t toss a good catch overboard due to FOMO. If you’re in a happy relationship, try having new experiences with your S.O. And if you’re single, think outside the box! The full moon in your interpersonal angle can also bring a bond to the brink — but you could just as easily decide to commit, not split. Plus a creative or business partnership might become official now or dissolve. Even though it’s still your birthday season, this lunation pushes you to balance your needs with those of others for the time being.



May 21–June 20

The sun is still hiding out in your subliminal corner, and he’s vibing with potent Pluto at the beginning of the week, so intensive reflection can generate movement in your psyche, transforming an emotion or healing a wound. Plus private time with a person close to you has the potential to facilitate powerful intimacy. Venus ducks into that corner soon after, further emphasizing the benefits of peaceful solitude and private time with a special someone. You might nurse a secret crush, be inspired to make a sweet sacrifice or take care of someone in need. That same day, Mars moves into your worth zone, prompting you to deal with your finances and possessions, make great use of your resources and act in accordance with your values and priorities. You might drum up more income-generating business, but you could also splurge without thinking and regret it later, so press pause and ask yourself what need you’re trying to fill. Your ruler, Mercury, has several interactions with other planets this week, encouraging you to trust your intuition and keep digging beneath the surface for real answers instead of easy explanations. Confiding in someone you trust can help you probe the depths for meaning, but resist pressing someone to tell you something you should figure out for yourself. A Venus-Uranus rendezvous could cause you to finally (and maybe rather suddenly) feel over someone. Or maybe you’ll shock yourself by doing something selfless. A clandestine affair that you didn’t see coming is another possibility. A craving for newness is stirring in your subconscious and calling the shots, meaning you should expect the unexpected. A full moon in your efficiency sector may bring a wellness or work crisis that serves as a wake-up call to mend your ways. If it’s high time you kicked a bad habit, dropped something from your schedule, addressed a health issue or cut down on stress, now’s your chance.



June 21–July 22

A sun-Pluto collaboration links your network and partnership houses, suggesting that you might encounter someone who has a strong influence on you. Welcome a powerful experience — because a bond with a friend could deepen now, or you could hit it off with a person who will affect your life. With Venus dancing into your network house midweek, you’ll want to get out and see people and won’t have any trouble getting along with everyone. You’re in the mood to rsvp yes and might meet new friends and contacts while you’re making the rounds. Mars makes his biannual appearance in Cancer that same day and will liven up your sign through June! So you’ll be quite the mover and shaker in the next six weeks, taking charge of your goals and doing what you need to in order to advance your own interests. Your added vigor will help you prove what you’re capable of, but you might need to take it down a notch if you start bulldozing others inadvertently. Stand up for yourself, but avoid petty fights. Working independently is your best bet during this period. Mercury’s various planetary encounters enhance group communication this week, and you should find networking to be productive. If you’re talking about the best way of accomplishing a task, though, be careful not to preach; everyone’s entitled to their opinion. A Venus-Uranus meetup can spell impromptu fun with friends, so cook up different adventures to share with your squad. You’re in no mood for the same old thing; strike up a conversation with someone fascinating and seek out big gatherings where you’re likely to find fresh faces. A full moon can up the passion in your love life, bring an affair to an end or help one to blossom. You might be flooded with creative inspiration or intense feelings, and a burning desire to pour your heart out or have a good time can result in a night to remember.



July 23–August 22

When your ruling planet, the sun, gels with Pluto in your productivity corner early in the week, your hard work can empower you to stand out from the crowd. If you keep plugging away, you stand a good chance of earning the recognition that you so desire. With Venus climbing to the peak of your chart, you can easily turn on the charm with higher-ups and show off your creative side. Your ability to work well with others won’t escape notice, and you might attract a helpful mentor or potential boss now. Later that same day, Mars slides into your subliminal corner for a six-week stay, persuading you to also work behind the scenes a bit without expecting a steady dose of praise. You can accomplish plenty on your own in a low-key setting if you can avoid slipping into a regressive behavior pattern. It’s hard to assert yourself in a direct manner during this period, so don’t focus too much on making a splash. Try to be conscious of the ways in which you sabotage yourself, and confront the motives lurking in your subconscious. Dedicating yourself to helping others in need would be a great use of your time in the month and a half to come. A Venus-Uranus summit, however, might bring you unexpected attention, so there’s still a good chance you can shine this week. If you attend an industry event or take advantage of another networking opportunity, you might cross paths with a valuable contact. A connection that you make under this influence could change your career or your image, so it’s important to mix and mingle with people in power. A full moon reminds you that work-life balance is essential to your wellbeing, and a development in your family or on the home front might demand your attention. If you feel a meltdown coming on, alone time and self-care could be just what you need.



August 23–September 22

The sun in your expansion corner harmonizes with Pluto in your fulfillment zone at the start of the week, encouraging you to get out of your everyday routine and go in search of new adventures, people and ideas. You can get so much pleasure just from broadening your horizons now, so don’t stick to what you know. Next, Venus blasts into your expansion corner, further increasing the appeal of difference. It’s time to date outside your comfort zone, book a fun trip, mingle with people who are different from you and explore unfamiliar arts and cultures. Hours later, Mars shows up in your humanity house, giving teamwork and philanthropic endeavors the green light. Band together with others to make a difference in the world. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in sync with a few other planets, encouraging you to soak up knowledge from other individuals and keep thinking in terms of finding your proper place in the scheme of things. Stay focused on the long-term objective of conscious development. But be prepared for a daring new viewpoint to shake your old foundation in the meantime. A close encounter between Venus and Uranus may spark a sudden attraction to someone surprising; if you normally fall for a specific type or have a long list of criteria that romantic prospects must meet, throw out the rulebook and cast a wider net. Talking to a variety of people or dipping your toe in an alternative lifestyle can wake you up. Admit it: You’re craving excitement! The full moon may bring information overload or a flurry of busyness and thoughts. If you feel pulled in too many directions, take a breath and field one thing at a time. A development involving your community or siblings might take priority. You have the ability to put your emotions into words now, so don’t bottle them up; let people know how you feel.



September 23–October 22

With the sun and Pluto making music early in the week, that’s your cue to dive into deep — and possibly challenging — feelings and memories. If you’re brave enough to face what’s buried in your psyche and work through it, you can transform pain into strength. Talking to a trusted person who knows you well, like a family member or psychotherapist, can enhance this process of introspection and catharsis. Venus is moving into your depth-and-sharing house midweek, intensifying your emotions and increasing your desire for closeness. A sexual connection could become sweeter, and any relationship that begins under this influence is bound to be hot and heavy. You’ll find it fairly easy to get financial or emotional support now. And with Mars ascending to the pinnacle of your chart, your ambition goes into overdrive, mobilizing you to chase after your goals and gain ground in your career. Work on projects that matter to you, and if possible, operate independently in the next six weeks. Mars doesn’t like answering to anyone, so neither will you! Try not to come on too strong with authority figures or boss your coworkers around. Take action on big plans to experience the thrill of progress. Mercury’s harmony with several other planets coaxes you to talk to a confidant, probe your psyche for rich emotional insights and delve into a research project or investigation. But Merc’s skirmish with Jupiter warns against oversharing because you’re in danger of breaking a confidence. Venus’s get-together with Uranus could suddenly bring you close to someone or give you (or a partner) an urge for more personal space. Sex is likely to be unconventional, meaning you might hook up with someone surprising or experiment in bed. In a committed relationship? Spice things up so the desire for change doesn’t cause your eye to wander. A full moon can spur a cash influx or an impulse splurge, and you’ll have a hard time distinguishing between want and need. Watch your spending if you’re worried about overdoing it.


October 23–November 21

The sun meshes with your ruler early in the week, hinting that an important talk may finally happen. When you speak up, positive change is possible. But be a good listener too, because someone can have a profound influence on your mindset now. With Venus crossing your interpersonal angle, you’ll soon be in the mood to connect with other individuals and can easily get on the same page. Prioritize one-on-one interactions and enjoy the company of people you like and love. If you want to make peace with someone, this planetary placement helps you extend the olive branch. Hours later, Mars blasts into your expansion zone, kicking up your wanderlust and motivating you to branch out. It’s time to go out on a limb in the name of growth. Venture into unknown territory, chase after fresh adventures, fight for a righteous cause, take a big trip. Mercury’s vibe with three other planets facilitates dialogue, so open the lines of communication and chime in. An honest heart-to-heart can feel cleansing and put a relationship on firmer ground. But try not to make demands; Merc’s tussle with Jupiter might lead you to ask for the moon. A Venus-Uranus meeting suggests someone could take you by surprise, or perhaps you’ll run into a person you didn’t expect to see. You could also enter into an unorthodox partnership under this influence. If someone pulls away, give them breathing room and do your own thing. It’s hard to avoid relationship disruptions now; if you’re faced with one, that’s a sign it’s time to try something new. You’re due for a change, whether that means a new spin on an old relationship or a new relationship altogether. The full moon in Scorpio is your time of year to say, “I’m done!” Maybe you’ll pull off a major personal accomplishment or finally decide you’ve had enough of something (or someone) that’s not good for you. Either way, embrace this climax. Your feelings are paramount now, and if you need attention or TLC, say so.



November 22–December 21

A collaboration between the sun and Pluto signals that all your hard work is likely to reinforce your self-esteem and might fortify your finances. Keep your nose to the grindstone so you can reap the rewards. With Venus sliding into your efficiency corner, the emphasis on details increases, and you’re willing to cooperate with colleagues or work through problems in a relationship. You have a positive attitude about helping others and will get pleasure from making yourself useful. Mars segues into your depth-and-merging house the same day, revving up your libido and narrowing your focus to close relationships and passion projects. You won’t be inclined to scatter your energy in the next several weeks and will have the patience to see things through to the end. Mercury is gelling with several other planets, which should also boost your concentration and allow you to do meticulous mental work. But since Merc is out of sync with Jupiter in Sagittarius, you may have trouble finding the middle ground between pie-in-the-sky thinking and a preoccupation with minutiae. Do your best to see both the forest and the trees! When Venus and Uranus coalesce, you might do a spontaneous favor for someone you like, or creative inspiration could strike and facilitate innovative, valuable work. You could become bored with people who are wedded to doing things a particular way, because you’re looking for stimulation from your everyday life. Be open to working with different people and trying out a variety of approaches to tasks. You’ll be happy if you can manage to get a lot done without staying within the confines of a stale routine. A full moon at the end of your chart can bring messages in your dreams and inklings, so pay attention to what’s brewing inside you. A secret could come to light now. This lunation calls for you to balance your inner and outer lives and honor the needs of your spirit; you might crave more peace and quiet as a result.



December 22–January 19

When the sun harmonizes with Pluto in Capricorn early in the week, simply being yourself and enjoying life to the fullest can have a powerful effect on you. With heavyweights Pluto and Saturn trudging through your sign, sometimes you need to reach out to people and lighten the mood. Any relationship you form during this transit is going to involve your authentic self and not just surface appearances. Venus’s arrival in your fulfillment zone also encourages you to get out and have fun. Several planets are telling you to wear your heart on your sleeve and do what makes you happy. Romance, creativity and play all get the go-ahead in the weeks to come. And with Mars crossing your interpersonal angle later that day, you shouldn’t go it alone. Find a partner in crime, whether it’s an exercise buddy, a business partner or a companion for your latest endeavor. For the next six weeks, one-on-one collaboration is the way to go. You might notice more tension in a close relationship; this is a good time to get grievances out in the open and tackle them head-on. Mercury’s chemistry with a few other planets can help you express what’s inside you, so don’t be shy. Share your feelings, but with Merc and Jupiter at odds, make necessary adjustments if your private hopes are warping communication. With Venus and Uranus canoodling, you might be in for a surprise in your love life. A romance could spark out of the blue, or you (or your love interest) might decide to take time off or call it quits. Impromptu fun is favored, so be open to new experiences that pop up. The full moon in your humanity house might spell squad drama or an epic girls night out. You may opt to cut ties with a certain group or shift your role in one. The challenge under this lunation is to juggle group interests with personal pleasure, and your strategy might entail being there for a friend in need.



January 20–February 18

With the sun and Pluto meshing early in the week, digging around in your psyche and your past in search of meaning and self-understanding will enable you to make notable emotional progress. Deal with whatever is buried inside you, no matter how unpleasant it may be. The subsequent personal growth will be totally worthwhile. When Venus dives down to the base of your chart, the pleasures of home and family become readily apparent. In the next few weeks, you might want to redecorate, play hostess, relax in your space (solo or with people you’re comfortable with) and indulge in delicious food and drink. You won’t feel super social, with the exception of having people over. Hours later, Mars moves into your efficiency corner, motivating you to get to work. Ideally, you’ll be able to blaze through your to-do list, tackle job duties, stay on top of everyday responsibilities and still have energy for exercise. You’ll get a charge out of being productive and helpful, but you might butt heads when working with others, so operate independently whenever possible. Mercury is vibing with several other planets, putting you in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings and helping you articulate them. If you’re talking to friends, though, you might have high hopes for their understanding and response — then wind up disappointed. Modify your expectations so they’re more realistic. As Venus and Uranus join forces, a housemate or relative may catch you unawares. If a relationship is getting too cozy and familiar, you might do something unplanned to shake it up. Your home can provide unexpected joy now, making it a great time to throw a last-minute party. You’re happy to stay in, but you’re also in the mood for a bit of excitement. The full moon at the top of your chart can bring a goal to fruition or a shift in your career path. Your boss might be extra emo, so tread carefully. This lunation could put you in the spotlight — be ready for your closeup!



February 19–March 20

The sun’s conference with Pluto favors socializing and networking and reminds you that there’s strength in numbers. You could have a memorable experience with your friends or meet an important contact and should make a point of connecting with others. After Venus skips into your thinking-and-talking corner, you’ll have an easier time sensing the warmth in your interactions, noticing the beauty around you and telling people how you feel. You’ll be in a sociable mood, and your encounters with others will have a pleasant tone. Conversations might even turn flirty. Soon after, Mars lands in your joy house, filling you with enthusiasm to do as you please. You’ll be inclined to pursue creative fulfillment, romance, hobbies and whatever else makes you happy. You might take a chance on love and make the first move with someone you’re attracted to. Mercury is clicking with Neptune in Pisces and power-players Saturn and Pluto, making it easier for you to say what’s on your mind and feel heard. But since Merc and Jupiter have their wires crossed, this may not be the best time to make your pitch for a promotion or raise — plus you might need to make tweaks when formulating goals. A Venus-Uranus meetup can lead you to bump into someone out of the blue or enjoy an impromptu interaction with a sibling or neighbor. Creative ideas can strike like a bolt of lightning; you should keep track of them, because Uranus’s energy is fleeting. Pleasant thoughts are bound to flit through your head, so you’ll be in an upbeat mood. You’ll probably have extra-engaging convos, and meeting people will stimulate you. A quick trip (or exploration of an unfamiliar neighborhood) is also possible. The full moon gives you a taste for adventure and may inspire you to take a leap of faith. A bucket-list trip, publishing project, educational achievement or spiritual awakening could be in the cards. Bonus: This is the best moon of the year for banishing a limiting belief from your brain.



March 21–April 19

When the sun clicks with Pluto early in the week, putting your resources to good use can fuel your ambition. You need to tap into your full range of talents in your quest to reach your goals. When you make headway in your profession or overall life path, the resulting feeling of strength will feed your confidence. Venus segues into your worth house midweek, increasing your desire for material possessions and making it easier for you to attract what you need. The line between need and want may get blurred, and your tastes might become more extravagant. With Mars dipping down to your foundation angle, you’ll get busier around the house in the next month and a half, perhaps tackling a domestic project or working from home. You might feel prickly, particularly around family and people you live with. Keeping an eye on your mood can help avert compulsive behavior. Mercury’s links with a few other planets should boost your financial judgment, and if you’ve been waiting to ask for a raise, this is a great time to go for it. Merc’s discord with Jupiter warns against big adventures that threaten your bottom line, so postpone booking your dream trip if it’s not budget-friendly. A Venus-Uranus meeting may bring a quick upswing or dip in your bank balance; ride out this ripple as best you can — it won’t last long. Your priorities could suddenly be reshuffled as you change your mind about what’s most important. Uranus has an impulsive, rebellious nature and Venus is the planet of desire, making it extra likely that you’ll feel an urge to splurge. A shopping spree will be tough to resist, but Mercury should help you think straight. The full moon emphasizes the delicate balance of give and take in close relationships, and you might have to put someone’s needs before your own for the moment. A sexual connection could intensify or end now. This moon can also help you move past a crisis, loss or wound and reclaim your power.


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So excited for the coming week! Seems like great things are up ahead! ❤️✨

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