How to Love A Tree

Today, May 17, has been deemed “Love A Tree Day.” Sharing and capturing the affection of said tree requires a good deal of planning, despite what you first think…

It might be easy to just walk up to any old tree, and tell it you love it. And that would be fine. You would have technically fulfilled your quota for this eventful day. However, I challenge you to really think about this.  What “Love A Tree Day” means is that it’s your duty to LOVE A TREE. Just as I’d hope you’d give your potential human partner more than a few minutes’ consideration (and if you didn’t, well so be it), take a look around. There are so many trees in the world (though shouldn’t there be so many more??!), and I’ll be willing to bet that somewhere in your vision stands a majestic, confident oak…or a steadfast, reliable pine, if that’s your type? A flirty peach tree more your speed? They’re all fair game and worthy of your love. There’s somebody for everybody, as they say.

Consider this a perfect time to visit a nearby (or faraway!) National Park and really get to know all of your options… If a trip isn’t feasible, there’s still hope — head to a nearby city park. What’s in your yard, your neighbor’s yard, what about the tree in front of the coffee shop you stalk every morning that you acknowledge as “there” but don’t really think about? A Tinder for tinder?……

(Let’s move on.)

Here are a few pro tips, from some top-tier tree-lovers, to keep in mind when planning your conquest:


“Trees pride themselves on smelling good, so they would only expect you to return the favor.”

*Contrary to popular belief, they like expensive gifts. But don’t feel obliged to leave them — rumor has it that they love the art of the tease.”

*If you were standing all day, all night for years on end, don’t you think a massage would be pretty awesome? Best part is, you can share it with each other, and feel your nerves just ooze away.”

A nighttime serenade is so romantic — a song or poem shared with your beloved at dusk is sure to make even the coldest of trees a little sappy.”


And, once you’ve secured the interest of said tree, the rest is up to you and your imagination. We only ask that you love it with all of your might.

+ If you need help in your pursuit, let us know! We’re always willing to help!


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This is such a cute post! We definitely need to give our trees a little more love!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love this Muir Tee!


4 years ago

Take care of trees they will Take care of you..