Shoe Diaries: Beatrice Fischel-Bock

The intelligent, warm and subdued co-founder of Hutch allows us to take a walk in her shoes…while she walks in ours.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock is an Aries. By the time this post is published, Beatrice will have turned 28, an age which she laments as it’s the official gateway to “the late 20s”. I assured her that she’s doing just fine. On a journey that began 7 years ago, Beatrice co-founded the home design site and app, Hutch (which is about to launch an expanded concept in the very near future), which eventually landed her into Forbes’ 30 Under 30 gang. If you don’t know about this gang, know that it is a very notable achievement.

Hutch allows its users to upload images of a space, create from it a 3D replica sans furniture, and “replace” objects with shoppable items linked directly through Hutch. Beatrice recalls its beginnings in the off-campus housing of George Washington University, where friends recruited her and 2 Hutch co-founders to design their new abodes. She soon realized there was a massive opportunity to incorporate technology into the mix and, one business school competition and “Shark Tank” episode later, things started to move quickly.

Wearing the Vale Boot Sandal.

Today, Beatrice is in LA, and juggles a very busy schedule. Her husband is finishing his medical residency on the East Coast with one of her 2 cats, yet somehow she finds time to make the monthly pilgrimage to connect. We start talking about fashion — does she care about it, given that she’s immersed in a world of styling interiors? She shares a funny moment about moving to LA and adopting a new look.

“All the boys in tech in LA wore the same basic outfit —

all black, with the same sneakers.

I wanted to fit in, so I started wearing the same thing.”


It wasn’t long before she was reacquainted with her personal fashion sense, a self-described “weird and constant journey.” Beatrice realized that even though she loved wearing black, there could be room for compromises and fun. Like shoes, especially the Elle, which “are just the right height…casual enough for LA but still work for meetings.” 

She recently made a conscious effort to cater to her inner being, as well. Gratitude journaling has changed her life. Taking time each morning to note 3 things for which she’s thankful, and revisiting the journal at night to chronicle 3 good events from the day, Beatrice has already noticed the shift in her overall tone. “Sometimes the negative gets so loud in your head. Once you acknowledge the things that are important to you, they start to shine through more and more of the conversation.” She adds that mindfulness has given her the strength to now run through her obstacles. I can’t imagine anything that would ever dare stop her.


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Agreed! I love wearing fun shoes, sometimes they’re all you need to elevate an outfit!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jean harper
4 years ago

Way to go. You have done some amazing things.

4 years ago

Where are the top two shoes from?!

4 years ago

Hi Alia! They are the Vale Boot Sandal: :)
Thank you for stopping by!

4 years ago

i loved the shoes

4 years ago
Reply to  mcdvoice

I loved those shoes too. Yo brother