Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 6-12

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April 20–May 20

After Mercury arrives in Taurus this week, you’ll become more objective and be able to express yourself with liveliness and authenticity. Your engaging, talkative mood can help you connect with people, but Merc’s rendezvous with Uranus might trigger hasty decisions, so try channeling your eagerness into planning next steps rather than jumping into action. And keep track of your brilliant ideas before you forget them! Your ruler’s dustups with Saturn and Pluto suggests you wouldn’t mind some R&R, but your desire to unwind may be thwarted. Study and travel plans could prevent you from relaxing, or a dreamy mood could clash with a realistic perspective. Perhaps part of you wants to go with the flow and part of you has a set vision of how your future is supposed to unfold. The revelation that you can’t control everything might spur a crisis of faith. Is it time to let go of something (or someone) that’s not delivering the pleasure you’d hoped for? Venus’s vibe with Jupiter convinces you to carve out alone time or private time with a loved one. You might make a kindhearted sacrifice for someone you care about and improve your bond. The Taurus sun is in cahoots with Saturn, encouraging you to actively learn more about the world and discover things about yourself in the process. The feeling of being exactly where you’re meant to be in your life can inspire you to keep striving to build a future you believe in. You’re on a quest for meaning, and putting together the pieces of the puzzle can ultimately help you find your place in the world.



May 21–June 20

Once your ruling planet sneaks into your retreat corner this week, you’ll start to feel less chatty and more inclined to keep your own counsel. Mercury meets up with Uranus there a couple of days later, which can bring intuitive flashes of insight or cause you to make leaps in your imagination that don’t hold up. Venus in your humanity house is sparring with Saturn and Pluto in your depth zone, warning you that friendship and intimacy will be as tricky a mix as ever. It probably feels easier to keep things light and hang with the crowd rather than getting close to one person. Maybe you’re tempted to get serious with a special someone, but playing the field sounds more fun. It’s clear now that having it both ways won’t work. Mistrust, power, sex and sharing are the likely issues that will highlight this conundrum. Changes in a relationship might also compel you to grapple with deep stuff now. Venus’s chemistry with Jupiter can help you have a great time socializing or help a friendship to take off — either of which will lift your spirits. If you have a significant other and you’ve wanted to get your squad together with his or hang out with your friends (or his) as a couple, this is a good time to intermingle your crews. The sun is hiding out at the end of your chart and clicking with Saturn. Consider this a nudge to do some soul searching. You just might gain closure on an emotional matter and feel stronger inside as a result.



June 21–July 22

Mercury zips into your humanity house this week, encouraging you to network in the weeks to come. And Merc’s meetup with Uranus a couple of days later could produce interesting encounters with a wide variety of people and speed up group communication (including gossip). With Venus poised at the peak of your chart, you want to make a favorable impression. However, her quarrels with Saturn and Pluto can make it seem like another individual is preventing you from looking good or isn’t supporting your ambition — perhaps your creative goals especially. Try to spot helpful feedback, and don’t get down on yourself. If you’re struggling for approval rather than recognizing your own power, that can make an imbalance between you and others worse. With the PR planet rolling through your success angle, your concern with your public or professional image is valid. But you probably don’t feel like you’re in control of the way others see you at the moment. Remind yourself that nobody can take away your power; you can only give it away. And if you’re worried about how a relationship looks from the outside, redirect your focus to how it feels on the inside. Venus’s harmony with Jupiter makes it easier for you to get along with authority figures. Enjoy the underrated pleasures of learning as you go and being productive! This week’s conference between the sun in your group zone and Saturn in your interpersonal angle incentivizes collaboration and cooperation, as both teamwork and partnership are likely to be a success.



July 23–August 22

With Mercury climbing to the peak of your chart, you’ll soon be even more focused on formulating goals and making career plans. Merc’s encounter with Uranus two days later can produce inventive ideas that promote professional progress or allow you to connect with an unexpected mentor. Venus is clashing with Saturn and Pluto, so although you’re inclined to get out of your comfort zone, expose yourself to other cultures (perhaps by traveling) and talk to people you don’t know, a full workload or a health issue could get in your way, compelling you to compromise. Or maybe you’ll be too quick to notice what’s wrong with the people you’re meeting and defeat the pleasure of expanding your world. Another possibility: You want to explore an unfamiliar temptation or a relationship but feel too stressed to go for it. Can you get the basics in your everyday life squared away so there’s less pressure on you — and then give yourself a chance to experience the joys of fresh possibilities? Fortunately, Venus is clicking with Jupiter, continuing the theme from last week that comfort and sameness are not the way to go! Adventures will be incredibly fulfilling — perhaps even romantic. There’s more to life than sticking to the tried and true, and taking a chance can bring you happiness. Since the sun in your ambition angle is joining forces with Saturn, you should be able to plot your career path with precision and shine based on the hard work you’ve been doing. If you’ve been quietly paying your dues, higher-ups might take notice now. Prove to the world what you can do!



August 23–September 22

Your ruler zings into your expansion house this week, helping you to see the big picture and stimulating your hunger for knowledge and travel. Mercury and Uranus align soon after, bringing bold ideas one after another and allowing you to view the world from different angles. But since Venus in your sharing sector is at odds with Saturn and Pluto, you may not have such an easy time opening up in a close relationship. You’re craving a strong connection and might have luck clicking with someone sexually, but intense emotions could rock the boat and bring out fears. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s worth considering whether the fear of showing someone your whole, true self might be blocking intimacy. Try not to obsess — and remember you’re ultimately responsible for your own happiness. Single? You might want very much to love yourself for who you are or to change on deep level. If something within you is trying to be born, seen and understood, honor that. A relationship or your own psyche has to endure some growing pains now. A Venus-Jupiter confab suggests your underlying desire for security and comfort can facilitate that closeness or self-love. Your personal life needs to be a priority, so don’t hesitate to hole up at home. On the flipside, the sun’s summit with Saturn means exposing yourself to new experiences will help you prove something to yourself. You can learn not only what you’re made of, but what fulfills you. Take a calculated risk that will further your growth. Joy may seem hard to come by lately, which makes it even more precious!



September 23–October 22

Zero in on a project, relationship or personal matter and give it your full attention after Mercury moves into your profundity sector this week. Merc’s alignment with Uranus may reveal a secret, spark a meaningful dialogue or bring psychological revelations. Your ruling planet is dancing across your interpersonal angle, and her spats with Saturn and Pluto at the base of your chart can complicate your interactions. Your family, domestic obligations or your own dark emotions can affect the pleasant rapport you’re cultivating with others. Don’t try to force niceness in your life. Let your feelings (including the ugly ones) come to the surface, even if that disturbs the peace that you so want. It’s important to keep things real! The strength of a relationship may be tested now, and buried anger, weighty issues from the past or change on the home front can affect your closest connections. Getting along with a parent could be particularly challenging. It’s not easy for a Libra to feel out of sync with people, and luckily, Venus is linking arms with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner, encouraging you to stay positive and consider a change of scene to lift your mood and elevate a relationship. Showing (and voicing) your love and affection without holding back will also work wonders. The sun’s similar vibe with Saturn also encourages you to open up. Confiding in someone you trust can help you grow on an emotional level, but solo introspection could have the same result. Be willing to dig deep and work on yourself.


October 23–November 21

Dialogue takes on added importance after Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle this week, and its subsequent meeting with Uranus is bound to offer stimulating convos and interactions. But Venus’s feuds with Saturn and Pluto in your thinking-and-talking corner imply that an unyielding or controlling mentality can rain on your parade, and you may need to remind yourself to lighten up. You’re never short on heavy thoughts, and these planetary conflicts can make it especially challenging for you to enjoy the moment. It’s hard for you to mellow out, not try to force anything and take a breezier approach to life. You’re an obsessive sign, but if you can’t change the record in your brain, your health, work and daily life might suffer the consequences. Your ruling planet has been trudging through your thinking-and-talking corner for several years, and you’ve gradually become painfully aware that not everything you thought was true is in fact so. Some of the notions in your head haven’t held up to intense scrutiny. Try confronting difficulties from a place of acceptance, with love and interest — not manipulation or doom and gloom. Venus is gelling with Jupiter, boosting your creativity and confidence. A job well done can help you feel good about yourself, and liking what you’re doing can enhance your capacity to provide for yourself. A sun-Saturn conference paves the way for fruitful discussions and enables you to express yourself maturely and responsibly. Productive partnership can make you feel more together and prepared, and one-on-one interactions can be highly informative.



November 22–December 21

With Mercury’s arrival in your efficiency corner this week, a bigger chunk of your attention will be devoted to work, and you’ll start thinking in more practical terms. Merc’s meeting with Uranus can speed up your brain, helping you to execute mental tasks quickly, but try not to get ahead of yourself — Uranus can be too fast on the trigger. Venus in your joy sector is skirmishing with Saturn and Pluto, so money woes or shaky confidence might put a damper on your fun or your love life. It’s harder to stay in the moment and enjoy life when you’re worried or unsure of yourself. Your finances, resources, values and self-esteem haven’t been completely stable, but try not to fixate on this state of flux to the point where you can’t let loose and indulge in life’s pleasures. If you obsess over a certain desire or need, you could convince yourself that you must have this thing or person in order to be happy. Adapt to the circumstances you’re faced with and appreciate the good feelings and good times that are within reach. Venus is meshing with your ruling planet, coaxing you to lead with your heart and make personal fulfillment a top priority. You deserve to be happy and loved! And focusing on your own growth isn’t selfish. The sun is enjoying similar harmony with Saturn, indicating that your hard work will slowly pay off. You’re concentrating diligently on specific duties, and your efforts can enable you to feel more in control.



December 22–January 19

After Mercury the trickster dashes into your joy sector, your sense of humor and creativity will receive a welcome boost. Then Merc’s meeting with Uranus a couple of days later may prompt a funny or heartfelt outburst, and artistic originality can surge in a flash. Since Venus is nestled at the base of your chart and arguing with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, you could have trouble relating to family and people you live with. A compulsion to control might overwhelm an otherwise pleasant mood and unsettle the peaceful personal life you’re aiming for. Your ambitions might also prevent you from relaxing at home the way you want to. Part of you is driven and determined, while part of you feels like being a little lazy. It’s really difficult to ease up while power-hungry Pluto and stern Saturn are barreling through your sign, but try to loosen your grip a bit so you can get comfortable in your own skin and unwind at home. Your emotions could get intense, and you may only feel secure if you can gain control over your environment or other people. Luckily, Venus is in sync with Jupiter, putting the uplifting feeling of serenity that you yearn for within your grasp. The pleasures of home, self-care and quality time with people who know you well will be tremendous mood boosters. Give yourself permission to enjoy some downtime. A sun-Saturn confab hints that a creative endeavor could be quite successful, and you’re likely to feel more in charge of your own happiness now. Strike a balance between work and play.



January 20–February 18

Mercury’s descent to the base of your chart early in the week puts you in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings, and you might want to take a step back from the world so you can reflect. Soon after, a rendezvous between Merc and Uranus can trigger emotional insights, so prioritize introspection and avoid prickly confrontation. Venus is scuffling with Saturn and Pluto, implying that happy thoughts and pleasant interactions could be disturbed by darker tremors in your unconscious. Your conscious mindset is fairly optimistic, but private emotional turmoil like fear or anger could spoil a good mood and compel you to confront what’s going on inside you. Your sign would rather take a detached, bird’s-eye view of feelings and not get too entangled in them; that way, you can come to grips with them intellectually. But in this case, you’d do well to delve into your feelings so they don’t come out in a subversive way. Face the parts of yourself that you’d prefer to bury, and strive to accept that we’re all complex creatures. Venus’s vibe with Jupiter hints that you’ll thrive on being around a lot of people and expanding your circle of acquaintances. Meanwhile, the sun in your foundation angle is clicking with Saturn, helping you to continue tuning into your private thoughts and feelings. So you might want to alternate between socializing and spending some quiet time alone. Looking inward can enable you to make peace with your whole self as well as the past.



February 19–March 20

Mercury’s arrival in your thinking-and-talking corner revs up your brain and your everyday encounters. You might have more contact with people and spend lots of time out and about, perhaps taking a short trip or two. Merc’s run-in with Uranus can provoke hasty decisions and words, so avoid jumping to conclusions and pause to edit your words. Brilliant brainstorms are apt to fly in and out of your head quickly, so make a record of them. Venus is at odds with Saturn and Pluto, so you may feel the need to adjust your desires to conform with group interests or scale back your spending if you’re thinking too big. Confidence could be an issue, and it may help to remind yourself that others don’t determine your self-worth. If you’re convinced that people have the ability to give you what you want, maybe you’re handing over too much control. Know what you want and what you’re worth. If a friendship is in flux, a conflict over money or belongings is likely to bring things to a boil. Your goals for the future are also changing, and as you form new objectives and interests, the network of people in your life won’t stay the same. Venus’s alliance with Jupiter can help you attract what you desire and need through career progress. A positive self-image will empower you to project confidence around authority figures. And a summit between the sun and Saturn suggests you’ll be able to express yourself well in a group setting and may take part in a fruitful collaboration or find an appropriate role in a group.



March 21–April 19

With Mercury exiting Aries this week and entering your worth house, you’ll direct more of your attention to finances, possessions and personal values for the next few weeks. Merc’s meeting with Uranus can prompt a snap decision that impacts your bank balance, so it might be best to note your mental flashes instead of acting on them. Venus in Aries is quibbling with Saturn and Pluto, which could pit socializing against pursuing goals or make a higher-up’s approval hard to come by. The slow shift in your life direction could also mess with your good mood. You don’t have as much control as you’d like over the pace of progress, and making peace with that will allow you to keep enjoying life in the moment. If you want to play but must work, settle for a compromise — a bit of both. And if you’re not getting along great with a boss or parent, let it go rather than pushing your luck. The allure of power is strong now, though, so you might be attracted to someone who’s senior to you. Venus’s vibe with Jupiter means the appeal of new experience — like a flirtation with someone who’s totally different from you or a trip to someplace you’ve never been — will be irresistible. Familiar pleasures won’t cut it now, so relish the unfamiliar. Saturn’s encounter with the sun in your worth house implies self-confidence and savvy use of your resources and talents will enable you to shine. Career success is apt to bolster your finances under this influence.


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Sounds like a rough week ahead for me! Thanks for the horoscope!

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