Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 10-16

With the sun and Jupiter in opposition this week, let Tracy Allen guide you on how to maneuver your way through!  Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a reading over phone or Skype. Available in-person in NYC! 


May 21–June 20

When the sun in Gemini faces off with Jupiter in your interpersonal angle this week, it may help if you to moderate your expectations of another person. Do aim to learn from someone and allow yourself to be inspired, but don’t pin all your hopes on what they can do for you. Give-and-take is tricky now and will require some flexibility. Mars and Mercury have their own faceoffs with Saturn, suggesting that you’re focused on what you have and what you need, but your demands probably won’t be met to the extent that you’d like. A conflict over money, possessions, values, sharing or trust isn’t likely to be productive, so try to come to grips with what you should be accountable for and what you can realistically expect from others. Fortunately, Mars and Merc are meshing with Neptune, so make the most of your own talents and other assets in an effort to achieve an ambitious dream. Direct your thoughts and actions toward providing for yourself and incorporate creativity and spiritual motivation for maximum success. Jupiter and Neptune are entangled again — as they were in January — reminding you that your path of growth this year lies in your bonds with other individuals (and possibly involves a significant partnership). Have you caught a glimpse of this truth yet? Divergent goals or pie-in-the-sky aspirations might have left you disillusioned, or maybe you’ve put so much into your relationships that you’ve neglected your own ambitions. Regardless of how it has begun to play out, keep striving to reconcile this discordant energy. You’re learning! And that’s everything for Twins.



June 21–July 22

This week’s sun-Jupiter opposition indicates your energy is low, but you have plenty to do and wish you had the freedom to escape your responsibilities. Avoid taking on more than you have the strength for, but don’t play hooky. Aim for a balance between work that fulfills you and rest that replenishes you. Luckily, Mars and Mercury are hurtling through Cancer, motivating you, revving up your brain and enabling you to express yourself. But when they go head to head with Saturn, you’re bound to feel blocked or challenged. Your actions could seem futile or even hostile if you become frustrated. Focus your efforts carefully rather than shutting down. Take constructive criticism under consideration if it’s offered. Consulting someone you respect will prove helpful. The point is to strengthen your thinking and polish your plans. Since Mars and Merc are dovetailing with Neptune, your compassion, ideals or spiritual beliefs can inspire you to take action or speak up. Aim to say and do things that serve a higher cause. Ponder the world as you think it should be — not as it is — then channel your drive and intellect toward promoting that vision. Jupiter’s battle with Neptune represents round two of three — a continuation of January’s friction between your aspiration to accomplish a lot and your yearning to escape. Although you’re ready to work hard, you’re questioning what it’s all for. Do your efforts still allow you freedom to explore other possibilities? Idealizing a vocation can prevent you from getting in a groove and figuring out your path through trial and error. Seek a happy medium between trying to do too much and simply being content with the status quo.



July 23–August 22

Your ruler, the sun, locks into an opposition with Jupiter this week, hinting at memorable fun with friends that lifts your spirits. Relish the freeing feeling of letting loose with people you can be yourself with. Mars and Mercury are hiding out at the end of your chart and experiencing their own oppositions with stern Saturn. Keep an eye on self-sabotaging behavior and pent-up frustration; either can keep you from achieving what you intend to. Logic might cause you to doubt your instincts, while criticism might inhibit imaginative thinking. Conserve your energy instead of scattering it and be willing to work quietly behind the scenes. A faultfinding colleague could turn out to be a help, so listen to feedback and use it to fill holes that are pointed out to you. Since Mars and Merc are vibing with Neptune, alone time and introspection — or private time with another person and intimate sharing — can help you feel closer to your true essence or closer to someone you care about. Dive in deep because this can be a cathartic, mystical experience. Jupiter and Neptune are squaring off for the second time this year, again suggesting that romantic hopes may keep the reality of a connection hidden from you. Is a relationship moving fast and you don’t know whether you share the same desires? Are you idealizing another person so you can allow yourself to be swept up in passion? Your bond with someone may very well be authentic, but perhaps insecurity is creating mistrust and jealousy. There are no easy answers, so let this learning process unfold over time.



August 23–September 22

The sun-Jupiter opposition spans the peak and the base of your chart this week, firing up your ambition and boosting your self-assurance. Although you’re meant to shine, you should differentiate between confident and conceited in the presence of authority figures. When Mars and Saturn experience their own opposition, teamwork may suffer and your enthusiasm for joining in the fun could be inhibited. Maybe you feel cut off from other people, but chances are you’re holding yourself back. If you’ve been toiling away on a creative project, this could be a good time to collaborate, as long as you’re willing to compromise a little. Your ruling planet is also going up against Saturn, which might make you too shy to share what you have to offer. Try to overcome self-consciousness and connect with others. Don’t judge diverse opinions; this faceoff is about learning together. Lucky for you, Mars and Mercury are in cahoots with Neptune, paving the way natural connection, artistic alliance, romantic vibes, charitable endeavors and spiritual bonding. Although you shouldn’t put others on a pedestal, you should also try not to note every flaw. Simply recognize what there is to love about people! When Jupiter gets lost in Neptune’s fog for the second time this year, as much as you crave emotional support, someone’s not delivering. Or perhaps you’re tempted to pull a disappearing act if you’re feeling super sensitive or have a lot going on at home. In any case, emotions are out of balance, and one person or the other will inevitably give more than the other. Practice patience and compassion and maintain fair expectations — not just with others, but with yourself as well.



September 23–October 22

When the sun and Jupiter go toe to toe, you could get pulled into a lively debate or an exciting experience that teaches you something. If you can manage to get away, this is a good transit for travel. Since Mars and Mercury are doing battle with Saturn, you’re very interested in achieving something and have the energy for it, but domestic or family obligations could weigh you down. And if you’re too preoccupied with a personal or household problem, your mood can drag you down and cause you to take your eyes off the prize. Or maybe you feel like a parent isn’t supporting your goals or baggage from the past is preventing you from thinking ambitiously. If you’re not emboldened to chase after your objectives, examine your roots for answers. See if you can get your inner critic to quiet down. Then use lessons from the past to formulate aims for the future rather than allowing the past to hold you back. Thankfully, Mars and Merc are meshing with Neptune, so useful work that helps others will empower you to prove what you’re capable of and make some progress. Creative work is also highly favored now. But with Jupiter and Neptune crossing swords for the second time in 2019, you could bite off more than you can chew and gloss over key details. Resist the temptation to say yes to everything, especially favors and tasks that aren’t well defined. You’re inclined to please people, but you need to slow down and acknowledge that you don’t have all the info. There’s a steep learning curve involving optimism and productivity that will continue for a few more months.


October 23–November 21

Your challenge is to find the right blend of give and take when the sun and Jupiter face off this week. A close relationship may be affected by independence, confidence, control, self-indulgence and generosity. You can get what you desire, but you should bring something to the table as well. Mars and Mercury have faceoffs of their own — but with restrictive Saturn instead of expansive Jupiter. Although you’re motivated to break new ground, you have some misgivings. Prejudging can cause you to narrow the range of possibilities available to you, and pessimism can keep you from taking chances. It could be that your mindset is mature, you’re aware of the rules and you have a firm grasp of reality — and all that is competing with the spirit of adventure. Don’t let negativity deflate all your enthusiasm, but do put outlandish visions under the microscope and support abstract thought with facts. Fortunately, Mars and Merc are harmonizing with Neptune, facilitating a transcendent learning experience. Whether you’re being courageous with your heart or your creativity or daring to try something unfamiliar and challenging, take risks for the sake of personal growth. Jupiter is enmeshed with Neptune again this week for the first time since January, and they’ll cross wires again in September. You might put too much on the line to attain nebulous pleasures, and you may not be able to pinpoint what exactly you’re longing for and what it will cost you. Boundless desire and an ideal of joy are a complex combo, and grasping at an illusion of fulfillment can undermine your security. Take time to assess what’s most important to you.



November 22–December 21

Your ruler and the sun are in opposition this week, and their encounter should keep your spirits up and may even inspire a courageous act. Just be careful not to overextend yourself or become arrogant and self-righteous. Jupiter’s inflationary influence can lead you to cross a line with another person. Mars and Mercury have oppositions scheduled with Saturn in your worth house, which might cause a negotiation to reach a stalemate if your demands are too rigid. Or you could push to get what you require and feel hindered by insecurity. A concern with what you lack or what you stand to lose will affect communication and can block attempts at sharing and closeness. Do your best to see both sides of the issue. If you’re trying to change something deep within yourself, clinging to what you think you need can block that transformation. Luckily, Mars and Mercury are in sync with Neptune, emphasizing the upside of creative work at home and processing your feelings with someone you trust. You might also do or say something that helps a relative (or roomie) or delve into your psyche, gaining self-awareness and catharsis. Jupiter squares off with Neptune for the second time in 2019 (the first time was back in January and the last will be in September). If you’re at all unsure about going full throttle into the future, that uneasiness is apt to surface again now. Maybe it seems like your personal growth is pitted against your roots, home life or family, but setting good boundaries and following your own path will help you feel more self-assured.



December 22–January 19

The sun’s encounter with Jupiter this week underscores a theme of quiet retreat, and you could opt to take turns working and relaxing. Behind-the-scenes labor in a low-key setting will be the most productive kind. You might do something kind and selfless to help others if the spirit moves you. Since Mars and Mercury are locking into oppositions with your ruler, Saturn (who’s still hanging out in your sign), there’s a possibility that you’ll shut people out without meaning to. Focusing on your own agenda might make it difficult to engage in partnership, and you could be too tired to hash things out. Someone may become frustrated with you if you seem aloof, critical, withholding or obstructive. Try to keep the lines of communication open, sharing your views without imposing them. Fortunately, Mars and Merc are allied with Neptune in your cognition-and-communication corner, implying that the best way for you to get in sync with people is to think and speak with empathy. Spiritual connection and creative collaboration will also be particularly fruitful. But when Jupiter and Neptune become entwined again, as they did in January (and will again in September), you could be inclined to believe what you want to believe. That’s not at all like you — Goats are more often seen as doubting Thomases. Honor your intuition, but don’t necessarily bank on it exclusively. Divine inspiration can lead you to love others and treat them with gentle compassion. But you should make sure that you’re not conflating magical thinking and the soul’s wisdom. Don’t fret! You still have months to solve this conundrum.



January 20–February 18

This week’s sun-Jupiter opposition suggests your friends will be a source of support and fun, so make a point of connecting with them when you can. When Mercury and Mars go head to head with Saturn, you might find it hard to accomplish as much as you intend to, if you still have loose ends to tie up. Guilt, regret, self-judgment or an old pattern of behavior could keep you from seeing a situation clearly and taking a productive approach. Working in subdued surroundings — possibly at home — is your best bet. Give yourself permission to look at past mistakes in an effort to learn from them. But don’t dwell on the negative! You’re likely to get stuck if you do. Try to wrap up old business and move on. Luckily, Mars and Merc are gelling with Neptune, alluding to the fact that your hard work can alleviate financial fears and may even offset a deficit. Jupiter and Neptune are squaring off for the second time this year (the first was in January), and this ruckus can reintroduce confusion over money, belongings or values involving a group or a friend. Does everyone on the team understand who’s contributing what? Is someone on your squad causing you to doubt your worth? Are you unsure of your ability to get what you need from people? Your self-esteem could suffer the effects of peer pressure, or you might question whether a group you belong to reflects your values and priorities. These planets tangle again in September, drawing out this phase of widening your circle while pondering which people are most important to you.



February 19–March 20

When the sun and Jupiter face off this week, you might be inspired to pursue a big goal. Be mindful of how you conduct yourself around authority figures, since your confidence might come across as self-importance. If you’re torn between resting on your laurels and aspiring toward higher aims, take your pride in what you’ve achieved thus far and turn it into fuel for fresh ambitions. Mars and Mercury have their own faceoffs with Saturn that can pit personal fulfillment against group interests. Feedback from your squad or another group probably won’t be entirely positive, but constructive criticism can help you hone your creative ideas. Chasing after what you want won’t conform to others’ expectations, and a romantic interest may not go over well with your friends. Try not to feel judged, and see if you can blend your pursuit of pleasure with other people’s wisdom somehow. Lucky for you, Mars and Merc are vibing with Neptune in Pisces, and their harmony makes it easier for you to express your emotions, personality and creativity. It’s important for you to feel seen and understood, but in order for that to happen, you’ll need to put yourself out there. Have the courage to show people your true self! Jupiter’s discord with Neptune is a repeat from January, when your big dreams may have caused you to get ahead of yourself. It’s fine to keep shooting for the stars, but you should also carve out time for healthy escapes like yoga. Seek a good medium speed that will save you from burning yourself out. You have a while to get it right, since these two planets tango again in September.



March 21–April 19

When the sun and Jupiter go head to head this week, your enthusiasm for learning, travel and lively conversation is bound to build. This combo can make you seem like a know-it-all, so be sure to seek knowledge and understanding and recognize that no one has all the answers. Mercury and your ruling planet, Mars, have oppositions scheduled with Saturn in your achievement angle, suggesting that ambition or career responsibilities will compete with a domestic project, family strife or a regressive behavior pattern. Your parents could get into a disagreement, or you might feel like it’s too hard to separate from the past and establish yourself in the world. An authority figure may judge you, or you may judge yourself — and you can only control the latter. Do your best to honor your private emotions. Yes, there’s work to do if you’re to make your life the success story that you want it to be. The good news is you’re capable of conceiving and executing plans that suit the entirety of who you are. Mars and Merc are joining forces with Neptune, which can help you unpack emotional baggage, leave something behind you and experience needed healing. Bonus: You can also do highly creative work during these transits. With Jupiter and Neptune squaring off for the second time this year, self-doubt, guilt, regret or melancholy can diminish your eagerness to explore new possibilities. Resist the pull of the existential void. In a search for truth and meaning, you’ll inevitably try different beliefs on for size. You have plenty of time to ponder what resonates with you and what doesn’t; this spiritual journey has another chapter in September.



April 20–May 20

You’re called to find a balance between sharing and self-sufficiency when the sun and Jupiter lock into an opposition this week. If you’re hoping for a lot from someone close to you or from an outside resource, those expectations can make this balancing act somewhat harder. Mars and Mercury are going toe to toe with Saturn, so you could be trying to convey your ideas and views, but your audience might appear to tune you out, particularly if they’re more conservative or more established that you are. If someone challenges your opinion, don’t assume you know more than you do about a subject. Stay curious! And try combining an open mind with an ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together and acquire knowledge. And if you’re attempting to travel or write, your progress may be slow, but persistence will pay off. Thankfully, both Mars and Merc are in sync with Neptune in your humanity house, facilitating group communication, philanthropic endeavors, socializing with friends and professional networking. Truly selfless thoughts and actions will help you feel connected to people. Jupiter and Neptune are quarreling again, as they did in January, so you may not be getting quite what you want from people, and your belief in a relationship may not be rock solid. If you feel disenchanted, evaluate whether your interests are really aligned with those who you assume are on your team. Are you demanding too much? Or are you giving too much? Is the nature of a particular bond truly what it seems to be? In the next few months, personal freedom, boundaries and realness will continue to be themes.


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Seems like there’s a lot ahead for me this week! Exciting! ❤️✨

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