Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 3-9

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May 21–June 20

Gemini plays host to this week’s new moon, providing you with your annual invitation to reinvent yourself. Consider the image you project to others and ask yourself if the real you is coming across. If you’d like to bring a different side of yourself to the forefront, you can tweak your look or your communication style accordingly. Make the impression you want to make — while remaining true to yourself! You might also launch some kind of personal initiative or jump into a new experience with gusto. This lunation wants you to head into your new year with momentum and confidence. With your ruling planet zinging into your worth house, your attention turns to what you have and what you need. Give some thought to your finances, possessions and priorities and try to align your priorities with your core values. Next, Venus sails into your sign for a monthlong visit, filling you with charm and warmth. Everyone will line up for you like a summer blockbuster thanks to your magnetic vibe, so make the most of this special time by hanging with your fave people. At the end of the week, a sun-Neptune dustup could take the wind out of your sails. You might feel disappointed with your level of success, but don’t get defeated. You’re still discovering your life’s purpose and should accept a bit of mystery shrouding the road ahead. When in doubt, take a day off and relax!



June 21–July 22

When a new moon occurs at the end of your chart, it comes with a built-in contradiction. New moons are about beginnings, while the last house is about endings. This lunation beckons you to start to let go of anything — or anyone — that may prevent you from experiencing the renewal of your birthday season. It’s a great time to begin a spiritual practice, a dream journal or something else that helps you to honor your spirit. You may want to retreat from the world and clear your head or do some soul-searching. Mercury’s arrival in Cancer could get you talking, as you’re interested in expressing your point of view now. Your mind will be active, and you can contemplate personal matters with objectivity. But with Venus ducking into your 12th house a few days later, you’ll still crave solitude — as well as private time with loved ones — in the weeks to come. You might take care of someone who needs you or put others first and make a sweet sacrifice. Still, you should avoid falling into the martyr role by nurturing everyone but yourself! When the sun and Neptune get tangled up at the end of the week, you’ll definitely need downtime to unwind, daydream and recharge your battery. You might feel rather deflated and unsure of what comes next, but that’s natural at this time of year, so give yourself a break.



July 23–August 22

You might join a group, make new friends, launch a philanthropic endeavor, get involved in teamwork, do a bit of networking, add things to your bucket list or donate to a cause when a new moon hits your humanity house this week. It’s a good time to expand the circle of people in your life or look at the big picture and develop new hopes and wishes. With Mercury sneaking into the last house of your chart, you may keep your thoughts to yourself and tune into your own subconscious. Don’t stay quiet if something really needs to be said. But do spend time reflecting in peace — and perhaps studying or doing research. On the flip side, Venus dances into your network zone a few days later, putting you in the mood to be around people. You’ll have an easy time getting along with others and finding common ground. Get out and see your squad. Say yes to big gatherings and group activities. Enjoy the feeling of camaraderie that this transit is known for. When your ruler, the sun, gets lost in Neptune’s fog at the end of the week, you might be unsure of where you stand with someone and what the nature of your connection is. Maybe you know who you are when you’re with your friends, but intimacy throws you off-kilter — even though you yearn for it. Don’t take anything at face value now; wait for this confusion to dissipate.



August 23–September 22

The new moon at the pinnacle of your chart jumpstarts your ambition this week, prompting you to set new goals. You might start a fresh chapter in your career or chart a new course in your life, shifting your overall direction in the weeks and months to come. Or maybe you’ll draft a business plan or take on responsibilities that will ultimately earn you recognition. A promotion or a higher-profile role could be in the pipeline. Since Mercury, your ruling planet, is heading into your humanity house, why not do some networking and try to make new contacts? You’ll find it easy to connect with people and get on the same page. Even talking to friends can seem more effortless and productive than usual—so share your ideas, talk over problems or ask for advice. As Venus ascends to your ambition angle, charming authority figures will come naturally. So don’t hide what you have to contribute! Get out there and impress your boss or someone else who can help you climb the ladder. Your creative work and your ability to work well with others will also score points. The sun’s friction with Neptune at week’s end, however, could throw you off your game — and this is not an ideal time to form a partnership or reach an agreement. Don’t let less-than-stellar feedback dim your light, though. This is only temporary!



September 23–October 22

This week’s new moon can prompt you to take a leap of faith! You’re primed for adventure, and a change of scene would do you good. If you can’t pull off a trip this month, broaden your mind by embarking on a new course of study or embracing unfamiliar experiences you’ll learn from. Explore different cultures, beliefs, languages, religions and lifestyles. Adopt a fresh personal philosophy that encourages you to grow. Mercury’s ascent to the peak of your chart can help you formulate ambitious goals, make professional plans and communicate with higher-ups. If it’s time to ask for a raise or promotion, you might opt to make your case this month. Venus bursts into your expansion corner this week, reinforcing the appeal of difference. One-on-one closeness may seem less tempting than playing the field. Even if you’re not in the market for a vacay fling, simply interacting with people who are nothing like you can feed your hunger for variety. If you are dating, someone from a different background or country — or someone who’s not your type — will hold extra allure. Tension between the sun and Neptune at the tail end of the week warns you not to take unnecessary risks, since you’re likely to gloss over reality in favor of an exciting vision. Wait until the fog clears! And listen to your body if you’re not feeling up to something — adventure can wait until you’re well-rested.


October 23–November 21

The new moon can empower you to turn an emotional corner and bounce back from a crisis, loss or wound, emerging stronger than ever. The phoenix rising from the ashes is closely associated with Scorpio, and that symbolic rebirth is one possible manifestation of this lunation. A new lover could also be just around the corner, or you might tap into a fresh outside resource (like a loan or grant) or pay off debt. With Mercury blasting into your expansion corner, you’ll start to think big and might hatch plans for a trip or another exciting experience you can look forward to. Travel and learning are both favored, so let your curiosity lead you to explore new places and knowledge. You need to stimulate your mind and broaden your outlook to get the most out of this transit. Venus dives into your depth-and-merging house later in the week, increasing your craving for one-on-one closeness. A sexual connection could assume a more emotional tone, and if you get into a new relationship this month, it’s likely to feel intense. Understanding your inner wiring and how you relate to others will help you to feel more at peace. A sun-Neptune scuffle hints that you may not be sure of yourself when you’re with someone, so be careful with your heart! Strong feelings can be addictive under this influence, and getting swept away might not be the healthiest thing for you. Don’t lose your identity in search of passion.



November 22–December 21

A new moon in your interpersonal angle early in the week alludes to the possibility that a new relationship could be on the horizon — or if you’re already in one, maybe it’s about to get more serious. Committed partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business and creative, for example) are favored in the coming weeks, and you might redefine an existing connection to take it to the next level. If you’ve been toiling away on something, this moon encourages you to finally go public with it. With Mercury slipping into your depth-and-merging zone, your mental focus could shift to an investigation or research project, a close relationship or a private emotional matter. Don’t skim the surface; delve deep and probe for answers that resonate. You might hit on sticky truths and psychological profundities, and confiding in someone you trust will help you to process your thoughts. Venus crosses your interpersonal angle a few days later, luring you to connect one on one this month and enjoy the company of individuals you like. The spirit of compromise will allow you to extend the olive branch if you want to make peace with someone. You’re in tune with people and can easily achieve harmony in your relationships. However, discord between the sun and Neptune could make you feel vaguely ill-at-ease, and you may need a brief break from someone to tend to your own mood.



December 22–January 19

This week’s new moon in your efficiency corner invites you to launch a self-improvement campaign that enhances your health, your productivity and your quality of life. You might start a job search; learn a skill; implement a positive habit; begin a new diet or fitness regimen; make medical appointments; get on a better schedule; make an effort to be of service to others; organize your workspace; or adopt a pet in the weeks ahead. Analyze what’s working and what’s not in your daily life, and put new systems in place going forward. After Mercury crosses your interpersonal angle, one-on-one dialogue is emphasized, and you may find yourself meeting new faces and consulting with individuals on matters of concern. You might clear the air with a partner or enjoy plenty of stimulating convos with clever people. With Venus moving into your efficiency corner a few days later, you’ll have a positive attitude about collaborating with colleagues and doing creative work. You’ll also be willing to tackle problems or practical matters in a relationship and deal with them together. Since the sun and Neptune are at odds late in the week, you’re apt to lose your concentration. You’re susceptible to talking yourself into — or out of — doing something under this influence and winding up way off course. Take a mental break when you need it rather than proceeding with the wrong idea and having to double back later.



January 20–February 18

After a new moon rises in your joy sector this week, you could discover a new source of pleasure, start a creative project or enter into a love affair. Fresh passion and play are encouraged, as this lunation coaxes you to open up different avenues to love and happiness in your life. So get out and discover a new hobby, show off your talents and pursue romance and fun. With Mercury entering your efficiency corner, a more serious tone creeps into your head, and your attention to detail improves. You’ll start to think in terms of solving problems and improving what’s not working perfectly. This is a good time to tackle challenging mental tasks. However, Venus’s arrival in your joy sector will inspire you to juggle work and play! Make time for enjoying life and indulging your whims because the pleasure planet wants you to follow your heart and not just do what you feel obligated to do. You mind may be on practical matters, but your inner child wants to come out and play! The sun wanders into Neptune’s fog at the very end of the week, causing your confidence to waver. You may lose steam in your quest to be yourself and share what you have to offer, but don’t give in to self-doubt. It’s okay to ponder what you need and what’s important to you. Just try not to let those thoughts prevent you from shining your light.



February 19–March 20

This week’s new moon at the base of your chart nudges you to prioritize self-care and put a regular practice in place that nurtures you. A change in your family or your living situation may be on the horizon, and you might want to consider what will improve your sense of safety, comfort and emotional security. Tune into your mood and ask yourself what tweaks you might make to your space that will help you to feel more at ease. Does your home soothe you? Or does it stress you out? You might relocate, redecorate, renovate, refinance or declutter in the weeks to come. Mercury’s arrival in your joy sector brings out your sense of humor, creative thinking and playfulness and helps you to speak from the heart. You might read or write for pleasure, share your feelings and amuse yourself with games that make you think. With Venus descending to your foundation angle, the pleasures of home and family will be hard to resist and you won’t need to go out in order to enjoy life. Nest with loved ones; beautify your surroundings; throw a party’; have fun cooking and eating delicious food; indulge in decadent binge-watching or catch up on your zzzs. The sun’s disagreement with Neptune in Pisces can cause you to lose your bearings, and you might get a bit wistful or melancholy. Don’t get down in the doldrums; this too shall pass!



March 21–April 19

When a new moon hits your thinking-and-talking corner this week, it’s a sign that new info, a development involving your neighborhood or siblings, a short trip or a decision could come soon. It’s a good time to gather intel, connect with people, get active in your community, tackle paperwork and learn something new. Restlessness and curiosity will fuel you to stave off boredom with fresh stimuli. As Mercury sneaks down to the base of your chart, you’ll begin to get in touch with your innermost thoughts and emotions and might spend some time wandering down memory lane. Talking to a family member or someone else who’s known you for ages can help you to process what’s going on inside you. Try to put your feelings into words — either by confiding in someone or by writing them down. With Venus dancing into your thinking-and-talking corner, it gets even easier to share what’s in your heart and show people that you care. Noticing the warmth in your interactions and the beauty in your environment will lift your spirits and enable you to appreciate everyday life more. But when the sun and Neptune cross swords at the very end of the week, your spirits may wane temporarily. Rather than staying cheerfully engaged, you might fall into the existential void. Allow your emotions to be stirred — and remember that you are part of something bigger.



April 20–May 20

You might create a budget, devise a financial strategy, develop a fresh stream of income, strengthen your self-esteem or nurture a natural talent when the new moon occurs in your worth zone this week. Contemplate what you need and what you have. If you feel an urge to purchase something that you’ll definitely use, this is a good time to do it. It’s also a good time to indulge your five senses, perhaps by getting out in nature. The earthy, sensual sign of Taurus happens to rule this area of the chart — meaning a lunation here invites you to be a consummate Bull and feed your need for comfort and security. Mercury’s entrance into your thinking-and-talking corner will liven up your brain and your speech and might trigger a flurry of communication and busyness. You’ll be on the move a lot in the next couple of weeks and might take a short trip or two. Venus exits your sign a few days later and shows up in your worth zone, which could increase your desire for nice things and give you a tendency toward extravagance. But you’ll also have the ability to attract what you want and may have success with a financial negotiation or enjoy an income boost. The sun-Neptune mix-up at the end of the week can make it harder to zero in on your needs. Try not to lose sight of personal priorities in an effort to appease others.


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I always look forward to your weekly horoscope! Thanks!

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Thank You!

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The only horoscope that makes sense to read :-)