Why You Should Consider Microderm Abrasion with PMD Beauty

PMD Beauty, pioneer of bringing the Hollywood starlet facial to the home of any woman who wants next-level skincare, places its #brilliantconfidence philosophy front and center…

The timeline on PMD Beauty‘s site reveals two interesting highlights in their mark on skincare history — both mommy bloggers and Denny’s proved invaluable in the development of their convenient and very effective at-home beauty treatments. PMD Beauty’s CEO Sam Alexander and Adrienne Delaforce, National Sales & Training Manager, shared with us the importance of these and many other successes found along the way.

If Egyptians were sandpapering their skin in 1500 BC, what did microderm abrasion look like between then and now?

Adrienne: History has taught us that exfoliation was an important part of a woman’s skincare regime — and even men’s! In the past, sanding the face with any type of grit or small beads was somewhat effective. Fast forward to the future and, today, we have been able to master exfoliation and add vacuum suction. I would say that’s the biggest difference. Today we not only use a patented spinning disc that is no longer relies on a manual process, we also use a calibrated vacuum. Vacuum suction is one of the keys to microdermabrasion as it increases circulation and triggers the natural healing process. This in turn assists the body in boosting collagen and elastin, leaving the skin firm, fresh and radiant. No longer do we need to manually scrub our faces with sandstone!

At its resurgence in the 90s, how did Sam come to the forefront of making personal microderm abrasion a household routine?
Sam: In 2010 my vision for the Personal Microderm was that every women should have one in her skincare routine. We are still working on that. The truth is that most skincare junkies (skincare lovers) understand microdermabrasion. In 2010 the only people getting microdermabrasion were people with a lot of money and a lot of time. Basically the Beverly Hills- and Hollywood-type of people. Understanding that we had patented technology that not only worked well but worked just as well as in-clinic microdermabrasion gave me the confidence to start a grass-roots effort. We started giving Personal Microderms to mommy bloggers. The rest is history. We started to sell a lot of devices and haven’t looked back since.
Denny’s is the spot at which Sam first encountered this technology. Are you a Denny’s fan for life, as a result?
S: I really wish I can say I was a Denny’s fan for life! I love this part of our story. I still laugh because, of all places, a Denny’s? I just love that we started in humble circumstances. We bootstrapped and never took on funding. To this day we have never taken on funding. We are proud of that because it allows us to focus on our customers and products that work. We don’t have to worry about venture capital or private equity squeezing every penny of a return out of the business. Back to Denny’s. The last time I was in Denny’s we were traveling with our kids, on the way to Mesa, Arizona (where my wife is from) and we had few choices as we drove through Page, AZ. We made the decision to stop. My wife and I laughed but thought our kids would like it. Nope, we were both wrong. My kids are not picky eaters but they prefer Vietnamese, Thai or Indian food — go figure!
Can you explain in detail what the benefits of personal microderming are?
A: I guess you mean what are the benefits of DIY versus the spa? With PMD’s Personal Microderm you can customize your treatment simply by what disc you use. This is a head-to-toe treatment for the price of one FACIAL. Spas and dermatologists typically only focus on the face whereas many women want to get rid of the dark spots and/or texture on their décolleté, hands, back of the arms, legs, etc. You can also avoid having to make appointments and fight traffic.
And tell us a bit about each interchangeable disc on your tool – what does each one do?
A: Personal Microderm uses patented spinning disc technology to deliver revolutionary microdermabrasion treatments and unmatched, brilliant results. Discs range from ultra-sensitive to very intense. The tall, thinner discs are meant for curvy areas in order for the vacuum to maintain consistent traction. The short, wider discs are meant for flatter surfaces such as décolleté and back of arms. 
Do you have any go-to tips for skincare through food/exercise/etc.?
A: Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated. Feed your skin healthy ingredients with what you put on it topically, but also with what you eat. Remember, “beauty comes from within.” The vacuum suction on the Personal Microderm is intended to bring blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin. When this happens, our amazing bodies go into repair mode, increasing cell turnover rate, boosting collagen and elastin production. You can support that momentum by increasing heart rate and keeping blood flow pumping through exercise. 
Any other useful tips you’d like to share with the FP community, especially for those new to the world of microderm abrasion?
A: For anyone with reservations about using a Personal Microderm instead of going to a professional, know that it’s similar to using a curling iron. As long as you respect the device and use as directed, you will easily get brilliant results. More is not better. 
+ PMD Beauty has curated a great how-to section for additional tips and tricks — go here to learn more.
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Would this remove acne scars on chin?

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