The Global Skincare Buzz Fueled By French-Girl Hemp and Korean-Beloved Bees

French girls ride the hemp wave, and South Korea wants bees to live their best lives, too.

There’s a new buzz in beauty town, and it’s coming from two faraway places.

French girls are finally riding the hemp wave, and have (of course) taken it one step further.

French native Laure Bouguen, a pink-haired pixie with an entrepreneurial edge, was inspired to make it third-gen family legacy by her grandparents who grew cannabis in the 60s for paper production. Now that vitamin-E and antioxidant-rich sativa oil is being praised for its nourishing properties, Laure decided to bottle it with a new attitude — and name to match. Ho Karan (which means ‘I love you’ in Breton, where she supports local hemp growers) is the holistic skin care line that’s making waves with chic Parisians and tapped-in Americans.

Their Ho Karan Everything Oil is the hero product to watch, since it can be applied head to toe (a few drops to hydrate an itchy scalp, add shine to bare shoulders, or revive a tired complexion) thanks to a nutrient-dense formulation that’s packed with cold-pressed sativa and essential fatty acids. Plus, it’s glowy, not greasy.

South Korea wants bees to live their best lives, too.

And coming in hot from South Korea, Georganic is making ethical sourcing and “clean” ingredients — which for them means being mindfully sourced and manufactured sans toxins — a must. It’s not just about adding “good” ingredients for marketing purposes, it’s about being honest with consumers. Their name sends its own message as well: GE(知,know,earth) + ORGANIC.

How is this different? Why do we care? This means that the bees used in the extract for their Propolis Acne Serum are treated kindly, so your stressed blemishes reap the benefits of a happy buzz (and redness-relieving earth magic) when dotted with the anti-inflammatory elixir.

Welcome, breakouts, to a global revolution of respect — for all of us.


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Thanks for the recommendations!

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4 years ago

This is interesting and recommendations are good.
Thank you.

3 years ago

thank you for the great recommendations.
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