Your Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 5-11

Uranus goes retrograde today — now we’ll have five months to digest any shockwaves it’s set off in our lives.



July 23–August 22

The sun and Venus are soaring through your sign, filling you with vitality and putting you in a good mood. When they sync up with Jupiter in your joy sector this week, you’re invited to reach for the love and happiness you deserve. The stars want you to be all that you can be, so bet on yourself and don’t hide your passion and personality. Romance, creativity, play, time with children and other pleasant pursuits will bring out the best in you. Show off a little! And because you want what you want VERY much at the moment, you could overindulge a bit — but there are worse things in the world. Both the sun and Venus are out of sync with Saturn and Neptune, so your workload, health, stress or specific expectations of another individual could dampen your spirits briefly, requiring you to tweak your approach. But with Jupiter powering forward, you’re bound to feel hopeful overall — perhaps especially when it comes to progress in your love life or on a creative project. You should have a better understanding these days of what fulfills you and will be more enthused about making time for it. Mercury is reentering Leo, restoring your ability to express yourself clearly. With your brain operating at full speed, you can present your views with plenty of energy. Uranus is doing a U-turn at the peak of your chart, giving you five months to regroup if career upheaval has kept you on high alert of late. If you’ve changed your mind about what you want to do with your life, this period will allow you to mull over options instead of feeling like you need to leap into action.



August 23–September 22

You’re not feeling terribly extroverted, with the sun and Venus tucked away in your retreat corner, and their harmony with Jupiter this week gives you full permission to indulge in a whopping dose of peace and quiet — quite likely in the comfort of your own home. You’ll benefit greatly from looking within yourself and reflecting on the past, and you might contemplate your relationships, past and present. Do they foster your emotional security or do they undermine it? Do you feel supported and nurtured? Are you being honest about your feelings? This is an excellent time for gaining insight into yourself through journaling, dreams, meditation and introspection. Listen to your intuition! You might also be moved to do something generous for a housemate or family member. As Jupiter resumes forward motion, your underlying mood is bound to improve, and you’ll start to feel more like people want to be there for you. Has a domestic or family matter been in limbo since spring? It should start to move toward resolution soon. With Mercury sneaking into the last house in your chart, you’ll go back to keeping your thoughts to yourself for a bit. Don’t stay quiet if something absolutely needs to be said. But do use this time to think and study by yourself in a low-key setting. And pay attention to your hunches! Uranus is going off the grid for five months in your exploration corner, stemming the tide of epiphanies and giving you time to sift through them. If you’re picturing major changes involving education, travel or entrepreneurship, now’s the time to narrow down the possibilities and ponder which path is best for you.



September 23–October 22

You’ll thrive on being around a lot of people this week when the sun and Venus in your group zone vibe with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner, enabling you to meet new people and learn from each other. Be open to unfamiliar ideas and individuals. Spending time with a broad swath of humanity and exposing yourself to different views will be your path to growth. A trip, adventure or learning experience with friends or new acquaintances is sure to satisfy you, and professional networking should also be a success. It’s easy to get along with everyone and get on the same wavelength with them now. But since the sun and Venus are tussling with Saturn and Neptune, there may be times when family or domestic obligations, your job, your health or the need to help someone out will prevent you from socializing to your heart’s content — and you may need to weigh the tradeoffs. As Jupiter turns direct after a four-month-long retrograde period, you’re encouraged to keep communication totally above-board and respectful. If travel and learning opportunities temporarily dried up, your luck should soon turn. You might also continue to improve a sibling relationship or resume a community effort. After Mercury returns to your network house, you’ll find that bouncing ideas off your squad and talking things through will clarify your thought process — so seek out pals and other peers for feedback. With Uranus going rogue in your depth-and-merging zone for the rest of the year, changes in a close relationship, erratic outside resources (like a loan or partner’s income) or tremors in your psyche will ease up. Now’s your chance to ponder the most empowering path forward.


October 23–November 21

With the sun and Venus poised at the peak of your chart, you’re ready to prove yourself and make a good impression. Their harmony with Jupiter in your worth zone this week can inspire you to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. You have what it takes to shine, and the quality of your efforts — coupled with your cachet with higher-ups — could be strong enough to generate a fresh source of income or to earn you a raise. Whatever you do, don’t lay low and hide what you have to offer the world! Success can boost your confidence, and conversely, confidence will increase your odds of success — it’s a positive feedback loop. The sun and Venus are at odds with Saturn and Neptune, however, hinting that negative thinking can cause you to trim your sails, while idealism can lead to disappointment. To be all that you can be, you may need to adjust your attitude. As Jupiter finishes up its four-month retrograde phase, money will start to flow more freely, maybe both in and out. You could start to feel more sure of your values, your priorities and your own worth. Mercury’s ascent to the peak of your chart turns your attention back to ambition. If you revised your goals or plans recently or got your wires crossed with superiors, now you can get back on the right track, communicating and thinking more effectively. Uranus is reversing course in your interpersonal angle, so you could face fewer curveballs from other individuals, which should make for fewer jarring interactions. Plus, a whirlwind courtship or rollercoaster relationship is due to settle down in the months to come, giving you an opportunity to gain perspective on it.



November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is vibing with the sun and Venus this week, multiplying the vast benefits of expanding your horizons. The allure of difference is irresistible now, pulling you toward that which is foreign to you. You can enjoy a broad range of places, people and experiences and have your eyes opened to new aspects of the world in the process. Go on a trip, talk to strangers, study a new subject, explore a variety of beliefs. Taking chances will pay off in the form of personal growth. Branching out will not only make you more knowledgeable and conscious; it can also change you and free you. And it might even revitalize a relationship. The sun and Venus are elbowing Saturn and Neptune, suggesting that limited funds or confidence, a tiring family matter or the need to take care of a loved one can cramp your style temporarily. But with Jupiter wrapping up its four-month retrograde in Sagittarius, there’s really no stopping you! You might feel overstimulated at first, but as the planet of expansion revs up, your sense of optimism about creating a bigger and better life for yourself will return. Maintain your focus on self-awareness and personal progress and aim to translate your high hopes into a viable mission. If you’ve reshuffled your aspirations since spring, clarify your quest and target top-priority plans. Keep learning about yourself and pushing the boundaries of your potential. Utilize your faith in yourself to widen the scope of your identity and your life. Uranus is going retrograde, giving you an opportunity to evaluate stressors that make you feel frazzled. If you’ve taken on new responsibilities or experienced changes in your health, now’s the time to rely on routines that steady you.



December 22–January 19

When the sun and Venus team up with Jupiter this week, introspection and intimacy may teach you something about your true self and give you a renewed sense of hope. Private time (by yourself or with a confidant or mate) will have a soothing effect on you and might free something inside you. It’s easier now for you to accept who you are and to give another person the benefit of the doubt. Profound closeness with another person or with your own soul is within your grasp. The sun and Venus are out of sync with Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner, so you might need to get out of your own way and avoid deceiving yourself or misrepresenting yourself. With Jupiter powering on after being in standby mode for the last four months, you’ll feel more supported by the universe and willing to trust that it will all work out. If you’ve been exploring spirituality, doing something in service to others or seeking closure, you’ll get back at it soon. With Mercury diving into your depth-and-merging house, you’ll direct plenty of attention inward to private emotions and can have extra-meaningful conversations in your closest relationships. You might also resume an investigation or research project or revisit taboo subjects you delved into weeks ago. Uranus will be retrograde for the rest of 2019; as a result, any commotion related to children, creativity, hobbies, your love life or your individuality is apt to subside. Have you been all over the map trying to enjoy life, stand out, date or express what’s inside you? Slow down and contemplate all that’s new in your life, what makes you happy and where your heart lies.



January 20–February 18

The sun and Venus are dovetailing with Jupiter in your humanity house this week, fueling socializing and networking. Since this is a great time for group activities, you should make a point of joining in. You might meet someone who’s really good for you, and your best bet is to cast your net wide. Say yes to large gatherings and dates with prospects you might normally overlook or sell short. You have a chance to expand the circle of people in your life and to connect with individuals you click with, so don’t fly solo! The sun and Venus are sparring with Saturn and Neptune, implying that lingering doubts, unfinished business, melancholy, insecurity or dwindling funds can inhibit you to some extent. But thanks to Jupiter’s direct turn, your faith in people and the support you get from them will increase. Plus, Mercury’s reentering your interpersonal angle, facilitating dialogue and enabling you to clear the air in relationships. You’re bound to have some stimulating interactions, so again, make the effort to reach out. Your ruler, Uranus, is doing a U-turn and will be traveling retrograde for the rest of the year. If changes have disrupted your family or your home life, the chaos should settle down a bit, giving you a chance to recenter yourself on terra firma. Perhaps you leapt into something involving your living situation and need to pause and reassess it for a while. Or your mood hasn’t been on an even keel and you could use a breather to consider what’s knocked you off-balance. What can you change in order to feel more comfortable in your space and in your own skin? Don’t act on it yet; let it marinate for a while.



February 19–March 20

Since the sun and Venus in your efficiency corner are joining forces with Jupiter in your achievement angle this week, if you work not only hard, but smart, you can check off some major goals. You have the energy to do what needs to be done and you’re inclined to cooperate with others. Foster good relationships with colleagues and be willing to play a role that serves a useful purpose. You’ll make more progress when you’re enjoying what you’re doing. Blend confident ambition, humble helpfulness and energetic determination and you have a recipe for success! The sun and Venus aren’t on the same page with Saturn in your network house or Neptune in Pisces, so group feedback could compel you to tweak your approach or you may need to dial down your idealism to accomplish something. With Jupiter powering on at the peak of your chart, you’ll soon feel more optimistic about your career track. A fresh infusion of enthusiasm and ambition might lead you to come on like gangbusters around higher-ups, though, so be careful if the planet of excess tempts you to overdo it. After Mercury moves back into your efficiency corner, you’ll be able to fine-tune your analysis of situations. You could restart a mental task you gave up on or fill in the blanks that tripped you up weeks ago. As Uranus turns retrograde in your thinking-and-talking corner, you won’t feel quite so anxious, and your everyday interactions and revved-up brain will slow down. If processing unexpected information and adapting to a new reality has got you on edge, now you can review what you’ve learned and consider how you should view these new developments.



March 21–April 19

The sun’s harmony with Jupiter in your exploration corner encourages you to get out and play this week, perhaps taking a trip or participating in some other experience that excites you and even scares you a little. Plus, Venus in your joy sector is vibing with Jupiter, increasing your faith in love and giving you the courage to be yourself. The pursuit of pleasure will help you to let go of worries, and impromptu play will feel freeing. Take a risk for the sake of happiness and growth. Revel in your uniqueness. A combination of optimism, joie de vivre and luck can reinforce your hope that anything is possible. Because the sun and Venus are out of sync with Saturn and Neptune, responsibilities, goals, uncertainty or melancholy could rain on your parade, and you may need to make some adjustments as a result. Luckily, Jupiter is pivoting direct after four months of backtracking, filling you with renewed belief in your vision. Keep moving forward into the future that you’ve dreamed of! After Mercury returns to your joy sector, your sense of humor will come back and you might pick up a game, a piece of creative writing or something you were reading for pleasure after neglecting it of late. You could also find a way to articulate feelings that arose weeks ago. With a quartet of planets activating this part of the chart, you have full permission to amuse yourself. As Uranus begins to backtrack in your worth house, the ups and downs in your finances or confidence that you’ve been riding out should subside somewhat — giving you a chance to mull over the best way forward.



April 20–May 20

Both the sun and Venus are nestled at the base of your chart and gelling with Jupiter this week, hinting that intimate one-on-one time in the privacy of your home will do you a world of good, while personal reflection can help you to feel more at peace with who you truly are and the point you’re at in your life. So relax with someone you feel comfortable with and nurture feelings of closeness — or hole up by yourself and enjoy the stillness. The sun and Venus are out of sync with Saturn and Neptune, suggesting that travel plans, limiting beliefs, a friend in need or unrealistic aims can prevent you from unwinding the way you want to. Still, with Jupiter resuming forward motion in your depth-and-sharing sector, you’ll feel more psychologically resilient. And if you haven’t gotten the support you need or the help you rely on from an outside resource, it should start to flow more freely soon. And after Mercury returns to your foundation angle, you’ll get a better handle on feelings and memories that may have thrown you for a loop last month. Uranus is doing a U-turn in Taurus and will be retrograde in your sign for the rest of 2019, slowing the pace of change and easing anxiety and anticipation. If you’ve been grappling with the competing interests of an area of dissatisfaction in your life and a fear of change, you can weigh your options for the best path to take next year. Test them out in your head. Which of the possibilities that you’re playing with will have lasting value? This is a period for catching your breath, so don’t feel like you have to leap into action.



May 21–June 20

When the sun and Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner gel with Jupiter in your interpersonal angle, the stage is set for lively, positive interactions. Expressing your real self will help you meet new people who are right for you, and it can also improve your existing relationships. You’ll gain lots of inspiration from other individuals, so make a point of connecting. Faith in humanity — along with an open mind — can work wonders, enabling you to draw in fresh faces, click with others and gain valuable insights. Plus, with Jupiter finishing up its four-month-long retrograde phase, your belief in people should start to revive, and relationship progress will seem entirely possible. Since the sun and Venus are at odds with Saturn and Neptune, though, you might have to adjust your attitude or your speech to get on the same wavelength with an authority figure or someone close to you. Your ruler, Mercury, is heading into your thinking-and-talking corner again, after turning retrograde there last month. So your brain should be fully up-and-running now, and words will flow with ease. Travel (or just getting around town) won’t be as problematic as it was in July. Uranus is reversing course at the end of your chart, and the next five months should offer you a breather from any revelations that may have disrupted your subconscious. Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of what needs to end or felt an impulse to liberate yourself from an unhealthy relationship or from a self-defeating pattern. Messages in dreams, sneaky suspicions and lightning-bolt epiphanies can be upsetting—now you have time to process them. A spiritual practice or psychotherapy may be just what the doctor ordered between now and the end of the year.



June 21–July 22

A sun-Jupiter tête-à-tête can make it easy for you to tap into the resources you need this week. Make good use of your connections, talents, belongings, self-confidence and other assets to accomplish as much as you possibly can. A Venus-Jupiter link can remind you that the best way to improve your finances and become self-sufficient is to work with enthusiasm and embrace responsibility. Enjoying what you’re doing and being useful will make you feel good about yourself. The sun and Venus are both forming awkward angles with Saturn and Neptune, though, so if someone is testing you, getting in your way or withholding from you, you might need to tweak your demands. And be careful not to place your faith in a false idol who could take you for a ride. Jupiter’s direct turn in your productivity corner could make you busier at work, but the upside is you’ll begin to feel more efficient and fully capable of tackling what’s on your plate. If you’ve been narrowing down your priorities because you bit off more than you could chew and got stressed out, now you can move ahead with a streamlined agenda. After Mercury zips back into your worth house, you’ll get a clearer picture of your finances, possessions and what’s really most important to you. Uranus is doing an about-face in your network zone and will continue to backpedal there for the next five months. Your group affiliations, friendships and ties to various peers are up for review now, and you should ask yourself who you want on your team in 2020. Fluctuations in the company you keep will stabilize, giving you a chance to reassess.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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I love my horoscope for this week. So encouraging! ❤️✨

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