Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 9-15

This week, the planets in Virgo are clashing with Jupiter and Neptune, and clicking with Saturn and Pluto. Plus, there’s a full moon in Pisces on Friday night!



August 23–September 22

You’re on your game lately, with an entourage of planets gracing Virgo, but when the sun and Mars face off with Neptune in your interpersonal angle this week, other people might wear you out, throw you for a loop or try to guilt-trip you. Compromise is usually a winning strategy for dealing with oppositions; still, it’s hard to meet others halfway if you don’t understand where they’re coming from. You don’t want to get sucked into agreeing to something that’s not right for you. Try your best not to get dragged down by anyone. If you find that you’re able to act on natural feelings of empathy and compassion, then go for it. Mars is also clashing with Jupiter, so you may ride a wave of confidence and flirt with the temptation to be uncharacteristically reckless. A dose of Virgoan restraint would probably come in handy now! Fortunately, Mars is in sync with Saturn, empowering you to do something that fulfills you. Your actions may give you lasting happiness, help you to live up to your potential and prove something to you about yourself. When the sun and Pluto have a similar encounter, whether you’re conveying your feelings, your personality or your creativity, you can do so in a very powerful way. A full moon in your interpersonal angle can bring a turning point in a relationship; this is a lunation that’s commonly associated with commitments and breakups. With so much energy activating your sign, you’re focused on yourself, but now you need to balance your needs and emotions with those of others, perhaps ceding the spotlight to someone else for the moment. After Mercury and Venus exit Virgo and segue into your resources house, some of your attention will shift from me to mine. Start thinking more about your money, possessions, assets, material needs, personal values and priorities, asking yourself what you want and what’s most important to you.



September 23–October 22

A Mars-Saturn collaboration encourages you to sink your teeth into a private effort like a home project or emotional reckoning. Whether you’re trying to accomplish physical tasks around the house or work through a personal issue in your head, focusing and doing the work should bring success. When you seek peace and quiet to rest and reflect, you can transform your emotional state, and the sun’s harmony with Pluto echoes that of Mars and Saturn. Deep introspection will shine a light on your subconscious and help you to deal with issues you’ve swept under the rug. Acknowledge an old pattern so you can change it for the better. A Mars-Jupiter clash, however, means bottled up aggression or secrets could come bursting out, so be mindful of your mood and subconscious motives — and take extra care with your words. Since Mars and the sun are opposing Neptune, you might feel like you’re drowning in work and need more time by yourself to decompress. If your battery is drained, tune into your needs and schedule R&R to catch your breath. Honor the mind-body-spirit connection and aim for a healthy balance of work and relaxation to nurture your overall wellbeing. Just don’t count on everything coming together in your daily routine or on the job. You could do something selfless behind the scenes that serves a noble purpose, and a burst of creativity can benefit projects that call for imagination and intuition. The full moon may trigger a health or job crisis that compels you to try harder to strike a good balance between work and rest — and it’s the perfect time to kick a bad habit to the curb or take something off your plate. With Mercury and Venus sauntering into Libra at week’s end, you’ll be gifted with a silver tongue, a quick mind and loads of charisma. Even though it’s not your birthday season yet, you’ll start to come out of your cocoon and go into social-butterfly mode. You have a way with words now and the ability to charm everyone around you. Use your superpowers wisely!


October 23–November 21

Your co-ruling planet, Mars, is in cahoots with Saturn early in the week, giving you with an extra nudge to circulate and team up with others, particularly when it comes to manifesting your ideas or improving your community. And days later, the sun vibes with your other co-ruler, Pluto, providing you with further incentive to reach out to people. Your interactions are likely to have a profound effect on your mindset, and you should feel completely capable of expressing yourself well in a group. Since Mars is at odds with Jupiter in your worth zone, though, greed, overconfidence or overestimating your resources might pose problems in a group, so try to practice moderation. Mercury and Venus are in sync in your network sector, luckily, which should keep you in a good social groove. You have the interpersonal and communication skills now to get along with the people around you. The sun and Mars are going toe to toe with Neptune in your fulfillment house, suggesting that there will be times when you get confused about your role in a group or sacrifice your own desires in an effort to be there for a friend. You’re definitely in team-player mode but are bound to experience the temptation to escape into more personal pleasures, which can make going along to get along much harder. You could also experience some uncertainty about having what your heart wants — and like last week, you should make a concerted effort not to romanticize anyone. Don’t forget that the sign of Scorpio has intense power, meaning you don’t need anyone to rescue you. The full moon can bring a love affair to the boiling point after an extended simmer, so sparks will finally ignite. But it might also burn out now if a breakup is in the stars. Fun and creativity are also supercharged under this lunation. After Mercury and Venus slip into your spirit corner, you’ll feel less sociable. Enjoy quiet solitude or private time with a loved one, and tune into your soul’s whisperings.



November 22–December 21

Mars does battle with Jupiter in Sagittarius this week, so once again, you run the risk of stepping on toes in your quest to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Your drive is a plus, but try to remain conscious of how your behavior is perceived. The sun and Mars have faceoffs with Neptune that serve as reminders to strive for a healthy work-life balance. Maybe you feel unsure about your odds of success and could use support from family or soothing time at home before you go back out and prove yourself. Or perhaps you’ll feel better after you get a domestic matter squared away, and then you can refocus on other aspirations. If your family or roomie needs you, it could be hard to keep your eyes on the prize and tackle loftier goals and responsibilities. Is part of you yearning to curl up on the couch and silence your phone? Relaxing self-care like an aromatherapy bath followed by a good night’s sleep will replenish you. A few of the week’s planetary configurations are trying to help you get back on your grind. When Mars harmonizes with Saturn, you could make a savvy move to achieve an objective — and concentrating on the precise gains you’re aiming for will enable you to take spot-on action. You’re willing to work hard and can prove yourself on the big stage under this influence. The sun and Pluto have a similar meeting that can empower you to make a good impression in public or in your profession—and hopefully generate a change in your self-esteem or your income. In order to shine, make full use of your assets. Channeling energy into achieving goals will reaffirm your priorities. A full moon might bring a mood swing or domestic drama or signal a change in your living situation. With Mercury and Venus moving into your network sector, soon you won’t be all about getting ahead. A desire to connect with people will inspire you to socialize, attend events and reach out to friends and contacts.



December 22–January 19

Mars is cooperating beautifully with Saturn in Capricorn at the start of the week, giving you tons of motivation to plan your next bold move, take a well-calculated risk, study hard, go on a life-changing trip or fight for what’s right in a systematic manner. Mars is in a spat with Jupiter, though, so you might cross a line while asserting your views or behave a little recklessly in the name of growth. Do your best to maintain self-awareness. A sun-Neptune opposition can throw your judgment off, and there’s a chance you’ll feel taken in. A good strategy would be not to assume too much for the moment. Mars is also going head to head with Neptune, tempting you to veer off-track. It’s okay not to have all the answers! Heed your gut instincts and consider standing up for an underdog. The sun is forming an alliance with Pluto in Capricorn, which should keep you inspired to spread your wings and test out fresh possibilities. Unfamiliar experiences, different people, studying stimulating subjects and traveling to new places can transform you. You won’t change if you don’t push yourself beyond comfortable boundaries, though. Despite this week’s challenges, playing it too safe could cause you to miss out on growth opportunities. The full moon can trigger information overload or a flurry of activity in your everyday life. If you feel pulled in too many directions, stop and take a breath, then tackle one thing at a time. If you receive some news, you might feel the need to respond right away. A development in your neighborhood or with a sibling could also grab your attention. After Mercury and Venus ascend to the peak of your chart, your mind turns to goals, and you’ll have an easy time turning on the charm with higher-ups. The next few weeks are good for creative work, career planning, voicing your aims and schmoozing with people who can give you a leg up.



January 20–February 18

When the sun wanders into Neptune’s fog this week, the boundaries in an intimate relationship may become blurred. You’re susceptible now to sacrificing too much of yourself in order to be with someone. Your self-worth probably isn’t solid enough at the moment for you to make the best choices. Try not to let fear call the shots. Mars is also at loggerheads with Neptune, suggesting that a power imbalance could upset your equilibrium. Jealousy, competitiveness and possessiveness could lead to bigger problems. Don’t stress too much over what you’re getting or what someone else has. Have faith right down to your core that you are enough and you can get what you need for yourself. An argument between Mars and Jupiter implies that sex and friendship will be a risky mix, and you might get involved with someone who clashes with your crew or your ideals, so look before you leap. Fortunately, Mars is dovetailing with Saturn in your spirit corner, empowering you to experience cathartic closeness, emotional regeneration or success with a passion project. A sun-Pluto confab along the same lines encourages you to delve into an intimate relationship, your psyche or an emotional experience without shying away from darkness and intensity. Here’s an opportunity to generate a very powerful internal shift that will allow you to turn a corner psychologically and heal. When a full moon lands in your worth zone, you’re challenged to master the art of give-and-take, balancing your needs with those of another person. Retail therapy is common with this lunation, so curb the urge to splurge if you’re on a tight budget. An unexpected expense is also possible. On the flipside, your cash flow could surge now! With Mercury and Venus soaring into your exploration corner, your spirits will lift as the blinders come off and life appears to hold more diverse possibilities for you. Enjoy connecting with a wide range of people, going to unfamiliar places, learning new things — and discovering love and beauty outside your comfort zone.



February 19–March 20

You’ll get more done when you recruit others to join you, since Mars is linked with Saturn in your network sector early this week. But don’t let your ambition lead you to push someone too hard, because a Mars-Jupiter dustup could disrupt your personal or professional life. Try to make it all about cooperation. Luckily, a Mercury-Venus rendezvous should make it easy to talk about relationship issues, and it might even inspire you to put your feelings for someone into words. When the sun and Mars oppose Neptune, though, it’s difficult to interpret a connection accurately and for others to see the real you. Even though you have the ability to get on the same wavelength, you shouldn’t sacrifice who you are to be who someone wants you to be. Postpone confrontations, since you’re probably not up to asserting yourself. And if you feel a spiritual or artistic bond with another individual, relish it without projecting into the future. You could feel provoked to act, right when you’re suffering from insecurity. It’s also possible you’re projecting your own qualities onto another person. Don’t cave in to guilt or despair. You need some space to get in touch with your emotions. Good boundaries are an absolute essential for permeable Pisces. The sun’s vibe with Pluto nudges you to keep connecting with people who have your back. Spending time with a friend can deepen your bond, and you might meet someone who has a big impact on you. Your sign is hosting the full moon, so you’re entitled to feel extra emo. Just try to be fair and respect others’ needs and feelings, even if you have to put your own first—which you almost surely will. Whether you require more attention from people or time by yourself, ask diplomatically. This is the best lunation of the year for a positive personal ending. If you feel finished, move on! After Mercury and Venus enter your depth zone, your craving for closeness increases, and having someone to confide in becomes more important. Immerse yourself in an investigation, searching for complex answers.



March 21–April 19

Your ruler, Mars, joins forces with Saturn in your achievement angle, pushing you to keep your nose to the grindstone so you can earn the success and recognition you deserve. Your efforts are getting you somewhere, and once again this week, you can feel it all coming together. A Mars-Jupiter skirmish could yank you off-track if an urge for escape or newness tempts you to rush or gloss over details. Your best bet is still to take a break, then get back to work. Both the sun and Mars have standoffs with Neptune that can cause you to run out of juice, like last week. You might doubt your abilities and take the wind out of your own sails. Don’t allow perfectionism to get you down. Good enough really is good enough. And you can’t do everything in one go, as much as speedy Rams would like to. Give yourself time off to relax, and when you return to what you were doing, you’ll have the benefit of renewed enthusiasm. The sun’s chemistry with Pluto also encourages hard work and advocates for chipping away at a long-range goal to make significant progress. Plus Mercury’s encounter with Venus in your productivity corner can help you combine intellect and creativity to maximum effect. Your ability to stay on the same page with colleagues and get along with them will also be a boon. This week’s full moon illuminates the last house in your chart, which could bring something in your subconscious to light, possibly through dreams or intuitive inklings. You might need peace and quiet to rest and reflect. It’s the year’s best lunation for releasing the past and lightening your load — who or what has been weighing on your spirit? Let it go! With Mercury and Venus crossing your interpersonal angle, you’ll become more interested in connecting with other individuals, talking things through and enjoying their companionship. As the planets start to segue from Virgo to Libra, it’s time for autonomous Aries to pair up.



April 20–May 20

Mars sees eye to eye with Saturn early in the week, so if you take risks, they’re likely to be smart ones. Your pursuit of personal fulfillment isn’t selfish; it’s teaching you that striving to make your mark in the world is a life’s work. And a sun-Pluto confab can also inspire you to go out on a limb, express yourself in a powerful way and have an adventure. Your drive to enjoy life spurs you to break out of your routine and seek challenges that can change your perspective. A Mars-Jupiter run-in may lead you to overshare or rush into a sexual relationship, and high expectations combined with a lack of restraint might cause problems. Try to feel out the situation before diving into deep waters. The sun and Mars have oppositions with Neptune that could make friendship and group relations a little confusing. If you’re longing for validation and not getting it, take the pressure off. You do you — and don’t focus too much on feedback. Try to stay clear on who you are and what makes you happy and don’t lose yourself by going with the flow. It’s difficult now to do just as you please and still get along swimmingly with others, and you could feel torn between standing out and fitting in. It’s also possible that a friend in need will keep you from whatever pleasures you’d planned for yourself. If compromise seems out of reach, march to your own beat without reacting to peer pressure. When a full moon lights up your network sector, though, a pal may need to lean on you, or drama could rock your squad. If it’s time to walk away from a particular friendship or group, this lunation will push you to do it. Bonus: Something on your bucket list could finally become a reality. With Mercury and Venus setting up camp in your productivity corner, a chunk of your attention shifts from play to work. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be able to analyze problems, cooperate with colleagues, do creative work and make detailed plans.



May 21–June 20

Thanks to a Mars-Saturn conference early in the week, confronting what’s inside you will be so worth the effort, as you can gain the sense that your private fears and other emotional challenges really are surmountable. This planetary pair can also help you focus intently on a domestic project or relationship issue, so delve into one of those if they’re more pressing. A squabble between Mars and Jupiter could trigger irritability and cause you to take out your frustrations on a person whom you expect a lot of. You may need to work on tolerating your own feelings and the imperfections of others. Since the sun and Mars have standoffs with Neptune, just as Venus and Mercury did last week, if you’re feeling uncertain about your direction in life, you may be tempted to lay low and not take on any daunting responsibilities. You could become irritable if you do attempt something and feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Not knowing where you’re headed can be exciting, but it can also generate angst, and you may need to do something to make yourself feel more centered and grounded. Aim for a good balance between resting on your laurels and imagining yourself accomplishing something you’ve dreamed of. Thanks to a propitious connection between the sun and Pluto, downtime at home can replenish you, and private time with someone you care about can bring you closer. You’d do well to seek out peace and quiet at some point for reflection or intimacy. And yet, the full moon in your ambition angle might pull you back out into the world in order to deal with a boss’s demands or to prove what you’re capable of when the spotlight finds you. Other possible scenarios: Your career path could take a turn, your public image might change, or a goal may come to fruition. After Mercury and Venus dance into your joy zone, your sense of humor, playfulness, creativity and romantic side will be on display.   



June 21–July 22

When Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner gels with Saturn in your interpersonal angle at the start of the week, you won’t have any trouble sticking up for yourself, and your assertiveness can impact a relationship. Someone will have to take you seriously because you’re not backing down. But when Mars clashes with over-the-top Jupiter, you could assume an overly critical or pious tone or skip over details in your plan of action, so take a breath and proceed one step at a time. The sun and Mars have faceoffs scheduled with murky Neptune, hinting that you might lose faith, and your thinking could get a little turned around. It’s probably best to put off major decisions when you feel this way. You’re in a curious mood but need to be okay with not having conclusive answers at the moment. Politics, religion and personal ethics and beliefs can all be thorny topics; a heated discussion involving one of the above will dial up friction, so make sure you have your facts straight. You won’t go wrong if you say and do things that are honest and true. Empathize with another person’s point of view. Let pure-hearted spiritual values and a yearning for justice steer you. Connect local and global. A sun-Pluto link can help you form powerful connections with other individuals now. Keep reaching out and listening attentively. Under this influence, you might meet someone who has a huge effect on you and perhaps even changes your life. A full moon in your exploration corner alludes to your need for new experiences so you can continue to grow, and you might feel an urge to travel or at least shake up your routine. This is 2019’s best lunation for banishing a limiting belief from your mind. With Mercury and Venus dipping down to the base of your chart, you’ll tune into your private thoughts and feelings more and more and are bound to enjoy the comforts of home and the company of family or housemates. 



July 23–August 22

With Mars and Saturn forming a coalition at the start of the week, you should be able to work with what you have — and go after what you need — in order to get the job done. Figure out what’s most important, and do what needs doing. Operate strategically and methodically. A Mars-Jupiter disagreement can make it tempting to splurge, mostly because you’re expecting something to make you happy. But what you covet might not satisfy you as much as you hope. It’s a good idea to hit the pause button before blowing your budget. Mercury and Venus are coming together in your worth house, which will help you decide what you really want and communicate your desires to others. Since the sun and Neptune are at odds, though, you may be clear on your bottom line and then get thrown off course by another person and their priorities. Table negotiations and binding commitments for the time being; what someone has to offer is still TBD. A Mars-Neptune opposition can also point to outside resources like a loan not materializing, and you might feel like someone isn’t there for you when you need them. Focus on empowering yourself to be self-reliant, and have a more Zen attitude about what you’ll get from others. Your spiritual values can guide you to find the best balance of give-and-take. Taking your ego out of the equation is key. When a full moon lands in your depth-and-merging house, sexual relationships will be rife with emotion. A particular bond could heat up, or you might realize you’re done with someone. This is a good time to settle a debt, lend support to a loved one and let go of old pain. You might undergo a transformation in your psyche, recovering from a crisis or loss and growing stronger. After Mercury and Venus show up in your thinking-and-talking corner, a curious attitude and pleasant mindset will lead you to learn new things, explore the world around you and appreciate the love and beauty in your everyday life.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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