Stay-At-Home Glamour: Why Lounging In Is The New Going Out

Refills are free, pillow talk is flowing, life is good…

Already feeling like skipping the elaborate restaurant dinner you tentatively agreed to maybe join if absolutely nothing else comes up eventually? Truly, you aren’t alone.

We’re kind of riiiiight in the middle of a cultural phenomenon where the cool kids aren’t following the old-school rules anymore. It’s quite possibly the first time in history that a good time isn’t really associated with what’s happening outside of the comforts of home. The idea of splitting the check on a multi-course meal just doesn’t appeal when organic, vegan delivery options are available with the tap of an app. There’s no fun in dropping over a hundo on a bar tab when you didn’t really feel like having a hangover tomorrow, anyway. Plus, a celery spritzer is better for your skin, and Hurom’s Slow Juicer makes it a sustainable habit.



If you add up the cost of socializing in the city, it makes sense why Gen Z and Millennial trailblazers are taking the power into their own hands and homes. Instead of a hefty bill on a few beverages and some charcuterie, why not invest in some bomb items that make spending an evening in feel like its own exclusive soiree? Plus, they’ll do double duty when it’s time to explore the world outside.

Consider swapping sweats for a chrome-finish Heavy Metal Shine Pant when you’re ready to kick your feet up on that marble coffee table. They’re equally roomy, and can pair up with an easy Disco Days Solid Cami for a totally polished party look. Same goes for the adorable Mirror Maze Half Slip that will make you wonder why you weren’t already absorbing Netflix in featherlight tulle and iridescent sequined bike shorts. A just-the-right-drapey All That Glitters Sweater gives a hint of backless glamour without the need to sacrifice a pretty bralette — or one covered in sparkling stars like Aventure’s?

And if you’re feeling really proud of your new budgetary prowess, why not take a Sort Embellished Robe for a luxurious spin around your next house party? All of this chic dressing for one may just inspire you to invite a few friends over to lavish in the brilliance of small group affairs.


Naturally, the rumors are already spreading, and a spot in your cozy corner is the latest must-have invite. Get your hosting skills in order with an Alchemy of U Energy Corrector Crystal Set and strike a match for Free People’s Gardenia + Cedarwood Candle – the IRL reviews of its scent are in, and they’re rave-worthy.

No need to go wild with makeup when you’re only hanging with the nearest and dearest, but a little CocoKitty Tiger Stripes Shimmer Oil and a swipe of Flora Remedia’s Bronzing Wand will play off of that candlelit glow for those inevitably photographable moments.


What’s a typical tab that you’d pick up on a night out? Perhaps a few chic party favors for you and your guests are more worthy of the spend — plus, they’ll add to the evening’s events whether you’re solo or sharing your space.

Pre or post-nap, a Dream Decoder ($17) card set can help unpack the deeper meaning of 60 of the most common situations you may encounter while catching z’s. And a Juniper Sage Bundle ($14) can help clear the air to make way for more positive crystal visions.

Maybe a self-care moment with a hint of chill is more your speed. Undefined Beauty’s Small CBD Glow Elixir packs just enough redness-calming punch to make it worth your while. And instead of that dusty lip balm with the worn-away label, Lanolips’ Holographic Lip Water ($17) will floof up chapped mouths with a Euphoria-worthy sheen during that second streaming session. And to wrap up an evening well spent, Smith & Cult’s Nailed Lacquer In Pillow Pie ($18) is just the right bubble bath shade with a sheer, disaster-proof finish that makes at-home nail sessions truly realistic. With all of these budget-friendly, quality-of-life improving reasons to entertain on your terms — and in your pre-paid apartment — why go anywhere else?


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I personally love staying in – it doesn’t have to be boring! Cute post!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Looks and personality always matter. I agree and always try to follow trends as well. Thank you for sharing such a nice article on this.