Your Weekly Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen — October 7-13

As the sun and Saturn spar this week, what will that mean for you and your personal commitments? Let Tracy Allen guide you through…



September 23–October 22

You’re primed to shine while the sun cruises through Libra, empowering you to radiate your personality. But this egoistic planet is at odds with Saturn in your foundation angle, implying that private insecurities might lead you to hide your light. Try not to let self-doubt, a serious mood, your past, your family or a domestic problem get you down and sap your strength. It’s fine to want to improve yourself. But it’s important to also keep striving to understand yourself — and accept yourself as you are. After Venus exits your sign and segues into your worth house, your taste for nice things and desire for security will increase. You’ll have an easy time drawing in and negotiating for what you need in the coming weeks. But since Mercury and your ruler are both facing off with Uranus this week, talking about money, sharing, sex and trust could be difficult, and you shouldn’t expect to be on the same page with someone. Don’t count on them to come through for you precisely as you hope. Give others more leeway, and they might surprise you. Even if you don’t get exactly what you think you want, that isn’t the end of the world. Allow for more personal space in a close relationship if a friend or partner is pulling away. A sexual encounter can be freeing and fun, and self-confidence may embolden you to try something different. If you know your needs aren’t being met, this transit can incite you to cut your losses. The full moon in your interpersonal angle echoes this theme, as it may bring a relationship to a boiling point, forcing your hand. Is it time to go all in or to fold and walk away? Since this lunation calls for you to balance your needs with those of others, it’s also a good time to strike a fair compromise.


October 23–November 21

The sun in your subliminal corner is shining a light on your old patterns, and his skirmish with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner this week can cause you to beat yourself up over past mistakes. Aim for self-awareness and understanding, but avoid putting a negative spin on introspection. You’re right that changes need to happen. It’s just that viewing personal growth as a positive will be more useful than self-flagellation. With Venus sailing through Scorpio for the next few weeks, your charisma is off the charts. You’ll feel more sociable, attractive and on your game, and people are bound to take notice. When she goes toe to toe with Uranus, someone new might pop into your life, you might enjoy a spontaneous flirtation or an existing relationship might be thrown off-kilter. FOMO can lead your eye to wander, which will probably have a ripple effect. If you’re in a solid relationship, spring a pleasant surprise on your S.O. and/or do something you’ve never done before together. But if your romance is on the rocks, one of you is apt to seek a change now. A new connection can start off with a bang and fizzle out down the road, unless what you’re really after is an unorthodox arrangement. Be open to unfamiliar experiences and unusual people. Live in the present and don’t tighten your grip on anyone. Mercury’s faceoff with Uranus can make it hard to reach an agreement, but if you adopt a curious beginner’s mind, other individuals can be the source of fresh ideas and stimulating flashes of brilliance. Too many curveballs coming at you? Listen carefully and don’t make assumptions or speak in haste. A full moon can spell a health or job crisis or the completion of a project. It’s a good time to drop something from your schedule or to-do list and to kick a bad habit to the curb.



November 22–December 21

If your confidence is lacking, it may be difficult to find your place in a group when the sun in your network sector argues with Saturn in your worth house this week. It will also be challenging to keep up with others if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Try not to focus on what you don’t have, and don’t assume you need something you’re lacking in order to participate. If you’re concerned with holding onto what you have or getting what you need, that can also get in the way of being a team player. After Venus slips into the last house of your chart, you’ll feel less sociable and more inclined to spend time alone or hang out in private with loved ones. When Venus opposes Uranus, you could do an impromptu favor out of selflessness, but you don’t want to feel too obligated. You need the choice to be yours and the freedom to say no if you’re going to help someone. You’re probably in the mood to hibernate, but something could come up that you have to deal with. If you’re able to make your own schedule, this transit will be simpler. A relationship problem calls for a fresh approach now. Mercury’s opposition with Uranus can help turn up useful info in a private fact-finding mission. If you’re researching a health or work-related topic, you’ll be a quick study. This week’s full moon lands in your joy zone, which could bring a creative effort to fruition or provide epic fun. You need to play, express yourself and get your feelings out in the open. A love affair could reach new heights with this lunation, or it could come to an end if that is what best serves your growth. The moon is in sync with Jupiter in Sagittarius, strongly suggesting that whatever transpires will be to your benefit!



December 22–January 19

Saturn in Capricorn locks horns with the sun in your ambition angle this week, putting you at risk of getting in your own way. Part of you may be intent on proving yourself on a bigger stage, while part of you feels like a work in progress. If you don’t think you’re quite ready for success, what can you do to get ready? It makes sense to put all the pieces in place before stepping into the spotlight, to make contingency plans in case something doesn’t go your way and to gain whatever qualifications you need for the position you’re after. But don’t just knock yourself down a peg! With Venus’s arrival in your network sector, you’ll get into a more social mood and should have an easy time relating to people. When Venus and Uranus oppose each other, however, you may digress from a group and march to your own beat. You won’t have as much trouble getting along with others if you have the freedom to do as you please at times. Romantic sparks with a friend or spontaneous fun with your squad will satisfy your need for excitement. If you get into a relationship during this transit, he’s more likely to be Mr. Right Now than Mr. Right, although only time will tell. Mercury’s faceoff with Uranus can create a stark contrast between groupthink and self-expression. Remember you can’t please everyone. If you’re restless, spontaneous fun with a few fresh faces in the crowd will keep life interesting. This is a great time to meet new people through a new interest or to discover a new interest through new people. The full moon might trigger a blowup on the home front, a major mood swing or a family matter you need to deal with. If you’ve been too focused on your goals or career, this lunation can compel you to find a healthier work/life balance.



January 20–February 18

This week’s showdown between the sun in your exploration corner and Saturn in your subliminal sector could pit your enthusiasm for branching out and trying different things against lingering doubts. You may need to wrap up old business before breaking new ground, but don’t let skepticism cause you to give up. If the weight of the past tempts you to hedge your bets, you might take a calculated risk rather than going for broke. After Venus climbs to the peak of your chart, you’ll have success with creative work and can effortlessly turn on the charm around authority figures to make a favorable impression. But when Venus moves into an opposition with Uranus, a sudden development at home or a mood swing can force you to take time off from polishing your public image and ingratiating yourself with bosses; stay flexible. If domestic disruptions or unruly emotions get the best of you, you might lose face. So keep your feelings in check at work, and find ways to juggle professional and personal time, like Skype-ing from home for a meeting if you’re stuck dealing with an emergency repair. This opposition also pushes you to break out of an old pattern so you can improve your PR or win over higher-ups. Mercury’s faceoff with Uranus alludes to taking your eye off the ball at work and erratic feelings affecting public communication. Try to avoid speaking rashly around people whose respect you need or want. And be open to the wisdom of a parent or elder. When a full moon activates your thinking-and-talking corner, you could experience information overload and feel pulled in a hundred different directions. If there’s too much coming at you all at once, take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time. Under this lunation, a development involving a sibling or your neighborhood could come to your attention as well.



February 19–March 20

When the sun goes up against stern Saturn this week, even though you may want to invest wholeheartedly in a particular person or endeavor, the fear of cutting off other opportunities can make you hesitate to go all in. Perhaps you’re torn between powerful intimacy with one person and the steadier feeling you get from keeping your options open. Peer pressure can also put a strain on a close relationship, for instance if your commitment to someone is questioned by your crew. After Venus bursts into your exploration corner, though, you’ll be more inclined to enjoy a wide array of pleasures. You might date people who are different from you or different from your usual type. Or you could become interested in an unfamiliar culture or art form. Thinking outside the box will allow you to sample more of what life has to offer. A Venus-Uranus standoff hints that something or someone you took a hard pass on could suddenly be your jam. For example, maybe you’ll make an exception if you’re attracted to a guy who comes with a deal-breaker or who doesn’t tick all the boxes. There’s also a chance you’ll take an impromptu trip with your significant other or have a vacay fling. Chase after gratifying experiences that are both unfamiliar and eye-opening. When Mercury faces off with Uranus, a stimulating debate could spark up, and if you do as much listening as you do talking, you can glean interesting info. Your brain is operating at a rapid pace, so you’ll take in a lot, but your thoughts may be scattered and you might speak before you think. A full moon in your worth zone can lead to retail therapy, since there’s little distinction between your emotions and your needs now — so curb splurges if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget. Your earnings or your confidence could also surge with this lunation!



March 21–April 19

The sun’s discord with Saturn this week gives you a chance to examine how you relate to authority. Are you too timid or malleable? Know your value, and don’t settle for a disrespectful dynamic. Your efforts to partner with someone could reach an impasse during this transit, and it may be difficult to get onto the same page. You might be prepared to compromise but fear the prospect of deferring to another person. With Venus moving into your depth house, you’ll start to crave closeness and will want to spend quality time with your significant other or someone else whom you trust. When Venus opposes Uranus, though, you might be torn between desire for intimacy and anxiety over getting what you need. And fluctuations in confidence or finances can create a power imbalance. Try loosening up your requirements; be open to what others are offering. You or someone important to you might need more space now. Consider whether you’re leaning on a person partly because you’re worried about what you lack or what you might lose. A greater degree of independence could ultimately make you feel more secure. Mercury is also going head to head with Uranus, hinting that a negotiation may take a surprising turn, or flexible demands could keep communication humming in a close relationship. And for those of you who are more engaged in introspection than dialogue, insights can move the needle if your self-worth has dipped. Aries plays host to this week’s full moon, so you might be flooded with feels and need extra TLC or alone time. Whatever you require, ask for it diplomatically and do your best to balance your needs with those of others. This is a great lunation for asking yourself what (or who) isn’t good for you — and then releasing it (or them) from your life. If you’re emotionally overwhelmed, that state can actually help you identify the culprit and do what’s best for you.



April 20–May 20

Your productivity could take a hit when the sun in your efficiency corner spars with Saturn this week. You have the impetus to accomplish a lot but could run out of steam if you start to doubt the point of it all. Stay humble and don’t get discouraged if someone senior to you thinks you have more to learn. Try to do what needs doing, within the boundaries of what you know to be true. Combining discipline and vision will ensure your success. Don’t push your luck by being shortsighted. Venus’s arrival in your interpersonal angle will help you stay in sync with people and keep the peace. But you might veer off in your own direction when Venus goes head to head with Uranus in Taurus. Rather than making an abrupt exit, create breathing room so you won’t feel the urge to escape. You’re in the mood for companionship, but your need for autonomy can make it seem like you have to pick one or the other. Find ways to be your own person and still maintain important bonds. If a break or a breakup is called for, this transit can put the wheels in motion. Your desire for space might spur you to flirt with someone other than your partner just to shake things up. The ways in which you’re changing are bound to affect your closest connections during this transit. You’re open to different experiences, and that can create excitement in healthy relationships. If you meet someone new, you might have instant chemistry, but the two of you may or may not go the distance. When Mercury opposes Uranus, you may be tempted to break off communication or speak bluntly. Don’t say anything for shock value; find an alternative way to express your singular point of view. A full moon could bring a secret to light or cause you to crave solitude. Offset busyness with downtime and spiritual fulfillment.



May 21–June 20

The sun and Saturn are sparring this week, which might put pressure on a romantic relationship or cause you to feel judged by someone close to you. You’re in no mood to hide who you are, but focusing on getting a specific reaction from another individual can inhibit your self-expression and yank you out of your bliss. Don’t fret over imperfections or an affair’s staying power. And don’t let fear stand in your way! We’re all works in progress, and relationships require mutual dedication. Once Venus segues into your efficiency house, you could start to enjoy your work more or want to work on a relationship issue. She’s going toe to toe with Uranus next, so even if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll get distracted here and there. You might undermine yourself unconsciously if you don’t allow for diversions. Find alternate ways to get things done. Take periodic breaks and give intuitive flashes their due, as your best ideas may not be fully formed yet. If you’re collaborating on a project, pay attention to the side of you that secretly wants to rock the boat. And if a person or circumstances seem to be working against you, notice how you might be unconsciously colluding with the shakeup. A flirtation with a colleague may appear to come out of nowhere but has probably been brewing beneath the surface for a while. Mercury’s opposition with Uranus will almost certainly cause your mind to wander, and combining imagination and concentration in original ways will help you turn this transit to your advantage. Find an orderly method for keeping track of your speedy jumble of ideas. A full moon in your humanity house could spell drama in your squad, or a friend may lean on you for support. You might feel done with a particular friendship or group and decide to cut bait. A philanthropic endeavor or team project can reach fruition under this lunation.



June 21–July 22

Due to a battle between the sun and Saturn this week, there’s a good chance that personal commitments will compel you to forsake the comforts of home. Since someone can trigger your insecurity under this influence, you’d do well to keep harsh critics at arm’s length. You might test another person in order to protect yourself (or vice versa), and your underlying mood is sure to color your relations. Juggle spending time by yourself and meeting your obligations to others, and try not to project what’s going on inside you onto the people around you. With Venus dancing into your fulfillment sector, you’ll want to get out and enjoy life and will feel freer to express your creativity and heartfelt feelings. Her faceoff with Uranus can inspire you to take an unexpected route to happiness. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to have fun, especially if other people aren’t very reliable. Maybe you have a date planned, and a friend blindsides you with a scheduling conflict. Or your girls bail on the GNO you were looking forward to. A flirtation with a platonic pal could also catch you by surprise, as romance and other pleasures aren’t by the book now. Regardless, you’ll land on your feet if you take the plot twists in stride and give people freedom to go their own way. A Mercury-Uranus opposition hints that your creative ideas or sense of humor might not get the intended response from a group. Think before you speak, and don’t sweat it if people don’t get where you’re coming from. You might have some interesting exchanges if you’re not attached to a specific reaction. The full moon can bring a goal to fruition, make your boss temperamental or trigger a shift in your career path or life direction. Be prepared to put your best foot forward, as this lunation can push you into the spotlight, where you’ll be called on to perform.



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet challenges Saturn this week, implying that a heavy workload or criticism (including self-criticism) could hold you back just when you’re fired up to express yourself, learn and connect with people. A rush of thoughts will run into a wall if you can’t figure out the details. Your best bet is to narrow your focus so you don’t scatter energy. And do your homework, so when you or naysayers uncover potential problems, you have an answer. Gather info, conjure up clever ideas, then factcheck yourself so you can make a strong case. Don’t worry about being stuck or getting shot down; work hard to develop something solid. After Venus sneaks down to the base of your chart, the pleasures of home, family and simple comforts become increasingly alluring. In the coming weeks, you’ll want more downtime and might entertain, redecorate, binge-watch and indulge in good food. Venus’s opposition with Uranus suggests a turn of events in the outside world will compel you to leave your nest and deal with the demands of your boss or jump through bureaucratic hoops. With equal measures of flexibility and ingenuity, you can find a way to juggle relaxation and ambition. If you hit turbulence with your family, don’t choose sides; take a step back to distance yourself from friction. Mercury is also in an opposition with Uranus, tempting you to speak in a hurried, emotional tone with an authority figure. Find another way to get your point across and bear in mind who you’re dealing with. You might gain insight from your parents now. Thanks to a full moon in your exploration corner, an entrepreneurial venture, publishing project or course of study could reach a climax. Plus, an urge for adventure could lead to a big trip or a leap of faith. This is your best moon of the year for letting go of a belief that has limited your growth.



August 23–September 22

A spat between the sun and Saturn could indicate low self-confidence that prevents you from expressing your true self. Or perhaps you’re worried that you don’t possess the resources to attain the fulfillment you seek. You might feel like you don’t have what it takes — in terms of finances, talents, self-worth or other assets — to lead a rewarding, happy, creative life filled with love, but this feeling will pass. To get through it, don’t tear yourself down; build yourself up! Enjoy the satisfaction of working to become more complete and self-sufficient. Notice how far you’ve already come. Venus’s arrival in your thinking-and-talking corner fills your mind with pleasant thoughts and infuses your interactions with warmth. Her standoff with Uranus encourages you to live in the moment and accept that the future is unknowable. For example, a flirtation might have a plot twist now and the outcome will be up in the air. You might suddenly wonder what else — or who else — is out there waiting for you and could discover different pleasures that open your eyes to a new world of possibility. You may also reveal your feelings to someone or contradict yourself on a whim. If you’re in a long-term relationship, taking a trip together will rekindle the flames. Mercury is going toe to toe with Uranus as well, which can land you in a random debate where agreeing to disagree is your best option. Your mind is racing, so you should avoid jumping to conclusions. Abstract insights will be a bonus under this influence. The full moon is activating your depth zone, pushing you to get better at balancing give and take. A sexual connection could heat up or combust. This is a good time to let go of a loss or wound and move on, transforming your psychological state. You might also pay off a debt or give someone emotional or financial support.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Sounds like a tough week up ahead!

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