This Week’s Free People Horoscope — 11/11-17

Mercury may still be in retrograde, but it’s clicking with three other planets this week! Mars and Jupiter make a dynamic duo on Tuesday, and the Taurus full moon will be shining bright.


October 23–November 21

Even if you’re feeling a bit tongue-tied and misunderstood due to the fact that Mercury has been in reverse gear in Scorpio, Merc’s harmony with three other planets this week should improve your thought process and communication. Your personality and liveliness will come across when you speak, so the spirit of your message can be conveyed. You’ll have some success if you opt to review personal choices and decisions, so put constructive contemplation on your agenda and get to the bottom of what you want. On the other hand, the full moon compels you to notice what other people need, and it may be time to strike a compromise. This lunation can test a partnership, leading you to commit or quit. Since Mars is gelling with Jupiter in a subtle way, you’ll find that working behind the scenes without expecting accolades will make you feel good about yourself — and might also improve your finances! When Venus and Neptune get tangled up days later, you could lose sight of what’s important and covet things (or people) you’re romanticizing. Listen to your intuition, but don’t paint an overly rosy picture. Be honest with yourself in depicting your heart’s desire and trust that you’ll get what you need in the end.



November 22–December 21

When retrograde Mercury in your subliminal corner clicks with the sun, Saturn and Neptune this week, you could feel less circumspect and more capable of tapping into inner guidance. Your imagination and intuition can be powerful tools now, so use them rather than trying to view everything in literal, pragmatic terms. The full moon might bring on a crisis involving your health, your job or your everyday life that grabs your attention and forces you to face what’s not working. This is the year’s best moon for breaking a bad habit, completing a work project, dropping something from your schedule and taking a responsibility off your plate. And since Mars in your humanity house is forming a coalition with Jupiter in Sagittarius, group experiences have the potential to promote your growth, so don’t go it alone! Teamwork, career networking and even group sports are all good for you under this influence. Later in the week, Venus wanders into Neptune’s quagmire, leading you to crave relaxing downtime at home. You’ll probably be tempted to overindulge in comforts like delicious food and a cozy bed and might end up taking care of a family member or roommate — ideally, out of love, not because they seem helpless.



December 22–January 19

You might run into an old acquaintance or reconnect with a long-lost pal when Mercury links with three other planets this week, emphasizing the upside of Merc’s retrograde period. Give people the benefit of the doubt and enjoy pleasant synchronicities. A full moon in your fulfillment sector could bring a creative project to fruition or spell epic fun. This lunation can also heat up a love affair for better or for worse. So romance that’s been hinted at might finally take off, or you could part ways with a paramour. It’s time to welcome more play and passion into your life. But take note that you may need to balance personal gratification with group interests now. When Mars joins forces with Jupiter, you should seize any opportunity that you see to act on your compassion and empathy or to connect with a spiritual mentor who can guide you. Venus will squabble with Neptune late in the week, which could cause you to relapse and dream about an ex or blur reality and view them in low-def. You’re also likely to blur boundaries and might make a misguided gesture — so be sure you’re not wasting heartfelt feelings on the wrong person.



January 20–February 18

Thanks to retrograde Mercury harmonizing with three other planets throughout the week, you could revise a business plan, rethink your career, reapply for a position, get back in touch with an old boss or finish up a big work project — all with great success. A full moon is lighting up the base of your chart, foreshadowing a change in your family or your living situation. Mood swings are common with this lunation, so hole up at home by yourself if you need alone time and up your self-care game. If you’ve been ultra-focused on achieving goals in the world, your private feelings and personal life might need more attention now. Lucky for you, Mars in your exploration zone is vibing with Jupiter, giving you a green light to enjoy an adventure with friends or take some chances so you can learn, expand your contacts, help people or chase after the latest item on your bucket list. Venus’s tussle with Neptune could impact squad rapport if insecurity strikes or a lack of realism about money, belongings or values confuses matters. Don’t let a desire to fit in with people cloud your judgment and warp your priorities, or you might wind up feeling like you were led astray.



February 19–March 20

Mercury is still backtracking through your expansion corner, but when it vibes with the sun, Saturn and Neptune over the course of the week, the annoyance of recent glitches should ease a bit. You might learn — or relearn — a valuable lesson, rediscover a sense of purpose, renew your interest in a cause or develop a fresh take on the future. These transits can change your opinions and beliefs. A full moon in your thinking-and-talking corner may lead to information overload, a flurry of activity in your environment, the end of a neighborhood project or drama with a sibling. If you get overwhelmed with everything coming at you all at once, tackling one thing at a time and sharing your feelings with friends will help. When Mars teams up with Jupiter in your ambition angle, the message is that you’re better off working in tandem with someone than flying solo or being the boss. Venus’s clash with Neptune late in the week can make it difficult to pick up on social cues and recognize the image you’re projecting. You want to make a good impression but might be glamorizing power and success. Create your own version instead of aiming for an elusive ideal.



March 21–April 19

Despite the fact that Mercury is traveling retrograde, the messenger planet’s confabs with the sun, Saturn and Neptune this week can help you to uncover profound truths; express yourself in a close relationship; gain insight into yourself; and make headway in an investigation or research project. What you learn can inform career plans, help you to heal and allow you to let go of the past and plot your path forward. When a full moon lands in your worth house, your emotions are tied to what you have and what you need. A strong desire for security can trigger a shift in your priorities, or an urge for material comfort could cause you to overspend. An uptick in your income is also possible with this lunation. Next Mars gels with Jupiter, signaling that a partner in crime will feed your hunger for adventure, and shared activities will be your best learning experiences. And when Venus gets into a muddle with Neptune later in the week, wistfulness or self-doubt could dampen your enthusiasm, or you might take a good thing too far and indulge in escapist pleasures. It’s nearly impossible to stay in the moment; just try not to compare and contrast the present with the past or future.



April 20–May 20

Three planets are syncing with Mercury this week, which should help to lessen the negative effects of Merc’s pesky retrograde phase. You might reconnect with someone from the past unexpectedly or revisit a discussion and manage to come to a new understanding. Creative brainstorming with a group and making peace with an old friend are also favored. Since Taurus is hosting the full moon, you’re liable to be extra emo and shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your needs first, as long as you’re careful not to step on toes. It’s time to take your emotional temperature and consider what (or who) may need to exit your life for you to flourish. Lean on your squad for support. A Mars-Jupiter coalition suggests if you’re already in a serious relationship, working to improve it will be worth it. Singles might spark with someone on the job or work productively with another person. And when your ruler, Venus, spars with Neptune late in the week, the distinction between platonic and sexual could get blurred, turning a friend into a friend with benefits. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal, and protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Not sure what you want or are willing to give? Don’t rush into things blind.



May 21–June 20

Although your ruling planet, Mercury, continues to backtrack through your efficiency corner, its various meetings with other planets this week should alleviate some of your difficulties. You might hit upon an alternate solution to a problem, refocus on intellectually challenging work, freshen up your professional skills or reapply for a job. Try to get a sense of what you need to fix in order to achieve an elusive goal. What hump do you need to get over before you can cross the finish line? A full moon at the end of your chart pushes you to embrace an ending that will clear the decks for better things. You may need to retreat from the world to rest, reflect and relax. Tune in to what your spirit needs, and look to your dreams and hunches for important messages. A secret could come to light now. Then a Mars-Jupiter alliance encourages you to grab your significant other or friend and enjoy a no-holds-barred good time. Romance and creative collabs both get a thumbs up. Later in the week, Venus’s tussle with Neptune can complicate one-on-one relations, and you’d do well to remember that nobody’s perfect. Even someone who knows and loves you can’t be expected to read your mind.



June 21–July 22

Mercury hooks up with the sun, Saturn and Neptune this week, so even though its retrograde still may cause some snafus, you could have a positive experience — or two or three. You might have a creative breakthrough; rediscover a meaningful source of pleasure; reconnect with an ex; or reiterate your feelings and solidify a bond — or end it amicably. The full moon in your humanity house could spell drama in your squad, and you might have to be there for a friend who needs you. A philanthropic endeavor or a bucket-list dream can come to fruition under this lunation. Plus, you may decide you’ve outgrown a group or a friendship. Then Mars syncs up with Jupiter, indicating that working from home or working on your home are two great ways to be productive. But since Venus is out of sync with Neptune, no matter how much you’re enjoying what you’re doing and relishing the flow of being on your grind, part of you still yearns for escape. If you long to be elsewhere but can’t take a trip, remind yourself that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side — then indulge in the simple pleasure of a daydream or a new experience that takes you out of yourself.



July 23–August 22

Since several planets are playing nice with Mercury this week, even though Merc is still off the grid, thoughts and speech may not cause you as much grief. It’s a good time to reconnect with a family member or old roomie. You could also grasp a lesson from your past that will strengthen your health or productivity or heal a wound in your psyche. And sharing your feelings with someone you trust could bring you closer. With a full moon illuminating the peak of your chart, you can achieve a big goal, your career path may take a turn or you might find yourself in the spotlight and called on to perform. Bosses can seem temperamental now. It’s a great time to release an old goal that no longer resonates with you. Mars is gelling with Jupiter, coaxing you to proactively pursue what you believe will fulfill you. If you boldly pitch your creative ideas, you’ll have luck on your side! Since Venus will square off with Neptune later in the week, you might hold someone to an impossibly high standard and need to let that go. Love and sex can be both blissful and bewildering, so do your best to separate fantasy from reality.



August 23–September 22

Mercury is still rogue, but due to its coalitions with three other planets this week, it could feel like your brain and your mouth are functioning pretty well again. You’ll feel more attuned to others’ emotional states and can intuit how to get on the same wavelength with people. You can also express yourself with plenty of energy, personality and gravitas. Although you might get your message across differently than expected, your interactions have the potential to generate positive feelings. The full moon may bring an urge for adventure and tempt you to take a leap of faith. Your belief system could be tested, and this is your chance to weed out something you thought was true that has limited your growth. Drop that false belief for good! A Mars-Jupiter meeting prompts you to use your resources well in a quest for peace and security. That could mean anything from making a smart financial move to rearranging furniture using feng shui principles to improve your space. Then Venus gets lost in Neptune’s fog, tempting you to gloss over a reality about someone to stay comfortable. Or maybe a questionable individual will throw off your equilibrium. Your intellectual powers and communication skills will help you pinpoint what’s really going on.



September 23–October 22

Thanks to Mercury’s links with the sun, Saturn and Neptune throughout the week, some of the challenges of Mercury’s retrograde phase should be lessened. You might see the reality of your resources more clearly and be honest with yourself about what you have and what you need. Insights into your assets could enhance your productivity or your overall wellbeing. Meanwhile, the full moon pushes you to balance your needs, priorities and values with those of another person. You could pay off a debt or loan someone money or emotional support. And a sexual relationship may reach the boiling point — in a good way or a bad way. This is a great lunation for putting a crisis, wound or loss behind you once and for all. Next, Mars links up with Jupiter, which should help you to walk your talk. Channel your energy into acting on your beliefs, increasing your contacts, doing things you’ll learn from and taking a well-calculated risk. When your ruler, Venus, gets entangled with Neptune days later, the logistics of socializing could become complicated, and a health or work matter might cast a cloud over your positive frame of mind. The antidote? A dose of nature! Even a quick fix will replenish you.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Try not to compare – easier said than done! Thanks for this week’s horoscope! ❤️✨

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