Your Weekly Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 25-December 1

All right, everybody — this week is looking up! Venus goes into Capricorn, there’s a new moon in Sagittarius and Neptune turns direct (meaning Neptune retrograde is over)!



November 22–December 21

The appeal of pretty things, positive self-esteem and relationship security could grow after Venus exits Sagittarius and segues into your worth zone at the start of the week. Your desires will become more pronounced — and your taste may become more lavish. In the coming month, you could find it easy to spend money and to bring it in. Venus and Uranus are in cahoots, enabling you to find unique ways to use your assets. Your creativity and self-confidence can help you produce highly original work. Your sign is hosting this week’s new moon, signaling that it’s your turn to make a fresh start. How would you like to reinvent yourself? Is there a side of your personality you’re not expressing? A new look you want to try out? An exciting venture you can launch? Does your communication style convey the real you? The theme is this: New Year, New You! And after Neptune kicks into gear, you can release emotions and memories that have kept you tied to the past. If you’ve been enmeshed in a domestic or family situation, press pause and consider what you need to feel more at ease. A Mercury-Neptune confab late in the week can persuade you to stay in and write something artistic and beautiful or bond with a loved one.



December 22–January 19

Lovely Venus sashays into Capricorn at the beginning of the week, enabling you to dazzle people with your charisma. You’ll feel attractive and on in the coming month and can use your charming magnetism to draw in what — and whom — you desire. Venus’s harmony with Uranus a few days later hints that you’ll get the most pleasure from straying off the beaten path. Under this influence, you’re more into love, fun and creativity that possesses the element of surprise. Shake things up to keep life interesting, whether that means an unconventional attraction, an artistic risk or a spur-of-the-moment adventure. A new moon at the end of your chart coaxes you to start a volunteer effort, spiritual practice, dream journal or something else that speaks to your soul and puts you in touch with your imagination and intuition. With Neptune pivoting forward, you’ll feel more capable of piecing your thoughts together and putting them into words. A hunch could morph into a valuable perception, and vague ideas could blossom into creative concepts. Don’t hurry to assign meaning to everything; Neptune will take its time getting back up to speed. Mercury’s chemistry with Neptune can also help you to read between the lines and express yourself accordingly. Look at this as a chance to convey sympathy and clear up confusion.



January 20–February 18

Once Venus slips into your release corner early in the week, you won’t feel quite as sociable and may develop a taste for peaceful solitude in the coming weeks. Getting cozy behind closed doors with a special someone will prove more gratifying than mingling with a crowd. Love may seem more spiritual than romantic, in which case you could be moved to do selfless favors, care for a loved one or perform charity work. When Venus plays nice with Uranus days later, you could be inspired to let go of old feelings and liberate yourself from the grip of your personal history. On a different note, the new moon in your humanity house invites you to expand your circle by making new friends and contacts or joining an organization. This lunation also encourages philanthropy and group endeavors. With Neptune wrapping up his retrograde phase, your finances should become clearer, but it’s also possible that an urge to splurge will strike. Money can seem magical, either showing up miraculously or slipping through your fingers. Let your spiritual values serve as your guide instead of reaching for idealized pleasure. Listen to your gut when it comes to what you really require. Mercury’s alliance with Neptune can help you think along these lines, conceptualizing career plans with nonmaterial rewards in mind.



February 19–March 20

With Venus twirling into your humanity house this week, your desire to see your squad will grow. You’ll feel most content when you’re around a lot of people, so book plenty of group plans in the month to come. Parties, club meetings, networking events, GNOs and other big gatherings are your happy place. When Venus vibes with Uranus midweek, seize opportunities to interact with new people, particularly those who stimulate your intellect and enable you to see life in a fresh way. Under this influence, you might not want to socialize with just anyone. Surround yourself with an interesting swath of humanity who feeds your curiosity! A new moon at the peak of your chart invites you to set new goals, embark on a new chapter in your career, veer off on a different path in your overall life course or craft a business plan. Neptune is powering on after five months off the grid, making it easier for you to tune into the outside world, actively engage and make your dreams a reality. If you’ve been drifting along, lost in thought, now you’ll feel more in step with others. A Mercury-Neptune meeting suggests whatever you learn now can inspire you to aim higher — talking to people who are different from you will allow you to maximize the benefits.



March 21–April 19

Now that Venus is ascending to your ambition angle, you’ll feel like you can produce creative work and schmooze your superiors — and boost your odds of success in the process. It’s important to maintain visibility in the coming month because you can easily make a favorable impression. And since Venus is meshing with Uranus a few days later, your stock is apt to soar. Put your unique talents on display, and people are sure to notice. Getting along well with colleagues, winning over bosses and doing imaginative work can improve your financial outlook and your confidence. A new moon in your exploration corner may allude to the need for fresh adventures, a looming publishing project, a fresh outlook, a new course of study or a big trip. This is a great time to adopt a new mantra or envision something different for your future. With Neptune going direct at the end of your chart, hopefully you’ll gain some peace of mind. Your very private quest for higher meaning and a connection with something greater than yourself can get onto a more productive track now. Come to terms with where you are in your life, have faith in the fact that you’re here for a purpose and trust your intuition. Mercury’s link with Neptune can generate kind words and cathartic insights, and it may also allow you to find forgiveness.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet soars into your exploration corner just as this week gets underway, enhancing the allure of difference. You can appreciate beauty in unexpected forms and places and might be drawn to someone you’d normally overlook or rule out. In the coming month, you’ll benefit from exploring unchartered territory and encountering unfamiliar pleasures. And later in the week, Uranus in Taurus makes nice with Venus, giving you a solid green light to stay out of your comfort zone. Experiences that expand your consciousness and break boundaries of convention will sate your appetite for adventure. Discovering new delights might bring new discoveries about yourself.

A new moon in your depth-and-sharing sector may foreshadow a new sexual connection or outside resource. If you’ve suffered a loss or wound or been through a crisis and struggled to rebuild, this is an opportunity to make a fresh start. As Neptune gets back up to speed, relations among your friends will be more straightforward, and social plans won’t seem so tentative. You might hit refresh on a certain friendship and examine your various relationships (both personal and professional) to assess if they’re still a good fit. You can view people through a clearer lens going forward. A Mercury-Neptune coalition makes it easy for you to share your hopes and dreams with your squad and get on the same page with people.



May 21–June 20

After the love planet dives into your depth-and-intimacy sector early in the week, you’ll choose hot and heavy over easy breezy. You’re craving closeness now, as intense emotions get jumbled together with sexual libido. And if you’re on your own or spending time with a good friend, you’ll still value loyalty, realness, commitment and a strong sense of connection. Venus’s harmony with Uranus suggests that both intimacy and introspection can be liberating. Self-love is a prerequisite for true intimacy, and strong feelings can lead to a revelation now. The new moon in your interpersonal angle hints that a new partnership (romantic, business, creative, you name it) is on the horizon, or a relationship you’re already in could turn more serious. As Neptune awakens from his long nap, your professional path or life direction should become better defined. Have you felt disillusioned with your career or bewildered when it comes to what you should do for a living? Seek out someone who can help you craft your dreams into clear-cut objectives. Let your faith in the contribution you can make to the world keep you going. Mercury’s meeting with Neptune nudges you to be mindful of details so you can read the mood of higher-ups or achieve the recognition you yearn for. Disciplined, analytical thinking will pay off in tangible and intangible ways.



June 21–July 22

After Venus crosses your interpersonal angle, you’ll be in the mood to see people one-on-one and won’t have any trouble maintaining peaceful relations. It’s easy to strike mutually beneficial compromises and express your affection for others. Make a point of connecting with individuals you like or love — and enjoy their companionship! Venus and Uranus are collaborating, making it even easier to get along with everyone. You can find just the right balance of personal space, and your interactions will be invigorating. With a new moon rising in your productivity corner, now’s a good time to launch a job search; learn a skill; get into a healthy habit; start a new diet or exercise regimen; adopt a pet; organize your workspace; address medical issues; get onto a different schedule; and strengthen your work ethic. Neptune’s U-turn will bring your vague vision of the future into sharper focus, but it can also help you make peace with not having all the answers. Keep an open mind, as it will allow you to discover personal philosophies and truths that strike a deep chord with you. Let go of old preconceptions and false boundaries. Mercury’s link with Neptune refreshes your hopes and brings an opportunity to look at the big picture. Heartfelt words about a cause that moves you can convey a higher truth and allow you to make a profound connection.



July 23–August 22

You can get in a pleasant flow with your work and enjoy the simple pleasure of being productive after Venus cruises into your efficiency corner early this week. You’ll show your fondness for people and your positive attitude by doing favors and being of service. And Venus’s midweek mashup with Uranus in your ambition angle implies that enjoying what you’re doing will be a win-win, as you’re likely to make headway while you’re having fun. Creative work and work that serves a useful purpose are both favored. You can also gel almost effortlessly with your colleagues. So you might want to say yes to something you worried would be a thankless chore, since it probably won’t feel like drudgework. On a different note, the new moon in your fulfillment house lures you to start a new romance, develop a hobby, launch a creative project, let your inner child out to play and embrace fresh sources of pleasure, love and happiness. As Neptune powers forward, a close bond may start to make more sense, and you might clarify your expectations. Consider how you share power, whom you trust and what relationships you invest in. A Mercury-Neptune collab encourages you to delve into your psyche in search of healing self-awareness and share your feelings and thoughts with a confidant.



August 23–September 22

You won’t want to stay in as much after Venus shows up in your joy sector, where she’ll set up shop for the next few weeks. Now you’re more interested in creative pursuits, hobbies, romance, play and anything else that pleases you. Venus’s tango with Uranus midweek persuades you not to look for lovers who meet all your usual criteria. Expand your horizons and allow yourself to be drawn to unexpected delights. Now’s your chance to take an artistic gamble, enjoy a romantic getaway or set off on a life-altering adventure. In contrast, a new moon at the base of your chart can coax you to put down new roots, and a change in your living situation — such as relocation, renovation or redecoration — could be in the works. A new development in your family is another possibility. This happens to be a great lunation for implementing an at-home self-care practice. With Neptune coming out of reverse, it gets easier to read people and look at your relationships sensibly. If you’ve idealized someone, romanticized a connection or you’re pining for an unavailable person, seeing the truth will allow you to form healthier, more real relationships. Mercury is dovetailing with Neptune, which will help you reengage with individuals you care about and find common ground. Reach out to people with whom you share a creative, spiritual or romantic bond.



September 23–October 22

After your ruling planet dips down to the base of your chart for a three-and-a-half-week visit, the pleasures of home and family will gain added appeal. During this period, you’d rather stay home, have people over, enjoy good food and lounge on the couch binge-watching than hit the hot spots or attend parties. Venus is vibing with liberating Uranus midweek, suggesting that being completely at home with another person or in your own skin will feel very freeing. Relax and unwind with family or someone you can be yourself with. Bonding with a relative can help you understand an emotional issue better. Or chill solo at your place — and maybe uncover something new about yourself in the process of reflecting. The new moon in your thinking-and-talking corner can allude to new information coming your way; a development involving your siblings or your neighborhood; or meeting new people. You may soon take a short trip or two, tackle paperwork, gather facts and make a decision. With Neptune edging forward now, you’ll also start to feel more capable of getting your diet, fitness or health back on track. Find ways to get organized so your overall productivity will improve. Thanks to Mercury’s chemistry with Neptune, you can use your imagination to accomplish a task or solve a problem.



October 23–November 21

You can get into a positive frame of mind when you notice the love and beauty all around you after amiable Venus sails into your cognition-and-communication house early in the week. It’s easier to tell people how you feel now and to soak up the warmth in your interactions. Venus and idiosyncratic Uranus join forces a few days later, nudging you to see how people are attractive and appealing in their own unique ways. Your upbeat mood can open the door to pleasant chance encounters and spontaneous expressions of feeling that keep life interesting and fun. Welcome love however it shows up in your life! The new moon in your worth zone invites you to set new financial goals; create a budget; develop a new source of income; strengthen your self-esteem; and shore up your values and priorities. Now that Neptune is doing a 180 after five months of traveling retrograde, passion stirs and desires take shape. A creative idea can find new life now, or perhaps you’ll see a love interest in a different light. Take love and happiness seriously — making them objectives, not merely ideals. Mercury’s connection with Neptune will also ease communication and artistic self-expression, making it even easier for you to convey your heartfelt emotions. Imaginative, inspired brainstorming and writing are favored.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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