BTS from Our March Catalog

From desert dunes to its colorful maze of medinas, the “beautiful chaos” of Morocco played center stage for this year’s March catalog, and even introduced a few furry friends along the way…

We asked our Creative Director to share some of her thoughts and experiences :

“What I love most about Morocco is its unexpected beauty, the way that everything just rolls in front of your eyes. Every day I feel as though I am walking through a film. A perfect mix of current-day and history. There is a timelessness in Morocco that I really enjoy. And its energy, the hustle and bustle, are very exciting and just makes me feel so alive.”

“We shot in the surf beach town of Taghazout. There aren’t many places where you can befriend a few Finnish surfers as a local pulls up in a vintage 70 Mercedes with a black goat in the driver’s seat, with a few camels walking by at the same time. It just blows my mind. No one could ever plan such beautiful chaos!”

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Love the photos! Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog