Tonight’s Super Moon Just Might Unleash A SuperYou

Moon Juice’s mother-of-all-things-celestial Amanda Chantal Bacon shares a few thoughts about the Super Moon and how she plans to celebrate…

I’m a Cancer. If you know anything about Cancers, they are moody (rather, emotional) homebodies (think nurturing). And they are ruled by that beautiful hunk of rock in our nightly periphery, the Moon. 

So, needless to say that I am very excited that tonight marks the appearance of the decade’s first Super Moon. It’s a Worm Moon, to be exact, which signifies the time in which earthworms begin to emerge from the cold winter’s ground (at least, pre-climate change) in anticipation of spring.

I was equally excited to find out why Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of LA’s famous Moon Juice, is excited about the Super Moon. It may come as no surprise that, in a brief convo about moons and rebirth, her brand’s SuperYou™ got an honorable mention as well. SuperYou™ is a clinical strength blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs — rhodiola, ashwagandha, shatavari, amla — that work together to address the effects of stress on the mind and body. By helping to normalize cortisol levels, SuperYou™ could help with managing stress while enhancing energy, mood and focus.

What influence does the moon have on you? 

My whole emotional and physical being is tied to the moon. 

What will you do to celebrate the Super Moon?

I hope I have a sexy Super Moon with my husband.

Spring (as a time of rebirth) seems like the perfect time to initiate a new routine. How would you recommend incorporating Super You into one’s daily rituals?

I created SuperYou™ for the person who is looking for an easy way to make and keep a ritual. It’s as simple as keeping the jar next to your toothbrush and taking two caps in the morning after brushing your teeth!

Five things you’d bring with you on a visit to the moon?

SuperYou™ , an organic white sweatsuit, Cosmic Cream, a 100% chocolate bar, and rose oil from India. 

Your go-to nighttime routine…

Magnesi-om in a cup with water, and Milk Cleanse, Acid Potion, Plump Jelly on the face! 

Favorite song to fall asleep to…

I listen to Kaypacha’s weekly Pele Report as I fall asleep.

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3 years ago

Hello moon sisters! Every full moon, I hold a virtual “wild woman moon circle”, with meditation, intention setting and flower card readings! We are open hearted women from all backgrounds and ages coming together in a sacred way. Hope to meet you in ceremony