Adoption Stories: Meet Ana and Yaya

And learn how our Senior Managing Director of Creative rescued her sweet girl. 

Why did you choose Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization and how long had you been thinking about adopting?

Well, for one thing…I’m always interested in adopting! I have 4 cats now, but over the years we have had dogs, chickens, bunnies…and yes, most of that at the same time. 😊 I’m not sure how I came across this rescue specifically, but Pamela does an amazing job with a small organization while making a huge impact. She’s based in South Jersey and does great work taking care of colonies and finding homes for many cats.

Tell us about meeting your fur baby. Was it love at first sight? What brought the two of you together?

I stumbled upon some social media posts from SWRO about a cat colony living in the rocks under the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was so intrigued I had to reach out to them. 

What’s your cat’s name? How old is she?

This girl is Yaya. I actually named her Yayoi (Kusama) since she was born at the Art Museum, but my kids had trouble saying it, so she quickly became Yaya. She’s about 7 years old now.

Any idea of the breed?

I’d go with American Domestic Shorthair, but basically — Cat. 

Her favorite toy?

She’s not overly playful, she prefers to stare at me aloofly and with judgement but will happily cuddle with my youngest son.

Funniest quirks?

She’s incredibly shy and has the gift of invisibility when guests are over.

Favorite activities to do together?

She loves to bathe in sunlight.












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This post is in support of our long-time partner Best Friends Animal Society

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This is the cutest! ❤️ ✨

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