Adoption Stories: Meet Morgan & Otto

Our Visual Display Coordinator & Care FP Assistant wasn’t in a rush to adopt a pup, but the universe intervened. 

Tell us how you chose your rescue. How long had you been thinking about adopting?

I found a dog running loose in Philadelphia and reunited it with its owner. That lit a fire in me. At the time, my best friend had just bought a house and I was living with her. She knew I always wanted a dog so, as my landlord, she gave me the green light to get one. Just 3 weeks later I was browsing local rescues and Otto’s face popped up on Petfinder. He was located at Burlington County Animal Alliance (BCAA), and when I reached out about Otto, they told me he was already spoken for. But a few days later, they reached out to say that the adoption fell through and asked if I would be able to meet him. That’s when I knew it was meant to be!

What is your pup’s name? How old is he?

Otto! He is 3ish. When I got him they said he was 3, but I took him to the vet and they told me they thought he was still a puppy.

Was it love at first sight? What brought you and Otto together?

Meeting Otto for the first time was a whirlwind. BCAA doesn’t have an actual shelter — all of their animals are in foster homes — so I thought Otto would be coming from someone’s house. He actually came straight from a shelter in South Carolina. I met one of the volunteers at an adoption event they were hosting at Petsmart. When I showed up, one of the volunteers told me Otto had gone home with someone already, and I panicked! Shortly after, they reassured me he was still available, but just hadn’t arrived yet. When his transport van came rolling in, Otto was covered in dirt but super excited to see everyone. After meeting him I knew immediately he was coming home with me. He decided to take me on a walk through Petsmart and that’s when I realized I needed to buy a harness. He’s very strong! ☺️

While driving home, I started panicking again when I  realized I was now in charge of a living being other than myself. So to keep us both  calm, I talked his ear off for the full 30 mins it took to drive back to my neighborhood. Poor Otto’s first memory in his new home was getting a bath…actually, it was of the two of us getting a bath, since the water went everywhere! My bedroom is on the 3rd floor and, at first, my newly adopted 40lb dog refused to go up the stairs. Luckily, after a bit of practice, he learned and can now at least go up to my room without being carried! He’s literally the best dog ever and the best thing to ever happen to me. I am beyond grateful for the universe bringing us together and I really can’t imagine life without him.

Any idea of the breed?

We did a DNA test. It wasn’t super accurate but, here is a list of his potential breeds – Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Lab, American Bulldog, American Eskimo, a plethora of herding dogs…the list goes on. We are constantly stopped on our walks by people asking what type of dog he is. I’ve just started calling him a super mutt.

His favorite toy? 

He has two — a bottle of rosé and his grunting hedgehog. He also enjoys ripping any appendages off of his toys. The poor hedgehog lost his felt toenails within minutes.

Funniest quirks?

At the dog park he prefers to scratch his back on shrubs/bushes rather than socialize with the other dogs.
He is 100% a mouth breather.
He enjoys hunting/eating flies that make their way into our house.
As mentioned, he doesn’t like stairs – so yes, when we go somewhere new and there are stairs, I have to carry him up and down multiple times until he has the courage to do them on his own.

Favorite activities to do together?

Going for long walks around town, snuggling in bed, and eating the dog-friendly ice cream I make for him.

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Such a cute story! Thank you for sharing! ❤️ ✨

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