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Natalie commented on the January catalog post asking what the deal is with the We the Free product featured in the new book. We the Free knit line is an eclectic collection of tops, t-shirts, and heavy weight styles that features relaxed fits, superior fabric quality and washes, and thoughtful artwork. We the Free offers a rare combination of the newest print techniques pared with both classic and edgy graphics, applique, hand embroidery, and rugged trimmings. We hope this collection will charm you with its special details and unique sensibility.
Basically, this is a new line of high end knits with amazing fabrics, art, dye and print techniques. The aesthetic is a little bit more tough and boy inspired. So what do you think???
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  1. It’s a shame that everything free people sells is overpriced. I tend to find similar items at a bargain at thrift shops.

  2. I think the new line is absolutely adorable (casual, yet stylish)…which is what I think about mostly everything that FP puts out. The attention to detail and providing something other stores do not keeps this my favorite brand of all time.
    But “rugged”? If like most of Free People’s clothing, the durability and how it washes leaves something to be desired when you look at the price tags.
    I love love love FP…but would love love love quality to match the price.
    Until that occurs, I’ll still buy/search for FP products at “the Maxx” : )

  3. Cool look, I like the vintagey-rough & tumble look. I also think it’s neat when you have a new “brand” like what Anthro does with all of their in house labels. & Yeah you can buy similar itms elsewhere,…..but do I really want to ? ;>)

  4. I love we the free and the whole boy-ish, rugged aesthetic. Btw you should post about music and bands like your post from a while ago about the weepies, whom I love.

  5. i thought the shirts were saying “from” at first. from what? but then i realized it said “frdm”. so that’s short for “freedom” right? that’s cool. i like the name “we the free”.

  6. I ADORE the We the Free stuff, but I wish it wasn’t so overpriced. There are so many things that you guys sell/make that I would LOVE to buy, but they cost too much money. I LOVE the We the Free panther sweatshirt, but I would never spend $138 for it (or rather my mom would never let me spend that money on a sweatshirt). I also love the climbing blooms cutout tanks, but $78 for a tank is a bit pricey.
    Maybe you could create a sub-brand (think Marc by Marc Jacobs as a sub-brand for Marc Jacobs) with clothing that isn’t as pricey? I’d LOVE if you did that. It would make me rediculously happy :)

  7. i do like the line, but i tend to favor the regular free people merchandise more
    i like the (“crafty”?) /uniqueness of the reg. clothes, they are usually different compared to what everyone else is wearing which is why i love them so much [like the dresses with all the trimmings, the “bohemian”flair to them, and the fun prints and knits]
    but the we the free line seems to be to typical of every other store, its like its just graphic tees and tanks

  8. those of you who are commenting on pricing should definitely check out the we the free stuff because all though it is more expensive, the materials are of better quality (ex. the hoodie with the bronco on the back is a lot thicker than the $78 and $88 hoodies that fp normally sells). the attention to detail is absolutely fabulous and, as always, the designs on the tees, tanks, and hoodies are totally awesome. great job, fp! :) :)

  9. Hey everyone. You should totally take Sarah’s advice and check out the We the Free stuff in person before you wonder about the price. The quality of the fabrics is AMAZING and so is the detailing. I don’t think you would say it looks like other stuff out there if you saw it in person. The printing and dying techniques are really special and not something you’ll see everywhere. You are of course entitled to you opinion. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. We are FP are really proud of this line and totally in love.

  10. I do like the original Free people stuff better. The new We The Free looks a little Abercrombie… It’s a good business move to branch out, you might reach more audience, but I will stick to the “crafty” and original looking garments and accessories.
    Also, I agree with a previous poster about the quality. I buy oodles of FP stuff and just love it, but since I spend every bit of of my money on it, I would like it if it didn’t fall apart immediately. I can’t tell you how many trips to the seamstress I’ve made to repair fallen apart FP garments. And yet, I continue to buy. Just disappointing and draining the pocket book.

  11. Hey folks,
    Re: comments about quality…if you have purchased a free people garment online or from the catalog and you feel the quality is not what it should be, please let us know.
    You can email customer service and they will forward your issue to us to look into and address. They can also help you with returns or exchanges if need be. If something is bad, we want to know so we can make it better!

  12. The comment that things fall apart quickly is true. My experience with it is that if you call them and let them know then they do make it right. I purchased a We The Free shirt for way too much (98.00) and it fell apart after two wears. They replaced it right away. Another shirt I purchased after two wears had a hole and some fading and they replaced that one to. So they do back up the product. I do wish the clothes were better made though. I keep buying and can’t seem to stop. I bought a very expensive hoodie from we the free and I hope it is not too rugged that it will fall apart too. I want to be able to keep it for more than one season at a huge price of 168.00.
    Hope that helps.

  13. I absolutely love your clothing and the whole, late 1960’s-70’s-ish vibe. But I truly wish that these great clothes weren’t as pricey as they are. I find clothes similar to this at thrift shops and vintage stores. Is there anywhere else that sells your clothing at a lower price?


  15. I really love Free People. The style is so unique. But I noticed, today, my 72$ “Slip” has holes in it. Uh, I take care of my clothes – not to mention I wear them to nice places – Not like I’m hiking in this garb. I took a look at the tag and was SO SHOCKED! It’s made in China! Along with all my other Free People brand clothes! Can someone please explain why!! lol I mean, China’s minimum wage is about 80 cents (American Dollars). What’s the deal?

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