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We are going to do some spotlights of Free People stores, so you can get to know a little bit about each one. The first entry is from our very first Free People store! Here is what the girls had to say…
Where is your store located? Garden State Plaza Mall, Paramus NJ
How many people work in your store? 5 Managers, 12 Sales Associates.
What is the weather like? Well right now it’s still cold, but we are all anxiously waiting for Spring to come!!!
What is the best thing for lunch in the area? One of our sales associate’s parents’ has a deli/market…Morano’s!!
What is your favorite piece in the store right now? The Cherry Blossom is made of great fabric and has an amazing fit on everyone!!
How are people wearing this piece? Either by itself or looks really cute w/ skinny jeans or leggings
What is your favorite local treat? We love Ritas or Ralph’s Italian ice especially now in the spring and summer and Starbucks drinks!
What does the FP Girl do for fun? Go out with her friends to the mall, movies, bars
What else do you want us to know about your store? We all have a great time working with each other and provide GREAT customer service to all our customers!!! We all really love the brand and have so much fun working here!!

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15 years ago

hello fp girl.
i have been checking these posts on a daily basis, beginning last year when i discovered the very first entry. you do such a lovely job. i enjoy getting the inside scoop on all of the free people happenings, especially the design processes you post (seeing workspaces, video development, materials….). I have such a great admiration for the aesthetic of the free people stores and design process that you capture. i’d love to become a part of this process. are you aware of any areas in your department in need of design/art related work?
sincerely yours,
jamie karoses

15 years ago

Hey Jamie! Thank you so much for reading and your kind words. I’m so glad you like the fp crew is up to. You can always check out the open jobs at Check it out here

15 years ago

much love to the paramus girls! its by far my favorite fp store (out of he 3 i have visited in that area!).

15 years ago

Free People rocks!

15 years ago

I love how you’re doing spots! Can you do one on the NorthPark mall FP? I just went and one of my friends works there!

15 years ago

Hi! A new store currently opened in downtown Seattle. I recently submitted an application to work as a sales associate online, but I was wondering, from an employees perspective, how challenging it will be. I turn eighteen in April and have little work experience, but would absolutely love to work in your store. Do you have an feedback or advice?

15 years ago

Hey Taylor!
Thanks for your comment! :)
I’m afraid you will have to wait until you are 18 years old to work for Free People – but don’t worry, you can always apply again in April!
As for working in the store, I’m afraid I have no knowledge of it – any fpgirls working in the stores want to help me out? :) Please post!
Thank you again for writing! Good luck! xox

14 years ago

my question is.. how old do you have to be to work at a free people store ?