on the road – final post

well we have come to the end of our first book club selection, jack kerouac’s on the road.

i’ve read the book several times, but this time i really took notice of the writing style.  kerouac got a lot of criticism for his skill as a writer due to the fact that it was written in a creative burst over a span of a few weeks, in one continuous scroll.  however, the content for the book was gathered from notebooks that he kept throughout the duration of his travels, and personally i think that the hurried, frantic nature of the text perfectly suits the subject matter.  it captures the impulsiveness of the adventures that Kerouac and his friends embarked on and the freedom of being on the road without any real destination.

i leave you with this…

“our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. but no matter, the road is life.”

p.s. we’ll be picking the next book shortly, so stay tuned…


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11 years ago

I love this book too! Where did you get your information about Kerouac’s writing?

11 years ago

so remember that whole holiday craft swap thing?
i sent out my gift and never received one back… :(

11 years ago

this book is the greatest! i just finished reading it. i love his poetic writing style.

p.s. (lauren) i sent out a swap gift and never received one either. you’re not alone :)

11 years ago

Hey—his writing style is what I absolutely love most about his books….so incredibly creative in the way he describes ordinary things…I’ve underlined and dogeared so many pages!! I’m not finished yet though…

(p.s. I didn’t receive my gift either..hoping it’s still in the mail! How weird!)

11 years ago

thanks julia! that means a lot :)