model off duty

our creative design assistant snapped a couple pics of model sasha pivovarova when she arrived for our catalog shoot on thursday… she looks effortlessly cool in leather pants, black shoes, tank and messy braid – and the tiger on her shirt was definitely appropriate!

i snapped this photo of her bracelets and rings on the makeup table – i love that she just wears a couple of friendship bracelets!


and jemma took this photo when she arrived on day two, looking nice and cozy for the cold day in nyc!


i know you guys want to see more of the april catalog but you’re going to have to wait a little bit! don’t worry though because i’ll have a sneak peek of our february book soon (maybe next week!) and it is amazing :)


  1. I already spazzed about Sasha in the previous post, but I have to do it again. She looks absolutely amazing in these outfits. I love her cute braid; it’s such a soft look. I just cannot wait for sneak peeks, although maybe it’s appropriate to save it for a surprise.

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