i am completely in love with our latest vintage loves vignette, “namaste!” the selection of indian printed dresses, worn denim and woven bags are right up my alley.  i especially love the length of a lot of the dresses and that they’re shorter for going into spring and summer. perfect summer festival dress, anyone?!?

coincidentally, one of our fp girls came in today wearing a vintage dress just like the ones above! i love how she styled it with a wide belt and boots.

lou just happened to be walking by and we couldn’t resist putting her in the photo :)



and since its not quite warm enough yet, these dresses look awesome paired with tights, boots and a faux fur jacket too!


and here is our amazing vintage team at the vignette shoot, being awesome:

TEST 9660



  1. I have lot’s of these! They are so much fun to wear, & in so many ways. The selection is really great & varied. One of the things I really enjoy about Free People is the ethnic details that are woven in. So glad you pulled this together! And the pictures are fun too. Going to dust mine off, & trying to budget those white boots! :)

  2. Loving the vintage pieces! I wish I worked at FP everyone there always looks so happy & you can bring your pooch to work… ENVIOUS. Keep sharing the office photos they make me smile.

  3. I like the white coat in the back…it reminds me of the long one I used to have in my old apartment. I like all the assorted bright pillows. Yes, with the exposed brick it’s totally like my old place.

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