celebrate cinco de mayo with pops of color!

it’s cinco de mayo and we have the perfect way to celebrate! we love being adventurous with bright color pops to liven up your makeup palette and style, and there’s no better time to rock this trend than warm spring and summer nights :)

from our art director: “this spring and summer is all about a pop of color to pair with your neutrals- just one will do! if you are brave, wear bright, bold colors from head to toe. the most important part is to make sure to keep the rest of your make-up clean and simple. pair with a summer dress and flats and you’re good to go!”

here’s our makeup artist’s tips on how to do it:

1. the important element to pull of this look is to start with clean, fresh luminescent skin. exfoliate, moisturize, and apply minimal foundation – a great product is a laura mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer!

2. curl lashes, light on mascara, and make sure brows are neat and natural.

3. choose your color pop, lid or eye, and keep the rest of face bare and neutral. if you choose primary colors, go for product with a yellow base. neon works too!

try any of the great shades pictured above:
makeup forever star power in hot pink
nars exhibit a – this tomato red color is actually a blush but it works great as eyeshadow too!
nars taj mahal – a shimmery burnt orange
mac chrome yellow or lime green
makeup forever star power in hot pink

now have fun and let your festivities be vibrant! happy cinco de mayo!

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12 years ago

Beautiful post, but the model is disgustingly skinny. She has no boobs, or flesh for that matter. Please get models that are larger than size double zero!!! It’s just disappointing.

12 years ago

Kathy, before you go attacking FP please know that that photo is not a FP photo and was used to display the extreme shadow she has one. No need to be rude..

12 years ago

I was just in the store and they had a whole display or gorgeous colors like this! I really love the look esp the hot pink shadow on the model!

12 years ago

whats the name of your hair and make up stylists?
i think their wonderful

12 years ago

I don’t think Kathy was being rude, “Wow”. She was simply stating that the model is so skinny that she can’t see the beauty of the eyeshadow, and I completely agree. I love this blog, and I love Free People, but I also am very disappointed (in general, not just this blog post) that Free People continues to hire extremely skinny women. I’m not asking for size 14 models, but I don’t want anorexic models either. Thank you! Love your Blog!

oh jeeze
12 years ago

wow “fat”…great message you’re sending..

12 years ago

Dear Free People, why was my message deleted ?

12 years ago

Well, it’s a double standard, don’t you think? Why is it right to trash the skinnier girls and only endorse curvier women? All girls have a right to feel beautiful, and I think the girl in the photograph looks gorgeous. Then again, so would a slightly larger girl and so would an even heavier one. Big may be beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that slim is not. (And this is coming from a 180-lb girl, who is your dreaded size 14.)

11 years ago

i agree completely with angelique. also, many girls are just very skinny. I had a friend in high school who was picked on for being “anorexic” and having no boobs, but she was just like that naturally, and i fact DID eat a regular amount of food.