Tiger in a Jar’s Beet Cake

Fp Naomi, our resident chef, is away in Hong Kong right now so for today’s recipe I thought I’d share this video I came across recently. The recipe is for a cake made with beets, and although yes that does sound interesting and potentially delicious, what I love about it is the beauty of this video – it’s magically done, focusing on the physical act of making something as an art form. I couldn’t take my eyes away!

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

Check out their blog, Tiger in a Jar – I’m in love with pretty much everything they do.


  1. I discovered this recipe on another blog I read. I tried the recipe and it’s delicous.
    I have free people blog on google reader. I’m frequent lurker and rarely comment.
    Love your blog!


  2. Wow! I have never in my lifetime heard of a cake made with beets but in fact it actually looks utterly delicious! I have always loved beets, so I definitely want to give this one a try!

  3. I found this vid at the beginning of the summer and like you was entranced! I love the gorgeous way they displayed the products and made the recipie. I made it for my brother upon his arrival home from 5 weeks in China! We loved it!

  4. Yum! and gorgeous video. It does go well with the book. My friend made stuffed shells with beet sauce once that was AMAZING, I think of that recipe when I think of making things from beets. I wish I was more into cooking…

  5. My father has a great deal of beets growing in his garden, so yesterday I decided I would pick a few and put them to use. The cake was delicious and incredibly moist, and not overpoweringly sweet (like I found most cakes to be). My sister told me I have to make her one for her Birthday.
    Chocolate cake isn’t something I will normally eat (unless my mom makes a German chocolate cake), but this is my exception number two. Next time I make it I want to try cutting back on the chocolate a bit to let the beet flavour shine through more.

  6. What a perfect way to sneak beets into your diet! I love beets and eat them daily as I have low iron. Unfortunately, my bf does not share my love of beets. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I now have a way of making sure that he eats his beets too!


  7. I accidentally made an extra cup of beet puree. I cut the recipe in half and put just one chocolate square in. The batter was a beautiful light pink. I used it to make cupcakes instead of cake and they were divine!

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