Madi Diaz Ticket Giveaway!

If you’ve been in one of our stores over the past couple of weeks, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the catchy single “Let’s Go” by Madi Diaz – from her soft opening croon to the attention-getting beat it breaks into, we can’t stop listening! Madi embodies everything we love when it comes to music – a young talent with a strong sense of self, she has gone from harmonizing to the Eagles and Alice in Chains with her father as a teenager, to studying at the School of Rock in Philadelphia, to perfecting her craft living in music mecca Nashville, TN.

Her debut full-length album, Plastic Moon, drops January 24 and you can catch her on tour in the meantime – AND, for one lucky winner we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see her perform live at her 11/16 show in LA at Hotel Cafe!

To enter the giveaway click here.

*please note that the show is in Los Angeles and the giveaway is for the concert tickets only*

And now check out the video for her song “let’s go,” it’s adorable!!

For tour dates and more from Madi Diaz visit her website

We will select a winner at random on Friday 11/11!

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10 years ago

Love a giveaway


10 years ago

Hi FP! Just tried to buy something off the website, but was unable to select the color of the item that I want. Just thought that you might want to know that the site seems to be acting up. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon!

10 years ago

Hey Julia! I’m on a mac. I’m using safari. Hope this helps :)

10 years ago

I have her music video for Let Go! It’s so hippie-like and I love it! makes me want to dance in a field of flowers when the sun is golden before it is about to set. love love love!

10 years ago

Sucks that I live in the Netherlands…
Sounds amazing!