1. oh, many things. to get a driver license, to find something that’s fun to work with, to make new friends, to travel to London and much more.. I hope for 2012 to become a really good year.

  2. My dream is to get accepted into the art institutes, find a small design firm to work with, or fall into the fashion industry. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Expand my creative mind, get my permit, get through sophomore year alright, and start riding horses again.

  4. Hummm… so many things… I hope to get a design internship, take a backpacking trip through Europe, and finally tell him i love him… fingeres crossed

  5. Travel around a new country, have a beautiful/fun wedding, be more creative, learn something new, forgive, love, be healthy, get a job i like, be a good wife,daughter and friend, expand my passion for photography and make stuff!…:)

  6. hmmm… so many come to mind! move to a new place, maybe even buy a home…perhaps find my career path, travel to at least 2 new countries… learn a new language :)

  7. To travel to london&india&italy. To buy lots of pretty things at FP. To help the world more. To be true to myself in love, work & life. To be happier. To spend more quality friend time w/my girls. To work hard, practice my passion& see results. To fall in love.

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