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9 years ago

oh, many things. to get a driver license, to find something that’s fun to work with, to make new friends, to travel to London and much more.. I hope for 2012 to become a really good year.

9 years ago

My dream is to get accepted into the art institutes, find a small design firm to work with, or fall into the fashion industry. We’ll see what happens.

9 years ago

Expand my creative mind, get my permit, get through sophomore year alright, and start riding horses again.

9 years ago

Hummm… so many things… I hope to get a design internship, take a backpacking trip through Europe, and finally tell him i love him… fingeres crossed

9 years ago

find the right college for me, get a job at one of my two local FP stores over the summer, get an internship with my neighbor’s design firm, and create some good pieces of art for my portfolio! :)

9 years ago

Travel around a new country, have a beautiful/fun wedding, be more creative, learn something new, forgive, love, be healthy, get a job i like, be a good wife,daughter and friend, expand my passion for photography and make stuff!…:)

9 years ago

hmmm… so many come to mind! move to a new place, maybe even buy a home…perhaps find my career path, travel to at least 2 new countries… learn a new language :)

9 years ago

To travel to london&india&italy. To buy lots of pretty things at FP. To help the world more. To be true to myself in love, work & life. To be happier. To spend more quality friend time w/my girls. To work hard, practice my passion& see results. To fall in love.

9 years ago

To find myself.

9 years ago

I dream to tie the knot with the man of my dreams. =))

9 years ago

it’s a green dreams))

9 years ago

To land a great job!

9 years ago

I will get that job I’ve been waiting for so long! wishing you an amazing 2012!!!

9 years ago

hey whens the new catalog out?? it looks amazing in those sneek pics…cant wait tosee it!

9 years ago

heyy are you guys doing calenders for each month again? i loveddd those, i always make them my desktop back round :)

9 years ago

that their dreams come true :)

Getting into the fashion Industry may be working hard. Sometimes it is like its definitely not that which you know however exactly who you already know.