How to Use Eyeliner to Transform Shape of your Eyes

Eyeliner is a great tool for defining your eyes — you can transform their shape very effectivelywith one magic product: liquid eyeliner.

 With certain tricks from line definition, you can give the illusion of a larger eye; a more oval eye; or a cute, round eye.

It’s quite effective, and all you need to know is how and where to define the line!

How to Use Eyeliner

  • For larger eyes, apply liner to the top and bottom lash — using a lighter colour eyeliner will be more effective
  • For oval eyes, apply liner to the top lash line, slightly thickening in the middle
  • For rounder eyes, apply liner to the top and bottom lash lines, thinning the lines towards the inner corner and joining them together at the outer corner

Try it! It’s fun see how different your eyes can look and all the different personalities you can create.

Black and White, Pretty Eye

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  1. Finally! And actual makeup tip, the first for a month or more… But, it’s a good one :)

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