Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album – and Reunion!

It’s been a big week for Fleetwood Mac fans! First, we got a taste of the upcoming tribute album, and then yesterday Stevie Nicks announced that the band plans on reuniting next year!

It’s always a risky thing, to cover someone else’s work – especially if the band in question is one of the most successful and iconic acts of all time. But when I heard about the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album and the artists who were included on the album, I had a feeling it was going to be a good one.

Nowness premiered The Kills rendition of Dreams the other day, and I was immediately enamored with their stripped down, haunting cover of one of Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits. The tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me, which will be released on August 14th, also includes Best Coast doing a modern-day take on Rhiannon that definitely brings their distinctive style to the song in a way that is refreshing and new. Lykke Li and Karen Elson actually sound a lot like different versions of Stevie in beautiful versions of Silver Springs and Gold Dust Woman, respectively – listen to them below! Some of the yet-to-be-released tracks that I can’t wait to hear include Washed Out doing “Straight Back,” Tame Impala with “That’s All For Everyone,” Gardens & Villa doing “Gypsy” and The Crystal Ark with one of my favorite songs, “Tusk.”

The Kills x Fleetwood Mac on Nowness.com.


Check out some of the covers and let me know what you think – did they do Fleetwood Mac justice? And here’s hoping for a reunion soon!

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  1. Covering someone like Fleetwood Mac — well — is HARD. But, these weren’t all horrible. Being a purist (if that’s a good word for it?) though, I have to say that that version of Rhiannon SUCKED. I couldn’t listen to it all the way through. But, Gold Dust Woman was very pleasant, I loved the twangy guitar and the airy vocal, and so was Silver Springs — I agree, they do sound like different qualities of Stevie. However, I think my favorites of those is Dreams by the Kills. That was really impressive — how they kept the song’s basics, but totally altered it so that it almost sounded original.

    I honestly can’t wait to hear the others!

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