Free People Girls Get Creative With Hair Accessories

I’ve always loved trying out unique and creative styles with my hair – one of my elementary school teachers used to call me “Do Girl” because, even at the tender age of 8, I was rockin’ a different ‘do every day. Welp, 16 years later I’m still doing weird things with my hair. Sometimes my ideas end up looking awesome and sometimes people ask me if I’m “seriously going out in public like that.” But who cares! Experimenting with hair accessories is so much fun – and there is plenty of opportunity to do it in ways that haven’t been done before. Here’s how some Free People girls played with hair accessories this week!

Briaded Flower Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Our Copywriter used braids, twists, asymmetry and fresh flowers to create a soft, girly look.

90s Ponytail with Multiple Hair Ties

Our Fashion Writer Jemma made a ponytail with three different (tye-dyed) hair ties for a fun ‘90s-inspired look. The Elastic Print Hair Ties she used also look super adorable stacked up as bracelets!

Braided Bun with Free People Mixed Thread Hair Wraps

Our PR Intern used our Mixed Thread Hair Wraps and a bunch of different braids to make an awesome up-do with an intricate yet laid back feel.

Ponytail with Dried Plant and Twine

I used some twine and (of course) a dried plant for a unique, nature-inspired look.

Horizontal Back Braid with Free People Tapestry Turban

Horizontal Back Braid with Free People Tapestry Turban

Our Editorial Manager put a twist on our Tapestry Turban by creating a horizontal braid over it, making it invisible from the back!

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10 years ago

So pretty hair styling ideas! I’d really like to learn how to make the braided hairstyle in the last photo. Maybe you could make a video with tutorials of the top five Free People hairstyles? That’d be great! :)

10 years ago

I love them all! I can’t wait to incorporate some cute hairstyles into my fall fashion. I would love to learn how to do the first and last hair styles. Please do a video tutorial? <3 I love free people!

10 years ago

I love little articles like this! Is there any way you guys could do a turtorial on how to get hair like this model?
I love her hair! It’s to die for! Please, please, please!

-Devoted shopper

10 years ago

Please post more accessories with shorter hair please!

10 years ago


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