Stock Your Yoga Kit—We’ll Show You How

Take some time away from your busy lifestyle and immerse yourself into the peaceful environment of yoga. We believe that yoga wear shouldn’t be boring – we love bright colors and patterns to make our classes more fun.  We have some new additions to our FP Movement range that we can’t get enough of: tie shorts and tank tops that make your spirit come alive.

I always love to jazz up my yoga kit – it makes going to work out much more enjoyable! I usually mix and match my kit with contrasting colors and prints and tend to go with leggings or shorts with a cropped tank. The yoga I practice is hot yoga, so as little as possible is always a good idea. What would be your ideal yoga kit? Here’s mine:

1: Tie Dye Cycle Short

2: A Raglan Top that’s great for traveling to and from yoga class

3: Tie Dye Sports Bra

4: High Neck Bra that’s a little different

5:  A cropped bra to travel to and from class

6: A Yoga Mat

7: Yoga Cleaning Spray


FP Movement

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