DIY Instagram Photo Strips

As you guys probably know, we love Instagram here at Free People! It’s so addicting and a really fun way to document your life – plus, the filters always make the photos look so cool! I love the idea of printing out Instagram photos to look like photo booth strips and hanging them by my desk or in my apartment, and it’s really easy to do.

instagram photos

Select four photos from Instagram that you’d like to use, and make sure they all have the same filter. If they don’t, you can re-upload them all using the same filter and then just delete them from your feed when you’re finished.

instagram photo strip

Using Photoshop, lay out the photos in a vertical strip. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can do this using a program like Paint! Save your photo strip and if you have a good color printer, you can print them yourself; if not, you can save them to a disc and take them to your local CVS or RiteAid and print them using their photo printer.

instagram photo strips

Your photo strips are finished! Display them as you please. :)

instagram photo strips

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10 years ago

I love this! I have mine clipped to some string hanging across my wall

10 years ago

these are awesome, now i just need to get instagram:(
I also like if you use printstagram and print a poster!

10 years ago

Definitely loving this! Great idea :)

10 years ago

what should the dimensions of the photo be to be able to print it out?

10 years ago

oooh we love it!!

DIY and more:

10 years ago

The Kills!!!! <3

9 years ago

I love it! Great Idea:) Greetings from Poland

9 years ago

how do u do this using paint?