DIY Love Potion: Cast Your Spell

When I was little I used to love making my own potions. I’d sneak into the bathroom and mix baby powder, shampoo, mouthwash… whatever I could get my hands on! With Halloween on its way – and our Dark Side of the Moon trend going full force, I can’t help but feel the need to get in touch with my inner witch. Today I have an almost-too-easy recipe for homemade body spray and a really fun idea for little decorative bottles to keep it in. Get ready to get your witch on.

Homemade body spray (I mean, Love Potion)

What you need
4 ounces distilled water
2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin (I got mine at Whole Foods)
1 teaspoon essential oil of your choice (I used patchouli – also from Whole Foods)
Jar with lid

Homemade Body Spray

What you do
Mix all ingredients together in your jar, cover with lid, and shake until it’s mixed through. When you’re finished, your mixture should look slightly cloudy. The glycerin and oil will separate from the water with time, so make sure to shake thoroughly before each use.

As I mentioned above, you can really use any type of essential oil – or even combination of oils – for this. I used patchouli because it has a really earthy, mysterious scent. It seemed to be very fitting for the spellbinding mood I’m feeling.

Homemade Body Spray

Decorative potion bottles

What you need
Glass bottles with a spray nozzle or sealable top (I got mine from A.C. Moore)
Hot glue gun
Colorful hot glue (also from A.C. Moore)

Colored Hot Glue

What you do
Heat up your glue gun and get to work! I decorated my bottles using several layers of hot glue, with each one looking something like this:

Decorative Love Potion Bottle

You really can’t go wrong with your design! I had fun creating little drips, making it appear as though a candle melted all over the glass. If you find that the glue isn’t sticking, you can prepare your glass by first sanding it down with coarse sandpaper or switch to a low temperature glue gun with low temperature glue.

Decorative Love Potion Bottle

The best part about hot glue is that it literally dries in an instant. There’s no waiting time on this love potion! Once your bottles are decorated, fill them up with your body spray – you may have to use a small funnel for this.

Colored Hot Glue

I’m so pleased with how my little love potion bottles turned out. They’re so fun to make and I could imagine them being a really cool, unexpected party favor if you’re hosting a Halloween party this year!

Homemade Body Spray

*Side note: I think this love potion really works. After I finished making it, I had about fifteen people come up to me and ask what the glorious scent was that was swirling through the building and leading them to my desk…

Photos by Brigette.

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9 years ago

I love this Brigette! thanks x

9 years ago

LOVE THIS! So much easier than candle wax! Can’t wait to get gluing! Awesome post Brigette.

9 years ago

I think you’ve inspired me to pull my “inner witch” out too! Love this, can’t wait to try it!

9 years ago

seen the pics on your instagram lol..i was right about it….i love this, its so awesome and right on time for halloween :)

9 years ago

Wow, such a great Idea! Thanks for sharing. Now I just need to find some bottles like yours…

9 years ago

wooooow great idea!!

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9 years ago

Love in it. So much easy to make. I design custom t-shirts. From now I will also start these unique ideas in my class fro kids.

9 years ago

I like very much to make. design custom t-shirts. From now I will also start these unique ideas in my class fro kids.. It is beautiful exceptional design, thanks for design.


9 years ago

I love this!!! The recipe is great, and the bottles are so unique! They would be great even to decorate for halloween!

9 years ago

why is there vegetable glycerin in this??

Such an awesome little halloween gift idea! The love potion concoction reminds me of the “Barbie perfume” my friends and I used to make when I was a mini-me. We used Vanilla Extract; smelled like cupcakes :)

9 years ago

That’s going to be a great addition to my Halloween party. This and the horror movies scratch cards I’ve made are going to make it an unforgettable evening :)
By the way, this is the link to the DIY scratch cards:
If you feel like giving it a go too. Maybe upload some photos of it to this blog.

9 years ago

Loved making mine..I used rose as my scent it smells amazing

9 years ago

I just want to know what is a good love spell and money spell if I want to do it for someone else and if I do the ones above how do I turn them into a spell for someone other than me

Elizabeth Barker
5 years ago

Can you make them colored I would love to make it purple for my halloweenwedding themed wedding