Video: How To Get Our Dark Side Of The Moon Makeup Look

This week’s Dark Side of the Moon trend has cast its spell on all of us, and we can’t get enough of this dark, seductive look! Our videographer and I snuck into the studio on the morning of the shoot to document the makeup, since we knew it was going to be a beauty! This is a gorgeous look for fall and the upcoming holiday season, and it’s easy to achieve with just a few simple steps. Watch the video with makeup artist Deanna Hagan as she explains how to get the look. The complete list of products used is below!

Makeup Tutorial: Get Our Dark Side of the Moon Look from FreePeople on Vimeo.

makeup product list

1. When doing a dark lip shade you need to prep the lips first so that your lips take on the color well. We love the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish – but you can also make your own homemade remedy!

2. Moisturize the lip – we use Aquaphor.

3. On the face, apply a layer of Nars tinted moisturizer to get that luminescent skin.

4. Next we mixed a little bit of Nars Copacabana Illuminator (which has a really pretty shimmer) with moisturizer, just to give her a little extra glow since this is for a photo shoot, but you can skip this step if you want!

5. Since we have such a statement lip, the eye makeup is very minimal. We used an eye pencil to fill in the brows a bit.

6. Apply a coat of black mascara on the upper eye lashes.

7. Apply a bit of blush on the cheekbones – we used Nars Maui.

8. Finish strong with Nars lip color in “Volga” – take your time when applying the color and add some powder to make the color more matte if desired. We applied it using a brush for the base coat and then dabbing more on with a finger starting at the middle of the lip and moving outwards to get the desired coverage.

9. On the nails we used Free People nail polish in Gold.

And here’s the end result, featured on our homepage this week!

dark side of the moon

Shop Dark Side of the Moon

Makeup by Deanna Hagan – Twitter: @deanna_hagan; Instagram: @deannahagan

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9 years ago

beautiful makeup! who is the model in this video?

9 years ago

Lovin those dark lips! Gonna try this look soon.

the vogue bandit

9 years ago

Thank you for posting this!! Love this look and LOVE when you guys post these awesome tutorials with the FP models & make up artists! Keep em coming!!!

9 years ago

I LOVE this model! Any chance of a tutorial on the dark side of the moon hair?

8 years ago

The “Dark Side of the Moon” tutorial reminded me so much of a “Witchy Woman” black and white editorial I saw in Vogue or something several years ago. It was wonderful, I wish I could find it again. Thanks for making the video.