Poll: The Road Less Traveled

This week’s look book is an eclectic delight – The Road Less Traveled is a trend story that has in mind a bohemian traveler on the road; rich textures, distressed leathers, and brightly wound wovens come together, layered to create silhouettes that take you on a journey.

The looks are perfect for this time of year, highly decorated and enchanting – we can’t pick just one but we want to know¬† which look is your favorite?

Look one: All Roads Embroidery Double V Tunic, The Working Carpenter Pant, Leather Harness Belt, Hard Bangle Set, Bonnie Hat


Look two: Victorian Lace Top, All Askew Romper, Journey Poncho, Vintage Afghani Tribal Bib,


Look three: Sweater Leggings, Drippy Jersey Dress, Marlo Zip Buckle Boot, Leather Brimmed Hat, Kuchy Horizontal Belt


Look four: We The Free Military Jacket , Midwest Buttondown Shirt, French Courtship Slip, Artisan Loop Scarf,


Look five: Striped In Crochet Pullover, Obi Belt, Vintage Tribal Pendants, Lune Breastplate Necklace

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I love these looks! I was wondering, where could I find the skirt/dress? in Look No. 5? It’s beautiful!


I agree with Jana- the fabric in Look 5. is beautiful! Is it FP?


Please please PLEASE do some hair tutorials for this look book!!! I love all of them!


@Emily Yes I agree give us the hair!


First and second looks are my favorite! Also I agree will @Emily and @Lydia, please do a hair tutorial for these looks! :)