Saturday DO: Give Your Gifts A Personal Touch

Nothing makes me happy quite like giving a gift. It lights me up to see someone react to a gift I’ve given them, and to see them realize that I put thought and care into selecting it. I like sharing a little joy this way.What matters a lot to me, too, is the wrapping the gift comes in. It almost makes the gift seem less special if I have to give it in generic paper or a boring bag. This year, I’ll be adding personal touches to my gifts, like chalkboard gift tags. I found the ones above on Etsy, but you could make your own, too! How will you add personal touches to your gifts this year?

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10 years ago

I recently found some Embossed Holiday gift tags also from Esty, that I think I will be using this year for presents. They are just the cutest things. I also am using fabric as wrapping paper instead of the traditional gift wrapping paper. I am just really excited for christmas this year so I am pulling out all the bells and whistle this year. And thanks for bring back the Saturday DO post, I look forward to them every weekend. Now all we have to do is get the Book Club back on track and I will be one happy camper.

Happy Holidays

Link to Gift Tags:

10 years ago

I have decided to go a little further than the presents this year and also wrap them all special…I made my own christmas gift tags for each gift..and I still don’t have all the gifts done yet (the most important part) lol..

10 years ago

I’m a journalism student and I’m currently working a local paper part-time. My mom is always asking me to save clips of my articles so for her present this year (a prince vinyl) I wrapped it in pages of newspaper with my stories in them. I secured it by wrapping hemp around so the tape didn’t tear the pages. And of course added a flower on top to make it pretty :)