DIY Wire Crown

UPDATE: This post originally ran on November 7th 2012 but we think these would make super cute accessories for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve so we brought it back!

In the spirit of our November catalog, for today’s DIY I wanted to do something whimsical and inspired by fairy tales, that would make for a fun accessory this holiday season.  I fell in love with the idea of making wire crowns to wear for holiday parties or just for fun this season, and it turns out they’re very easy to make! They also bring out that inner child who still wants to be a princess :).

diy wire crown

What you need: wire, pliers, and scissors. The wire I used is 20 gauge medium temper wire that I got from A.C. Moore.

DIY Wire Crown

Start by making the base of the crown. Use your head as a guide, cutting the wire a little longer than you need to be safe.  Test it out on your head to make sure its the right size, and then using the pliers wrap the ends around the base of the crown as tightly as you can.

DIY Wire Crown

Next, cut several smaller pieces of wire, all the same length. These will be the points of the crown – they can be as long as you want, but try to keep them all uniform! Lay them around the base of the crown to space them out and determine how many points you want. I had seven originally but added an eighth.

DIY Wire Crown

Use the pliers to fold up the ends of the crown points as pictured.

DIY Wire Crown

Hook the ends of the point under the base wire, and use the pliers to wrap the ends around the base wire to keep the point in place. The tighter you wrap the wire the more the point will stay in place – but if they are still a bit wobbly, you can add a dab of tacky glue to the points where the wire is wrapped so that they don’t budge! Repeat this step for each crown point until you have you’re completed crown! Once it is put together, you can bend the wire into place and fix any points that don’t look right. I like the slightly imperfect, handmade look, though!

DIY Wire Crown

I simply twisted the tops of each point to make the little loops, but that’s entirely optional! You can leave the points just as triangles, which also looks really cute. Pair the crown with one of our limited edition dresses for a truly special holiday evening full of snowflakes and magic!

diy wire crown

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Photos by Julia.


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This is such a cute diy




I’d attach little charms to the loops! :)
Cute craft!

beautiful :)

DIY and more:
diyearte by L & S

Great! :D


My husband made me this for my birthday last week. Just thought I’d mention…it’s so sweet. I’m keeping it forever. So delicate.


Where the wild things are!! That’s what this reminds me of…
I have to try it!


Saving this for a rainy day or a play date with my little sister. She would love this.


Too sweet! If you want to keep the pointy bits sturdy without glue, just fold the little hooks at the ends in opposite directions, so that they also wrap around the head piece in opposite directions! xx

Liesl Kunz

I found this and made it, I’m totally in love. It’s perfection

Whouah I love it ! Thanks for this idea !

Little. S