Video: December Catalog With Lily Donaldson

Our December catalog video is one of my favorites so far…featuring Lily Donaldson, the video was shot from above and features a really cool kaleidoscope effect. It’s short and sweet and I can’t help but watch it over and over! It brings a smile to my face and we hope you love it too. Watch it below!

December Catalog Video from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Shop the December Collection.

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I gotta say, I’m disappointed with this catalog. There’s not many record winning styles in this one, and I actually couldn’t find a single item I actually wanted :/. It seems you guys are straying from the early free people garments that made your site/clothing brand so unique. Now it feels like you’re playing it safe by adding a dash of sparkle here, an extra stitching there. Where are all those lovely patterns and spunky designs I crave? Now don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely the occasional item where I think it actually represents what FP stands to me, think… Read more »

Hi Karalyn, thanks for your feedback. If you’d like, we’d love to chat more with you about our December catalog. Please email us Thanks!

Love the Lily Donaldson pick for December, she’s such a FP girl :)

defintely posted this video to my blog as well! But as Karalyn mentioned I do feel like you have changed a lot, but I see it as you are growing with the Free People girl. What I bought from you 8 years ago ( I still have) but wouldn’t necessarily buy today


Hi free people!

I’m completely in love with the brand, I just wish I could buy more from your website.

Why is-it so expensive?


Agree on the prices… but always LOVE your videos! My fave is still the Freja one (, but Lily looks gorgeous in the December video too. Thanks FP xoxoox! Can’t wait for another year of videos.



Aww i love this, it would make a great commercial


I have to agree with Karalyn; definitely too many unadorned “basics” in the mid price range in this catalogue, and too few exquisite, interesting, heavily-detailed items of the FP past (with the exception of those in the $250-$600 range).


I hate to add to any negativity but I was expecting a beautiful, conceptual, holiday inspired catalog and instead it was all a bit flat. I would love to see more interesting and inspiring photographs in the future! The clothes were quite pretty but all a bit out of season. Lily, however, is a gorgeous model to have chosen!


I liked some of the stuff, but it didn’t really match the season. Also, the styling seemed like you were trying WAYYY to hard to stress the whole “unique hippie” thing. Everyone on the blog always looks so effortless, so why don’t I like the catalogue outfits? Also, I agree on the overpriced comment. On an unrelated note, I also am kind of upset that all of free people’s clothes seem to be made for 5’7 coat hanger type girls. The clothes look great on the models, but if you’re average height or below, you just get drounded out by… Read more »


I absolutely love how effortless Free People looks are, but I agree with Lydia about how the proportions are made for taller people. maybe FP can have a petite section one day

Cute video, gorgeous model, but not holiday themed – i guess it doesn’t always have to be :)