Video: How To Get Free People Model Waves

Have you ever looked at our website or catalogs and wondered how the models got such perfect, wavy hair (see here, and here)? I know I have, so we asked hair stylist Amy Farid (the genius behind the stunning locks in several of our catalogs) to share her secrets! Watch the tutorial as Amy demonstrates how to get perfect model waves on one of our Free People girls.

What you need to get the look:

1) Surf spray – Amy swears by Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray – or you can make your own

2) A curling iron that has a 1-inch barrel or thicker (the thicker the barrel, the larger the waves)

3) A blow drier

How To Get Model Waves from FreePeople on Vimeo.


model waves hair tutorial

Model is wearing the White Romance Embroidered Maxi.

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11 years ago

her hair is so beautiful…I have thick curly hair so I appreciate the loose waves. I think I am going to attempt this tonight…going to an ugly sweater party – should be fun!

11 years ago

Such a beauty !

11 years ago

don’t you need to have a specific hair type to begin with to achieve this look?

11 years ago

AHH thank you so much! :) I’ve been waiting for one like this. You fellas are grand.

11 years ago

I love love love this! Perhaps a makeup tutorial next? I dig her makeup.

11 years ago

this is cute but there is one problem…… i hate blow drying my hair. can i let it dry naturally and still get those beautiful waves?

11 years ago

Hi Michaela! You can certainly let your hair dry naturally! That is my favorite way of doing this style. Drying it with a blowdryer just speeds up the process. I still recommend putting in some kind of STYLING product while its still wet so it will hold the style and enhance texture! Good Luck!

11 years ago

Any tips to help people with really straight hair get this look? I’ve tried a lot of different products, but it tends to just go back straight after a few minutes…

11 years ago

beautiful hair!!

DIY and more:
diyearte by L & S

11 years ago

Wao Great hairs. Which shampoo u use?

11 years ago

@Kristin – i have pretty straight hair too and the best thing i’ve found to help my hair not go right back to straight is just to style when my hair is not 100% clean. just try the day after you’ve washed it!

11 years ago

I style my hair like this everyday, but I am loving this hair colour/ombre. Going in tomorrow to get this hair colour !

11 years ago

Hay! I like ur tutorials about diffrent hair styles. but I cit my hair into a bob.. and I was wondering if u can do something fun for short hair:)
I hope u can
thank u!!

11 years ago

Beautiful!!! Excited to see if I can do it myself!