2013: The Year Of The Water Snake

February 10th marks the Lunar New Year, and for the first time in 60 years, 2013 will be the Year of the Water Snake. We were intrigued to delve a little bit deeper into what this means. The snake is said to be the yin to the dragon, its predecessor’s, yang – they are the fifth and sixth Earthly Branches of the Chinese Zodiac and form a karmic pair. Like The Year of the Dragon in 2012, we can again expect a bit of a roller coaster ride in 2013 that brings both highs and lows.


2013 is particularly special because it is also the year in which the Flying Stars of Feng Shui return into their original locations in the sky, forming the numerology pattern of the original Lo Shu Square. This only happens once every nine years, and represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new full cycle in Feng Shui – a new beginning in terms of luck energies. It’s a year of transition, and it’s interesting that it also coincides with the astrological shift into the age of Aquarius.

The Year of the Water Snake will bring many opportunities for the career and romantic life to flourish and grow, and friendships will be more important than ever. Take the time this year to renew old friendships and start others anew. This is a year for people to come together for a greater good.


Water plays a prevalent role in 2013, and this element is one that shapes us. It provides calm and serenity, and like a river it nurtures us with its minerals and forges new paths of discovery. Water’s influence on the snake makes this year a good time to take on new things, educate yourself and open up new doorways. Travel to new places and unlock hidden secrets from within yourself…the most unexpected and creative ideas will be rewarded. Education, medicine, philosophy, and fashion will thrive in this atmosphere.

2013 will be a year to take chances, make new discoveries and truly flourish. Embrace the boldness of the water snake and live this year to its fullest!

Click on images for sources; lead image by Lena Sokol.

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9 years ago

Hello! I love reading these little articles you have, but today this one kind of struck me personally. I am a Vietnamese gal that celebrates this and somehow, referring it to exclusively a “Chinese” celebration made me sad as it doesn’t include my culture nor other’s that also celebrate it. Could you change to name to Lunar New Year?

9 years ago

Hanh, I didn’t knew that it wasn’t an exclusive Chinese celebration, thank you for sharing! I have a doubt about this article: doesn’t the age of Aquarius began a loooong time ago?

9 years ago

Me and my child are going to be snakes! I cant wait to meet my son :D

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